Customer Testimonials

  • Reviews 1

    Margherita Coletta -10/05/23

    Excellent experience all hands on my recall for the car! I call the morning for an appointment got in same day its was so great to accomplish it so fast thank you!

    —Margherita Coletta

    Mark Kiley - 10/05/23

    Everything was great. Mark was very helpful

    —Mark Kiley

    Ingelise Pauzano - 10/05/23

    I Love A-1 Toyota!

    —Ingelise Pauzano

    Angel Vega -10/05/23

    Pleasant atmosphere, good coffee, good experience.

    —Angel Vega

    Morganna Payne - 10/04/23

    Located the issue and fi xed it quickly. Best ever!

    —Morganna Payne

    Roman Rubin - 10/03/23

    A1 Toyota in New Haven, CT is my dealership for many years. Toyota is an excellent car, but the people who work at A1 make it super special.

    —Roman Rubin

    Hugh Sullivan - 10/03/23

    Our buying experience with Gary and Quincy was very good.

    —Hugh Sullivan

    Robert Collazo - 10/03/23

    t’s always a pleasure having my vehicle serviced at A-1. It’s fast and reliable service. Better than Colonial Toyota in Milford, CT

    —Robert Collazo

    Mustafa Demir - 10/02/23

    Keeping everyone happy that’s the key point thank you for everything you’ve guys are the best.

    —Mustafa Demir

    Duncan Smith - 9/18/23

    Very pleased with the service.

    —Duncan Smith

    Dylan Vaspasiano - 9/19/23

    we love a1 for their lifetime oil changes and their outstanding customer service both in sales and maintenance !!

    —Dylan Vaspasiano

    Bruce Hirsch - 9/19/23

    Always feel confi dent and assured that work is done most satisfactorily.

    —Bruce Hirsch

    Deborah Mcgrath - 9/19/23

    It was a pleasure working with Kevin. He was up-front, courteous. I would recommend him to someone looking for a Toyota.

    —Deborah Mcgrath

    Douglas Milone - 9/20/23


    —Douglas Milone

    Suzanne Nero - 9/20/23

    Always a pleasant experience to bring my SUV for service to A-1 Toyota. Friendly staff, calming environment, quick to perform services but efficient.

    —Suzanne Nero

    Ilene Rosenberg - 9/20/23

    Marc is the best!!

    —Ilene Rosenberg

    Rocco Veltri - 9/21/23

    Excellent customer service and professionalism. This my 6th purchase from Gary Rios and this dealership!!!

    —Rocco Veltri

    Samanta Music - 9/15/23

    Very friendly staff and addressed all questions before vehicle was dropped off and picked up.

    —Samanta Music

    Reginald Chang - 9/15/23

    EXCELLENT work overall from service advisor to repair. Appreciate this level of service.

    —Reginald Chang

    Patricia Allen - 9/13/23

    I thought the video inspection by the technician was great. Nice new feature.

    —Patricia Allen

    Mary Ntiri - 9/13/23

    Mark in service was courteous, knowledgeable and most helpful

    —Mary Ntiri

    Lazaros Lazarides - 9/12/23

    Our Service provider Kenny was fantastic and extremely professional.

    —Lazaros Lazarides

    Kelly Gabianelli - 9/10/23

    EJ Paul and all the team were friendly and helpful making the experience easy.

    —Kelly Gabianelli

    Robert Dubiel - 9/10/23

    We love ping toA1 for our cars service. Excellant service and people. Unfortunately our service manager Ken Perone is retiring we wish him luck. But hoping we get a newservice manager as nice and well informed on what needs are for our car.

    —Robert Dubiel

    Hironmay Halder - 9/8/23

    Kevin Wright was incredibly helpful. Loved that he was so honest and forthcoming about vehicle availabilities and functionalities. The best part was probably thatneither he nor other salespeople at A-1 Toyota were pushy about buying add ons that we deemed to be unnecessary. We were there to get the best car possible withinour budget, and they respected that. The credit application process, registration and everything else was very seamless.

    —Hironmay Halder

    Paul Vanghel - 9/4/23

    Wouldn't go any place else!!

    —Paul Vanghel

    Francis Katai - 9/1/23

    The car buying experience at A-1 was great. No pressure from the sales team and friendly service throughout the process. I will definitely recommend this dealership to my friends.

    —Francis Katai

    Chris Nelson - 8/31/23

    They fixed a lingering issue that I had previously taken to several other places and the people are incredibly nice!

    —Chris Nelson

    Kevin Huff - 8/30/23

    Service advisor was extremely knowledgeable and work was done in a timely manner.

    —Kevin Huff

    Christina Emanuele - 8/30/23

    Amanda was amazing! Cant thank her enough for the time she spent explaining things to me. Just a wonderful experience all around

    —Christina Emanuele

  • Reviews 2

    Patrick Scheer - 9/4/23

    The best dealership in Connecticut

    —Patrick Scheer

    Chris Nelson - 8/31/23

    They fixed a lingering issue that I had previously taken to several other places and the people are incredibly nice!

    —Chris Nelson

    Gerard Nelligan - 9/5/23

    The A-1 team was transparent, knowledgeable and professional. I enjoyed the car shopping experience.

    —Gerard Nelligan

    Daniel Sono - 9/8/23

    Service advisor was friendly and knowledgeable

    —Daniel Sono

    Francis Katai - 9/1/23

    The car buying experience at A-1 was great. No pressure from the sales team and friendly service throughout the process. I will definitely recommend thisdealership to my friends.

    —Francis Katai

    Kevin Huff - 8/30/23

    Service advisor was extremely knowledgeable and work was done in a timely manner.

    —Kevin Huff

    Christina Emanuele - 9/2/23

    Amanda was amazing! Cant thank her enough for the time she spent explaining things to me. Just a wonderful experience all around

    —Christina Emanuele

    Adebayo Owoeye - 8/29/23

    Always a great pleasure to have my Toyota service with you!

    —Adebayo Owoeye

    Lori Raub - 8/29/23

    I have been coming to A1 for all my services for almost 20 years, they have always been friendly, helpful and reasonable.

    —Lori Raub

    Cyrus Toweh - 8/29/23

    Great conversation. Great customer service. Great people.

    —Cyrus Toweh

    Doreen Delorenzo - 8/29/23

    This was the 5th car purchased at A-1 Toyota. Been very pleased with the services provided!

    —Doreen Delorenzo

    Rebecca Abbott - 8/29/23

    It was a routine, 10,000 mile service and was handled very professionally and courteously.

    —Rebecca Abbott

    Lindy Gold - 8/28/23

    The service department at A1 Toyota makes it impossible to consider any other dealership. Everyone is treated with respect and courtesy. Mark Mastracchio is myservice adviser; he has been incredibly helpful with great advice. I am pleased to recommend them.

