Important Safety Message

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Nothing is more important to us than our customers’ safety. That’s why we always recommend the use of OEM (Original Equipment Manufactuer) parts when maintaining or servicing your vehicle. Genuine factory parts are specifically designed to fit and function in harmony with the parts around them.

Generic parts may undercut OEM prices, but the generic manufacturers are saving that money somehow. That’s why these parts come with crucial risks-

  • Inferior fit/connection to surrounding parts.

  • Cheaper and weaker materials.

  • Poorer function.

  • Shorter lifespan.

  • Inferior or no warranties.

 Please consider this recent message from the Auto Body Association of Connecticut when choosing parts for your vehicle-


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Again, please choose OEM parts when maintaining your vehicle, whether you’re at home or visiting our Service Center. We here at A-1 Toyota want to see you and your family safe for many years to come!
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