    —Lindy Gold

    Warren Muller - 8/27/23

    A1 is A1 Just as the name suggests the other should take the lead

    —Warren Muller

    James Andrew - 8/26/23

    excellent reception, excellent reception area where no blaring music troubles those who want to read and drink tea while waiting. And the wait wasn't long. A very good experience.

    —James Andrew

    Jennifer Scopp - 8/26/23

    My sales guy is the BEST! Quincy Smith!!!

    —Jennifer Scopp

    John Baldino - 8/23/23

    Mike Querfeld is the most professional, knowledgible, courteous and personable person I have ever had the pleasure to deal with in 50 years of buying Toyotas or anyother product for that matter. Everyone is super busy and pressured these days. It's a rare to have an individual who can stop and focus on a customer and really listento what they are asking and to respond with action and follow through calmly. Mike went the extra step in providing super customer care. A1 is fortunate to have Mikeon the team and A1 is wise enough to foster an environment that allows Mike to shine. Thank you all.

    —John Baldino

    Lisa Tobias - 8/09/23

    The service advisor was very courteous and friendly he explained everything in detail.

    —Lisa Tobias

    Gokhan Mursaloglu - 8/08/23

    Thank you for the best service every time!

    —Gokhan Mursaloglu

    Pierre Belizaire - 8/08/23

    Every time I go to A-1 Toyota for service, I receive an excellent customer service from my service advisor Michael Turnier. Not only he sets up my appointment at aconvenient time, but also he provides me with necessary info that have educated me in vehicle management in many ways...

    —Pierre Belizaire

    Jose Cooney - 8/08/23

    Very prompt and courteous service. Punctual and on schedule. Thank you! Very good.

    —Jose Cooney

    Melanie Georgalas - 8/06/23

    I appreciate the curtesy and understanding of all the people I have dealt with at this dealership, starting with the young man (Kyle) who helped my purchase the car,to the recent experience I had obtaining routine maintenance. Helping owners to understand their vehicle is critical, and doing it kindly is greatly appreciated.

    —Melanie Georgalas

    Maryann White - 8/05/23

    I was in for an oil and efficient ...great customer service

    —Maryann White

    Lisa Krause - 8/05/23

    All aspects of the process were exceptional!

    —Lisa Krause

    Laurel Schneider - 8/04/23

    I have always been pleased with the service at A-1, and thank Mark Mastracchio for keeping me informed at all times.

    —Laurel Schneider

    Edgar Patino - 8/04/23

    A1 Toyota Best from any other dealers in the area

    —Edgar Patino

    Bradley Woodworth - 8/04/23

    The staff -- everyone at A-1 is wonderful, and I'm very grateful.

    —Bradley Woodworth

    Arthur Wilson - 8/04/23

    Amanda Patrick is an amazing service advisor! I ask for her every time! Give her a raise!

    —Gretchen Raffa

    Arthur Wilson - 8/04/23

    Mark is great! Always so helpful and thorough and answers all my questions and keeps me updated.

    —Gretchen Raffa

    Inge Osborne - 8/01/23

    I had a fl at tire and when tire was changed from the spare back to the repaired tire it was found that I needed new rotors and brake pads I had that done that day and wasso happy that it was all fi nished. at once

    —Inge Osborne

    Timothy Mickelson - 8/01/23

    Salesman and dealership where amazing telling all our friends

    —Timothy Mickelson

    John Doyle - 8/01/23

    Our service advisor was very professional and knowledgeable!!

    —John Doyle

    Tara Deming - 8/04/23

    Wonderful Experience - Incredible Vehicle!!

    —Tara Deming

    Laxmi Dady - 8/01/23

    There was some miscommunication when I made the appointment for service they said they had the part and I’d be in and out same day but then the car wasn’t goingto be ready for another day and they made it up to me by bringing the vehicle an hour away to my rural farm and I am so so so grateful and now feel loyal to the dealership.

    —Laxmi Dady

    Michael Castellano - 8/01/23

    A1 is by far the best service department we have used. Ken Perrone is professional, trustworthy, and friendly. The A1 service department is the major reason thatwe will likely choose a Toyota to replace our Honda when the time comes.

    —Michael Castellano

    Patricia Attreed - 8/04/23

    I find driving from NY to your dealership less time spent than having my car serviced at a toyota dealership here

    —Patricia Attreed

    Rosita Arroyo - 8/04/23

    I was very pleased with the staff n service. This was my fi rst visit to New haven ct. I will continue to bring my car there n purchase in the future.

    —Rosita Arroyo

    Zachary Fand - 7/31/23

    A1 is the best. My wife and I have been trying to fi nd a Sienna for a few months now and were giving up hope. Then we turned to A1 near my parents, a two hourdrive for us, and we fi nally were got one! Gary, who had sold my family our fi rst Toyota, helped us fi nd one that matched our needs and our budget. Quincy wasfantastic, he took the time to explain all the features to my wife and I. He even played with our toddler son who was getting bored as we signed contracts. We reallyappreciate everyone at A1!

    —Zachary Fand

    Vernon Fulton - 7/31/23

    Appreciate the service at anyone Toyota and everyone was very helpful clean dealership I love the service

    —Vernon Fulton

    Katherine Heimann - 7/25/23

    Mike is excellent. He is patient, kind and professional,

    —Katherine Heimann

    Shoshana Lash - 7/29/23

    Ken Perrone, as always was wonderful. We had spoken about this particular service the last time I was in, so I already knew the details. When the work was done,he gave me the multi-point inspection form so I could see the state of the car and what work might be needed at my next service. And because he knew that I had a roadtrip coming at the end of the month, he had the guys check, not only all four tires, but the spare as well. Kenny always watches out for me!

    —Shoshana Lash

    Gail Roberts - 7/26/23

    Courteous an answered any questions felt comfortable at this dealership

    —Gail Roberts

    Linnea Schmidt - 7/24/23

    Ken is the best and i recommend family and friends to go to him. Please do what you can to be sure he is happy and has all the tools to do his role at A1. Appreciate the family atmosphere at A1 especially Carol. We will always drive Toyotas.

    —Linnea Schmidt

    Kristina Shvets - 7/31/23

    It was nice to work with Mr. Sazonov, knowledgeable and friendly salesperson! Knew all about Toyota.

    —Kristina Shvets

    William Drago - 7/21/23

    Excellent service department at A-i Toyota. The service adviser was knowlegeable and courteous. The wait for service required was short..

    —William Drago

    Christine Chen - 7/20/23

    Ken Perrone is a top-notch service advisor. As long as he's there, A-1 has a lock on my service and sales business. Aimad is an excellent mechanic who took timeto explain the repair.

    —Christine Chen

    Susan Lofton - 7/20/23

    Service at A1 is excellent especially our advisor, Amanda and her professional skills in coordinating with the service tech and car rental. Our car is a 2005 Highlanderwhich is showing its age and we will be working with Dado at A1 to determine which new Toyota is right for us. Thanks

    —Susan Lofton

    Rebecca Honore - 7/20/23

    Amazing experience and I absolutely love my new car!! Thank you so much!!

    —Rebecca Honore

    Marisa Kalt - 7/19/23

    Amanda was my service rep. She is excellent at her job, communicates well and often, liaises with the insurance adjuster, explains everything, and is a very niceperson. I enjoyed working with her.

    —Marisa Kalt

    Sherlet Kurian - 7/18/23

    Juan Pablo Gil was very helpful. I thank him for his help with my car.

    —Sherlet Kurian

    Tammi Campbell-Collins - 7/17/23

    Good experience. Kenny is always informative and pleasant.

    —Tammi Campbell-Collins

    Laurel Schneider - 7/16/23

    Thank you to your wonderful team, and especially Mark Mastracchio!

    —Laurel Schneider

    Cynthia Hinkson - 7/16/23

    I was amazed that they took me within 2 hours of calling about my broken headlight! And it only took an hour to fi x it! Mark always takes great care of me. It’s always a pleasure getting my car serviced here!

    —Cynthia Hinkson

    Henry Burnett - 7/15/23

    We are always very happy with our experience at A-1 Toyota. Stan is very pleasant, thorough and professional.

    —Henry Burnett

    Georgia Uihlein - 7/14/23

    I was well informed of the service done. I’d seen a video of work in progress, in addition to that, I was pleased.

    —Georgia Uihlein

    Loretta Casey - 7/14/23

    My experience with the Service Dept. is always excellent.

    —Loretta Casey

    Joanna Batter - 7/14/23

    All ratings excellent. Also with thanks for your shuttle service. My service tech was great. The shuttle driver was very nice as well. I had the car detailed and they did an excellent job. Again, wonderful service.

    —Joanna Batter

    Wendy Opin - 7/14/23

    Extremely pleased with the professionalism.

    —Wendy Opin

    Richard Savarese - 7/13/23

    A1 is a great place to do business, they are pleasant to talk to, they explain what is going on with the car, and don’t pressure you into anything. I would recommend them to anyone.

    —Richard Savarese

    John Giannone - 7/12/23

    As always, prompt, courteous, a good value, and most importantly, all done in a timely manner! Always a 5* rating for A1Toyota!!!

    —John Giannone

    Satinder Dhawan - 7/12/23

    It’s always been a wonderful experience working with Kenny for all these years.

    —Satinder Dhawan

    George Civitelli - 7/12/23

    Amanda the service adviser was excellent!!

    —George Civitelli

    Laurie Bankowski - 7/10/23

    Always a great experience. The service staff does quality work and have even better customer service.

    —Laurie Bankowski

    Doris Marino - 7/10/23

    I was excited that my vehicle was ready so quickly. I appreciated not spending time waiting for my oil change. I am always pleased with the professional treatment Ireceived.

    —Doris Marino

    Carol Lee - 7/9/23

    It is a pleasure dealing with Ken Perrone when I have my Prius serviced. He is informative, attentive to details, and keeps me apprised of the status of the work on my car.

    —Carol Lee

    Lynda Wellman - 7/8/23

    Always professional, always recommend what will be needed at the next service, everyone is pleasant, waiting area always clean and I love you have a snack area -plus car was dirty from a recent trip and all I expected was the basic service and you folks washed the car as well!! Thank you!! See you in December!!

    —Lynda Wellman

    Diane Young - 07/5/23

    Every one did a great job. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

    —Diane Young

    John Stewart - 07/4/23

    Personable, professional and efficient.

    —John Stewart

    Sherry Salafia - 07/4/23

    Very pleased. I live about 45 minutes away (near another Toyota dealership) but bought my car at A-1 and have it serviced there (in part due to my fiance's good experience with it).

    —Sherry Salafia

    Carol Nardini - 07/3/23

    Knowledgeable, patient staff. Committed to service. Answered all my questions thoroughly. Committed to customer service.

    —Carol Nardini

    Mohamed Kahila - 07/3/23

    Very honest dealership. Very reliable. I was on vacation when my car arrived, they hold it until I came back to pick it up.

    —Mohamed Kahila

    Ronald Carrano - 07/4/23

    I was very pleased with my service experience

    —Ronald Carrano

    Cassie Barnes - 07/2/23

    They went above and beyond. I had a 7:20 appointment and was late due to leaving work late. (I work at the hospital, sometimes we get held up) They were soaccommodating even though I was around an hour late. Thank you!!!!!

    —Cassie Barnes

    Carlotta Garabedian - 07/2/23

    Mark M. provides comprehensive repair service to customers and is an asset to A-1 Toyota.

    —Carlotta Garabedian

    Scott Yudkin - 07/02/23

    As usual dealing with Kenny was a pleasure. He explained what was needed for now and what to expect for the next service.

    —Scott Yudkin

    Bianca Ibarlucea - 06/27/23

    Amazing experience, I will be coming back!

    —Bianca Ibarlucea

    Dipendra Man Nemkul - 06/26/23

    I like all the services and more I felt comfortable with the sale persons.

    —Dipendra Man Nemkul

    David Pollard - 06/26/23

    My Corolla wouldn't start. Weird messages about the parking brake appeared on the viewer. I called A1 Toyota for advice. The person I spoke with wassympathetic. She suggested a plan of action, which eventually resolved the problem.

    —David Pollard

    Ernesto Paranal - 06/27/23

    They fix the problem of the car and I feel safer driving it with my family, it took them awhile but I’m not in a rush when it comes to safety, the crew of A1 deserves a bonuspay for all the honest work they do.

    —Ernesto Paranal

    Patrick Baxter - 06/26/23

    I purchased my Tacoma in another state and decided to use A1 on the advise of a colleague. He told me that A1 has always provided him with excellent service. Ihave now brought my truck in for standard maintenance visits 3 times now and each time it has been an effi cient and prompt experience. I will continue to use A1 for myservice needs as long as I am living in this area. If it turns out that I am in the market for a new Toyota in the years to come, I will most certainly use A1 for thatpurchase. I would highly recommend the good folks at A1 Service to anyone seeking a new service center.

    —Patrick Baxter

    Sheri Cronk - 06/29/23

    Great dealership to work with. Nonsense, all pricing accurately displayed beforehand. This was our second purchase with this dealership, we have to drive pastseveral others to get here.

    —Sheri Cronk

    Jacqueline Garelick - 06/27/23

    We have purchased and still own 3 vehicles from this dealership and they are about 20 miles from our home. That should speak for itself. We are very pleased with the dealership and the service people.

    —Jacqueline Garelick

    Ali Coskun - 06/26/23

    Mohammad, the dealer, was a great guy. He helped us a lot for our purchase. The manager, Hateem was also very helpful. I am very glad to visit A1 Toyota and get my new Toyota from them.

    —Ali Coskun

    William Caple - 06/26/23

    A1 Toyota has been are go to car dealer for over 20 years. That should say it all but just to emphasize during that 20 years we have bought 5 cars. We will buymore there as long as they have gas powered cars.

    —William Caple

    Emanuele Timbro - 06/25/23

    the young lady was excellent Amanda Patrick very helpfull very professinal and informative.

    —Emanuele Timbro

    Clair Scully - 06/27/23

    Mike is always great to work with!

    —Clair Scully

    Mahmoud Abu-Qari - 06/27/23

    This dealership treat you like a family,lovely people,very easy to deal with,they know what they do,i got all my cars from them duringlast 8 years,,,,and mostly perfect ontime ,,I highly recommend them.

    —Mahmoud Abu-Qari

    Keith Bullock - 06/27/23

    Great staff!! The customer service is always great.

    —Keith Bullock

    Gene Kirsten - 06/23/23

    Kenney once again provided me with up to date recommendations and when to schedule my next appointment.

    —Gene Kirsten

    David Zandan - 06/23/23

    Very positive experience always with service department.

    —David Zandan

    Richard Colberg - 06/23/23

    Ken Perron was my service provider and he provided excellent help on all my concerns.

    —Richard Colberg

    Kyle Guzik - 06/23/23

    Amanda is a treasure at the New Haven Toyota! She is very detailed to the point where I have no need to ask any questions because any question I would have hadwould be answered by her before I am to mention it!

    —Kyle Guzik

    Victoria Gordon - 06/21/23

    I like to commend Toyota on a service well done.

    —Victoria Gordon

    Kunal Patel - 06/21/23

    Ken's service was excellent in the service department. He was welcoming, attentive, and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. My service was completedin the time that Ken said it would. It was a pleasure to work with him. Thank you again for making me feel valued as a customer. Keep up the great work.

    —Kunal Patel

    Marisa Kalt - 06/20/23

    Although I mistakenly showed up half an hour early for my appointment, the service took my car in right away. My car was ready to go in a little over an hour. Everybody wasvery friendly and informative.

    —Marisa Kalt

    Robert Salvi - 06/20/23

    Kevin in sales was great. Explained everything, not pushy, friendly and just a pleasure to work with. Would ask for him again if I need to look for a vehicle in the future.

    —Robert Salvi

    Carole Martin - 06/18/23

    As has been true for the past 20+ years, Ken Perrone is the best service manager!

    —Carole Martin

    Peter Mccann - 06/18/23

    Very smooth and professional experience!

    —Peter Mccann

    Mboboshi Ngongo - 06/18/23

    I love the way you guys are doing and how you are approaching people during any visits, so thank you.

    —Mboboshi Ngongo

    Andrew Burke - 06/16/23

    The very best service anyone could ask for.

    —Andrew Burke

    Walter Wagoner - 06/15/23

    Extremely smooth and satisfying experience with the salesman, the finance officer, and all concerned.

    —Walter Wagoner

    Lucia Wilson - 06/14/23

    I’m always treated with dignity and respect, which is most appreciated.

    —Lucia Wilson

    Heriberto Santos - 06/14/23

    Everyone was so helpful, and Matt was just GREAT! After being so frustrated with all the dealerships we visited before it was such a breath of fresh air to deal with someone who knew what he was doing and was kind and personable. Super grateful with the whole team.

    —Heriberto Santos

    Danny Chung - 06/14/23

    Great dealership. Would definitely go back to purchase another new Toyota!

    —Danny Chung

    John Amatruda - 06/13/23

    A-1 Toyota took me in, even though it was near closing time.

    —John Amatruda

    Karelys Munoz - 06/13/23

    Paul and Kevin were amazing. They knew what they were doing and guided me through every step. 10/10 would recommend anyone to go to A-1 Toyota. These two men deserve a raise!

    —Karelys Munoz

    Michael Metzler - 06/12/23

    Len and the staff at A-1 Toyota are professional and very knowledgeable. I understand what is needed for my car because the explanations are clear and easy to follow. Thank you!

    —Michael Metzler

    Marilou Sawan - 06/12/23

    Ken was an awesome service advisor. You got more than what you’d expect.

    —Marilou Sawan

    Clare Ogorman - 06/12/23

    Lifetime oil changes are the best and I love that they check out things that need to be addressed. Best auto sales and service I’ve ever had. So happy I purchased a 2005 Toyota 18 years ago!

    —Clare Ogorman

    Sheila Wartel - 06/11/23

    Mark was fantastic and empathetic to my medical issues. He’s a terrific asset!

    —Sheila Wartel

    Ulla Kasten - 06/10/23

    I have used A-1 Toyota for repair and service for many years -- for my current Toyota, as well as previously owned Toyotas.

    —Ulla Kasten

    Paul Bauer - 06/10/23

    As always, my experience with A-1 Toyota was a positive one. Dealing with service advisor Ken is a pleasure.

    —Paul Bauer

    Jeffrey Cochrane - 06/10/23

    Good customer service. That’s why I continue to come back.

    —Jeffrey Cochrane

    Adam Smith - 06/09/23

    Michael Fournier was my service advisor. He is very professional and friendly. He made sure I knew what it would cost to resolve my car’s maintenance issues. He also kept me informed of how long the service would take. Mike is a great example of the excellent customer service A-1 Toyota provides.

    —Adam Smith

    Takamasa Yamagachi - 06/09/23

    My service representative, Mark, was very thoughtful and thorough. He made sure to check that some of the major repairs needed was covered under my warrantyand provided detailed explanations of the service being done.

    —Takamasa Yamagachi

    Octavio Torre - 06/07/23

    As always, personnel were knowledgeable, caring and very customer service oriented

    —Octavio Torre

    Robert Simon - 06/07/23

    can't say enough good things about the service with asst. manager Mark Mastracchio.-effi cient - thorough- knowledgable etc Thank you

    —Robert Simon

    Aston Scott - 06/05/23

    Amanda is great....makes getting my vehicle services seamless. Can't thank her enough.

    —Aston Scott

    Martha Russell - 06/09/23

    It was an excellent experience. All personnel were helpful and pleasant.

    —Martha Russell

    Karen Pasternak - 06/06/23

    Excellent service: very friendly, respectful, knowledgeable and effi cient. I am sure to recommend A-1 and use them again!! Thank you to the whole team!

    —Karen Pasternak

    Ernesto Paranal - 06/07/23

    Thanks to Ken! Big or small job same excellent service.

    —Ernesto Paranal

    Winsome Myers - 06/06/23

    Everything went well I was happy with the service

    —Winsome Myers

    Adam Michaele - 06/08/23

    Ken has been my service advisor since 2008. He always does an excellent job. I want my vehicle to be serviced only by him. I trust him without question.

    —Adam Michaele

    Lauren Mcardle - 06/09/23

    Always a great experience at A-1 and why I continue to travel there from Long Island for my service.

    —Lauren Mcardle

    Bruce Marien - 06/05/23

    Expectations met as usual. Happy with the dealership.

    —Bruce Marien

    Lisa Krause - 06/05/23

    Ken Perrone is fantastic! Tells you info upfront and keeps you in the loop while things are being done. He is top notch and a defi nite asset to A-1! Carol is also ahuge asset! Lovely person with old school genuine customer service! These two long time team members will always get an A+ from me and we have been coming there for about twenty years!

    —Lisa Krause

    Domenic Grignano - 06/05/23

    Excellent service and support from the service department manager!

    —Domenic Grignano

    Diane Flowersy - 06/03/23

    I was able to go out and speak with the technician/mechanic working on my car. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and gave honest feedback when I asked questions. I felt like my car was in good hands. I didn't feel like he was trying to upsell me. He was concerned about my safety and about making sure my car runs well.

    —Diane Flowers

    Constance Crosby - 06/07/23

    Always courteous, always easy to talk to. I wasn’t expecting to have any service done besides an oil change, however it was done in a timely manner. I love myToyota!

    —Constance Crosby

    Vincent Chan - 06/05/23

    Having been to numerous dealerships, this facility was by far the nicest (lots of amenities, very clean, children’s playroom and miscellaneous cool items like theclassic Toyota SUV on display, available phone charging at the tables). And the friendliness of the staff could not be understated. Everyone from sales rep tofi nance manager and even ancillary staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming.

    —Vincent Chan

    Ronnie Berman - 06/05/23

    Frank Nieves went out of his way to get a great rate on my loan, as well as a 60 month, instead of 72.

    —Ronnie Berman

    Joann Apuzzo - 06/04/23

    Love love love A1 Toyota. Staff. Service waiting area. Free coffee. Thank you for a great job.

    —Joann Apuzzo

    Sayed Ahmed - 06/05/23

    I am very very happy with the Salesperson’s honest opinion about purchasing the vehicle & trade in advise. His name is Sunny. He is knowledgeable, polite and very friendly.

    —Sayed Ahmed

    Joyce Morello - 06/02/23

    Toyota has always treated me well,I have always dealed with Stan and he has always treated me well.

    —Joyce Morello

    Patricia Sansone - 06/02/23

    Great dealership.. quick service.. friendly

    —Patricia Sansone

    Mohammed Elmarzouk - 06/02/23

    I appreciate the service. The technician was professional

    —Mohammed Elmarzouk

    Carol Donofrio - 06/02/23

    They are very professional, courteous and on time.

    —Carol Donofrio

    Anne Brennan - 05/31/23

    Mark M is great. Loved the new all electric vehicle I was given as a loaner

    —Anne Brennan

    Richard Hoponick - 05/31/23

    Vehicle was in for routine servicing but I brought an issue to the service manager's attention regarding mis-fi res I had recently experienced. He did a very nice jobof understanding the issue I had and then directing the service technician to evaluate the cause and remedy. All around very responsive and helpful.

    —Richard Hoponick

    Helen Daniels - 05/30/23

    Mark M. (New Haven A-1 Toyota) Takes good care of me when I have things done to my car. He explains what needs to be done & about how long it will take. I never have a problem.

    —Helen Daniels

    Shoshana Lash - 05/30/23

    It's always a pleasure to visit A-1. Ken, my service advisor, explains the work being done and also lets me know what maintenance is coming in the near future, so Ican plan.

    —Shoshana Lash

    Joshua Clark - 05/30/23

    I couldn't be happier with A1 service. Thank you!

    —Joshua Clark

    Linda Wechter - 05/26/23

    As always, I was taken care of very well by my service tech, Mark

    —Linda Wechter

    Mboboshi Ngongo - 05/26/23

    I love the way they are serving their customers.

    —Mboboshi Ngongo

    Jerome Boryca - 05/25/23

    Mark M is excellent. The short video text update showing and describing the work that needed to be done was VERY HELPFUL- I don't know the service person's name but his excellentcamera work and narration was clear and easy to understand.

    —Jerome Boryca

    Arthur Gaudreau - 05/25/23

    Mark Mastracchio knows me and always explains everything. The video of problems that needed to be addressed was very helpful.

    —Arthur Gaudreau

    John Slotemaker - 05/25/23

    Exception — the service at A1 was fi rst rate.

    —John Slotemaker

    Linda Sullivan - 05/24/23

    My service tech gave me the estimated cost as soon as I dropped the truck off and that was what the cost was when I checked out. Fantastic!

    —Linda Sullivan

    Christine Chen - 05/24/23

    Ken Perrone is the best service advisor in the world. As long as he is there, A-1 Toyota will have my business for service and sales.

    —Christine Chen

    Richard Griffin - 05/23/23

    Dealership assisted with GR86 allocation taking initial deposit. Car arrived much quicker then originally predicted and they followed my delivery instructionsperfectly. Will be taking the car back for its services there despite being further away.

    —Richard Griffin

    Patricia Keegan - 05/23/23

    This is my 22nd year with A-1 .. great service always and reasonably priced for services. Main reason that I return is Ken Perrone .. feels like family when Ken is there..also carol at check-out .. if you have great people working for you , it matters …

    —Patricia Keegan

    Jeremy Levenson - 05/23/23

    Leo was fantastic!! Really made the process exciting and fun and met me where I was at and also fi gured out what I valued most. 10/10 outstanding and one of thereasons I wanted to buy my car from A1.

    —Jeremy Levenson

    Koustuv Sinha - 05/23/23

    A-1 toyota dealership was very welcoming, friendly and helpful in this purchase. They were also very organized and fast - they did all necessary paperwork within 2 hours!Very happy with the purchase and will defi nitely recommend this to family and friends.

    —Koustuv Sinha

    Paul Strauss - 05/23/23

    Mark always tries to get me in without a long wait. I had 4 Toyotas that needed service and got three of them done in a week. The last one needs body work whichneeds to be done fi rst.

    —Paul Strauss

    Sherry Banks - 05/23/23

    Whenever I have my vehicle serviced at A1 Toyota, everyone is friendly and professional.

    —Sherry Banks

    Reginald Chang - 05/22/23

    I appreciated being taken back to the fl oor and having the service technician review the problem with me in detail. This gave me confi dence and trust in the decisionmade for the repair.

    —Reginald Chang

    Kimberly Lucas- Kish - 05/22/23

    This is my 3rd purchase at A1 Toyota. The sales and F and I are amazing!!! My salesman was very thorough with the car details and my Finnace person was alsovery thorough in explaining the loan etc to me. I love A1 !

    —Kimberly Lucas- Kish

    Ronald Christoforo - 05/22/23

    Very friendly service advisors and kept me updated. Thanks

    —Ronald Christoforo

    Lauren Chirgwin - 05/19/23

    Great service,great people,great place ! I recommend it to everyone . Try it once . You'll be back . Good service ,and factory Toyota parts . What I need tokeep my 4-Runner in tip-top condition . Cheaper elsewhere ? Sure . Same service ? No! O bought the 4-Runner for it's reliability , so I need to do my part . Thank you for a you do .

    —Lauren Chirgwin

    Isabel Magrinaz - 05/19/23

    Salesman Edward was super nice, super patient and very easy to work with! For a 21 year old woman purchasing her fi rst new car he helped so much and explainedeverything in detail! And Eddie helped me and my family with the fi nance part of the sale and he was super nice aswell!

    —Isabel Magrina

    Richard Conell - 05/18/23

    Amanda was kind and extremely helpful during my service visit

    —Richard Conell

    Bruce Hirsch - 05/18/23

    Always in competent hands at A1 It was very convienient

    —Bruce Hirsch

    Robert Juliano - 05/18/23

    you guys are my gold standard for service.

    —Robert Juliano

    Inez Martinez - 05/18/23

    Juan Pablo excelente servicio y el staff también

    —Inez Martinez

    Paul Musico - 05/18/23

    Stan's the man! Great advisor.

    —Paul Musico

    Vera Obrien - 05/18/23

    I loved the text messaging interface. It was very convienient

    —Vera Obrien

    Larisa Chavenello - 05/16/23

    Very consistent, professional service. I will not go anywhere else.

    —Larisa Chavenello

    Jaclyn Dwyei - 05/16/23

    I was very pleased with my fi rst experience at A1 Toyota. From calling to schedule my service visit to arriving for my appointment everyone was easy to work with. Juan was very helpful. I ended up working with Mike Fournier who was very helpful with the status of my vehicle which required an overnight part. Mike contactedme with the needs for a vehicle, and understood my need for a ride to the dealership the next day. Mike communicated with me and although there was a change inthe Toyota shuttle ride, he worked with me to ensure it was a convenient time for me in order to get to my vehicle at Toyota. I was very satisfi ed and defi nitely will bereturning for my next service.

    —Jaclyn Dwyei

    Suzanne Leary - 05/16/23

    Mark was able to squeeze me in as I had a low tire pressure light on and was leaving on a trip the next day. Turned out to be a nail hole that was then patched. Asusual, great service at A-1 Toyota. Peace...

    —Suzanne Leary

    Robert Fiore - 05/15/23

    Kenny is GREAT. Five plus Stars. He took care of me as always. Carol at the desk puts a smile on everyones face.

    —Robert Fiore

    Penelope Dawson - 05/15/23

    I have always been pleased with your service department. I bought a Tundra in 2009, and still own it today. Thank You. Overall Experience

    —Penelope Dawson

    Mark Goldberg - 05/15/23

    No issues at all. Everything that I was told would be done was done.

    —Mark Goldberg

    Roberta Johnson - 05/15/23

    Kevin Wright..Paul well as Manager Gary were the most professional and kind individuals.Honestly, this experience was so awesome I would highlyrecommend and refer individuals to this dealership. From the moment I walked in everyone was so accommodating and respectful.

    —Roberta Johnson

    Justyna Rodia - 05/15/23

    Everyone was very nice, very helpful, thorough. Met my expectations and then some. Had no issues with anything! Great experience.

    —Justyna Rodia

    Mark Wiener - 05/15/23

    Exceptional visit with the car brought in for an oil change and the car was ready in an extremely timely fashion. The resulting paperwork included a detailed sheet ofthe inspection of the car which was very thorough.

    —Mark Wiener

    Paul Saubestre - 05/11/23

    Happy I could get an appt within 24 hours to resolve an urgent tire problem.

    —Paul Saubestre

    Anthony Deponte - 05/11/23

    My experience is always stellar, Mark is so knowledgeable and informative when it comes to my truck that I know I'm making the right decision when he advises me onwhat needs to get done.

    —Anthony Deponte

    Bradley Woodworth - 05/10/23

    Marc Matracchio was just spectacular. A huge thank you to him and to everyone at A-1. Your outstanding customer service means so much.

    —Bradley Woodworth

    James Bruni - 05/08/23

    A1 Toyota represents the Toyota brand to the fullest extent. This dealership is an exemplar of the service and care associated with the Toyota name.

    —James Bruni

    Maureen Jones - 05/08/23

    Amanda Patrick was extremely knowledgeable and clear about the issues with my car.

    —Maureen Jones

    Maureen Jones - 05/08/23

    Amanda Patrick was wonderful. I would like to work with her again in the future. Excellent communicator.

    —Matthew Kurtz

    Kim Soto - 05/08/23

    Matt, our sales person made it a very easy transaction for me and my wife. It was a great experience.

    —Kim Soto

    Peter Hawkins - 05/06/23

    Kenny is the best. I keep coming back from Boston because of him.

    —Peter Hawkins

    Joel Shirasu-Hiza - 05/06/23

    The service required more time than anticipated. Mark, my service advisor, generously arranged for a courtesy vehicle while my car was in service. This alleviatedany concern about the extended duration required for the work.!

    —Joel Shirasu-Hiza

    Mark Talbot - 05/06/23

    Very comfortable service waiting area and cafe. First time there and I was more than pleased with the speed and quality of the service. I will be back!

    —Mark Talbot

    Teresa Guidone - 04/14/23

    Mike was my service advisor. He called me to update me. Very thorough. Very professional.

    —Teresa Guidone

    Tahseen Aldeewan - 04/13/23

    He is very helpful , explain and advice in professional way.

    —Tahseen Aldeewan

    Allan Macallister - 04/13/23

    Very friendly and quick. They replaced my battery on my key too and it was quick and painless. I appreciate that you're open on Saturdays for the working people.

    —Allan Macallister

    Diana Broze - 04/12/23

    Quincy Smith was my main contact & he was most helpful and very generous with his time!

    —Diana Broze

    Chris Nelson - 04/12/23

    The people at A-1 are the best!

    —Chris Nelson

    Kevin Ortega - 04/11/23

    Great experience buying out of state. We didn’t get to meet Leo or Frank but they helped us get through this process.

    —Kevin Ortega

    Dhanie Tolentino - 04/12/23

    …well experienced and knowledgeable to their work!

    —Dhanie Tolentino

    Joan Macintosh - 04/11/23

    Wonderful facility, wonderful people, wonderful efficient service. Thank you!

    —Joan Macintosh

    Ronald Pessolano - 04/09/23

    Mike Fornier, is an excellent Service advisor. Keeps me well informed of any issues. He’s also quite knowledgeable of the products and the process.

    —Ronald Pessolano

    Mary Smith - 04/07/23

    Mark answered all m my questions and good in responding when I called

    —Mary Smith

    Kathi Nackid - 03/08/23

    Very friendly and quick. They replaced my battery on my key too and it was quick and painless. I appreciate that you're open on Saturdays for the working people.

    —Kathi Nackid

    William Laflamme - 03/08/23

    Very friendly and quick. They replaced my battery on my key too and it was quick and painless. I appreciate that you're open on Saturdays for the working people.

    —William Laflamme

    Donna Presnell - 03/08/23

    Mr. Perrone is patient, clear in his explanations, and diligent in keeping me informed about the progress of the work. I always go to him.

    —Donna Presnell

    Janet Hotchkiss - 03/08/23

    Excellent service as always was provided. Vehicle was ready even before the estimate time that was given. The staff are very professional, courtesy, and veryinformative.

    —Janet Hotchkiss

    Melanie Georgalas - 03/07/23

    From start to fi nish A-1 Toyota was lovely to deal with. My first contact was with "Kyle" and he was wonderful, and he was the one who helped me with my phone connecting to my car and down loading the Toyota app. He was very patient and kind.

    —Melanie Georgalas

    Sheetal Dhawan - 03/05/23

    A1 Toyota always does a wonderful job!!!👍👍

    —Sheetal Dhawan

    Ghyath Ghyath - 03/04/23

    Gary , Hatim , Frank Nieves And Mustafa are Great my sales person Yousef did a great job explaining the features of my new Camry, no haggling is the best waypurchasing a vehicle looking forward for me fi rst service appointment that is already set up, keep doing what you are doing!

    —Ghyath Ghyath

    Michal Niedbala - 03/04/23

    I visitied at least 5-7 dealerships when looking to purchase a vehicle. A1 has always been transparent. One of the best dealerships out there, and thats true for alldealerships and not Toyota only.

    —Michal Niedbala

    Susan Aube - 03/04/23

    My service advisor went above and beyond to solve a GPS issue I mentioned. It took quite a bit of time. At one point, I said, "Never mind, I am taking too much of your time." He insisted that it was not a problem and sought extra help from a sales associate. They stayed with me until the issue was successfully resolved. I really appreciate this level of service! Thank you!

    —Susan Aube

    Mario Parrelli - 03/03/23

    The fastest in and out service I've had so far...nice.

    —Mario Parrelli

    Gerald Salvo - 03/03/23

    Great dealership. Great service.

    —Gerald Salvo

    Sherri Luba - 02/15/23

    Very friendly and quick. They replaced my battery on my key too and it was quick and painless. I appreciate that you're open on Saturdays for the working people.

    —Sherri Luba

    Shane Artis - 02/15/23

    This Toyota Dealership has a great team! Everyone is very polite and considerate! All my questions were answered and I was assisted with care! The vehicle buying experience was wonderful! Thank you Toyota!

    —Shane Artis

    Shefki Asani - 02/14/23

    Friendly Staff

    —Shefki Asani

    William Bouteiller - 02/15/23

    A most pleasurable experience

    —William Bouteiller

    Patrick Comstock - 02/14/23

    Throughout the 12 years that I have had my Toyotas serviced at A-1, the one consistent factor has been the professionalism of Ken Perrone. He cares about the level of service but more importantly he cares about us. He makes us feel like family.

    —Patrick Comstock

    Brian Johnson - 02/13/23

    My service advisor Mike, has been the best experienced advisor I’ve ever worked with. Since I bought the car in 2019 I’ve had over four service advisors and Mike is far superior to all of them.

    —Brian Johnson

    Janice Labas-Lucht - 02/13/23

    VanJovi and Sunny were professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. Based on my and my late husband’s experience with A-1 Toyota is the primary reason I keep coming back. A no high pressure approach is refreshing.

    —Janice Labas-Lucht

    Helen Daniels - 02/10/23

    I never have a problem getting in for service. I deal w/ 1 guy (Mark M. In Hamden) & he take care of all my problems & questions. Working w/ 1 person is great because they get to know you.

    —Helen Daniels

    Winnie Lui - 02/13/23

    Kenny Perrone has been our service agent for more than 10 years and he has always taken care of our cars’ maintenance impeccably.

    —Winnie Lui

    Linda Spray - 02/11/23

    I was quite pleased with the timing! Took a half hour less than quoted!

    —Linda Spray

    Ellen Frey - 02/09/23

    All service on time - exactly as stated when we drove in to service. Great service

    —Ellen Frey

    Palwasha Ahmad Shah - 01/17/23

    He is very kind and helpful person.

    —Palwasha Ahmad Shah

    Patricia Copley - 01/15/23

    I have always had excellent service by everyone at A1 Toyota.

    —Patricia Copley

    Frank Grasso - 01/19/23

    My experience with A1 is always great.

    —Frank Grasso

    Elizabeth Greenidge - 01/17/23

    Great customer service.

    —Elizabeth Greenidge

    Eugene Luzietti - 01/19/23

    Amanda Patrick was very helpful and polite- made my visit very easy. In my opinion she is going to be a very helpful asset to your business.

    —Eugene Luzietti

    Heather Ong - 01/17/23

    Kenny is very knowledgeable and honest. I always feel comfortable taking my car to A-1 for service because of him.

    —Heather Ong

    Linda Pale - 01/20/23

    I was very pleased with the interaction and time offered to me familiarizing myself with my new Toyota Rav 4.

    —Linda Pale

    David Rackey - 01/20/23

    Curious, profesional and effective.

    —David Rackey

    Dorothy Tynan - 01/14/23

    I was treated very well and was surprised that the service was done so quickly.

    —Dorothy Tynan

    Feras Asad - 01/11/23

    Mark is doing great job.

    —Feras Asad

    Jenifer Beltran - 01/12/23

    Mohammed was great! He was very patient with my siblings and I on purchasing a car for my mom. He was very helpful!

    —Jenifer Beltran

    Patricia Defrancesco - 01/10/23

    Service team at A1Toyota is excellent. Exceptional service, very knowledgeable.

    —Patricia Defrancesco

    Sharran Dematteo - 01/11/23

    Always happy with the service and how they get things done and me out. My service advisor Mark is the best. Very pleasant, knowledgeable and caring.

    —Sharran Dematteo

    Naresh Doshi - 01/11/23

    it was A1+ no compline or any issues.

    —Naresh Doshi

    Henry Julier - 01/11/23

    Excellent service and communication. I’m very pleased.

    —Henry Julier

    Carissa Laudano - 01/12/23

    A1 always provides me with the best service! I never leave with any questions and I trust the staff at A1.

    —Carissa Laudano

    John Scalessa - 01/13/23

    Everyone at Toyota is very knowledgeable and professional.

    —John Scalessa

    Carol Weaver - 01/10/23

    Amanda is great and I had an extended loaner to meet my work schedule which I greatly appreciated.

    —Carol Weaver

    Alan Wilkin - 01/13/23

    Everyone was knowledgeable and very helpful.

    —Alan Wilkin

    Jawad Abdallah - 12/27/22

    All of them were amazing, I wish every Toyota branch has like these guys.

    —Jawad Abdallah

    Pero Baljevic - 12/28/22

    Always a good experience with Anthony and Stan.

    —Pero Baljevic

    Clinton Bolden - 12/29/22

    Great communication about updates on my car.

    —Clinton Bolden

    Duhita Dharmadhikari - 12/27/22

    Great experience! thankyou to Yousif for all the help!!

    —Duhita Dharmadhikari

    Lindy Gold - 12/26/22

    The service department at A1 Toyota is extraordinary. they value their customers. I have purchased several cars there for that reason. Mark Mastraccio and the management team show that.

    —Lindy Gold

    Moraima Hernandez - 12/27/22

    I love A-1 Toyota. You guys are the best in Connecticut.

    —Moraima Hernandez

    Carol Isaacs - 12/29/22

    I have ALWAYS had wonderful service from A-1. I am the REAL little 90-year-old lady who drives a 2014 Prius which now has 76000 miles (bought new at A-1) and. I drive very few miles these days. I haven't been into A-1 since before Covid and I was happy to see Tony Horan after some years. He has always been so nice-- but. in truth, that can be said of all the staff at A-1. Carol Isaacs. Happy New Year to the whole crew.

    —Carol Isaacs

    Paula Pini - 12/25/22

    Thank you to Mark Mastracchio for all his help. He is always kind, professional, and makes my service experience at A1 Toyota a very pleasant one.

    —Paula Pini

  • Reviews 3

    Thomas Quigley - 12/26/22

    The Experience was Excellent!

    —Thomas Quigley

    Joy Thompson - 12/26/22

    Always a good experience. Mark is always a pleasure to work with.

    —Joy Thompson

    Lisa Ballas - 12/15/22

    Stan is great service manager always go to him.

    —Lisa Ballas

    Michael Castellano - 12/11/22

    We've been coming to A-1 for 20 years. Always great service.

    —Michael Castellano

    Katherine Eddy - 12/15/22

    The staff at A1 was fantastic. They are all friendly and kind, and work very hard to make sure their customers have a positive experience.

    —Katherine Eddy

    Diego Gomez - 12/14/22

    Very friendly people and fast service.

    —Diego Gomez

    Donny Marshall - 12/12/22

    There can't be a more efficient,informative and professional dealership in New Englad. A1 has a fantastic team that really prioritizes the customer first.

    —Donny Marshall

    Marissa Monocchi - 12/15/22

    My car was left overnight easily and serviced the next morning. I was able to pick it up after work without a problem! Everything was amazing!

    —Marissa Monocchi

    Ernesto Paranal - 12/14/22

    Very thankful for the assistance of Mohammad, he is very patient and helpful with every detail and educating us with the new technology and services, when the car will be ready and even assists with car plates installation, he is down to earth kind of salesperson, he will be an asset to the company..

    —Ernesto Paranal

    Jacquetta Stewart Purcell - 12/14/22

    The service was great everyone very nice.

    —Jacquetta Stewart Purcell

    Ronald Rosenberg - 12/15/22

    Ken Perrone is an excellent service advisor.

    —Ronald Rosenberg

    Jerry Rossi - 12/14/22

    Friendly and courteous staff.

    —Jerry Rossi

    Thomas Masotto - 12/08/22

    Glad to have Mike Q. make my appointment with Mike C.

    —Thomas Masotto

    Patricia Mckeon - 12/07/22

    Kenny is always excellent.

    —Patricia Mckeon

    Doug Paup - 12/06/22

    Quincy Smith is a excellent salesman and a pleasure to work with.

    —Doug Paup

    David Tyson - 12/06/22

    First class.

    —David Tyson

    Hector Vega - 12/05/22

    Kelvin did an amazing job! Really listen to our needs in a vehicule. It was a great experience overall.

    —Hector Vega

    Roneo Vermont - 12/09/22

    Amna was great. I appreciate the honesty, and the willingness to go out of her way to make our experience as smooth as possible.

    —Roneo Vermont

    Linda Wechter - 12/08/22

    A-1 Toyota is the best ever! My service tech Mark M is wonderful. phone call away with any questions or concerns I may have. He is very attentive to my needs and extremely knowledgeable and I know he is always just a.

    —Linda Wechter

    Arthur Wilson - 12/05/22

    Amanda was fantastic! I'll go to her for all my future car maintenance.

    —Arthur Wilson

    Michael Wynn - 12/05/22

    My experience with A1 Toyota was perfect. As I experienced in the past there was no purchasing pressure.

    —Michael Wynn

    Laurie Bankowski - 11/23/22

    Great service!! Always kept informed about service needs and related costs.

    —Laurie Bankowski

    Sharon Couturier - 11/24/22

    Ken was very helpful.

    —Sharon Couturier

    Robert Freeman - 11/23/22

    —Robert Freeman

    William Guiffredo - 11/21/22

    Tom, Thank you for following up on my recent visit to A1. Over the years I haven't bought many Toyotas. I bought them because of the reputed quality and durability, which now in my experience, is justified. What I never really knew was the importance of a support team to preserve the integrity of a new vehicle. Also, the good. nature and pleasant personalities of people helping me, are factors encouraging me to return to A1 again, when the time for a new vehicle comes to me. I love my Toyota and am thankful for the people representing your business. Sincerely, Bill Guiffredo.

    —William Guiffredo

    Lauren Henrici - 11/23/22

    Amna was extremely helpful. She listened to what I wanted and followed through beautifully.

    —Lauren Henrici

  • Reviews 4

    Damonne Jones - 11/24/22

    Mark, who is my point of contact while my vehicle is in service, is excellent in explaining every detail including the cost factor. knowledgeable. He is always very professional and.

    —Damonne Jones

    Hang Su - 11/23/22

    Great experience with A-1 Toyota! Kevin (the sales representative) and Frank (the finance manager) are both very knowledgeable and friendly. In addition to. introducing the vehicle, they also offered advice on how to choose the most suitable insurance company and protection plan. Would highly recommend this dealership, especially to young people who are purchasing a car for the first time.

    —Hang Su

    Maria Tupper - 11/25/22

    I had a headlight go out. I dropped in without an appointment. Was taken quickly. Was on my way in less than an hour. Great service!

    —Maria Tupper

    Avril Wilson - 11/25/22

    Always pleasant, and gives advice on what is to be done next, and if sees something going wrong will let you know that it should be fixed.

    —Avril Wilson

    Gabriel Acevedo - 11/17/22

    Great job! Mike and team are always excellent. Will be back soon for new tires !

    —Gabriel Acevedo

    Robert Belcher - 11/13/22

    We love the service team at A1 and have been clients for many years. so helpful and pleasant. A1 gets an A+ from me!! Our service assistant is Ken Perone and he is incredibly attentive, knowledgeable, and always.

    —Robert Belcher

    Robert Fry - 11/14/22

    Thanks to Yousif we had a great experience.

    —Robert Fry

    Benjamin Mattison - 11/14/22

    Thanks, Mike! Appreciated the helpful communication and the loaner.

    —Benjamin Mattison

    Byron Mcelveen - 11/17/22

    Very nice dealership have been dealing with them for years.

    —Byron Mcelveen

    Barbara Misencik - 11/13/22

    Very easy to make appointment, very comfortable waiting area, excellent staff, my service manager Mark is the Best.

    —Barbara Misencik

    Donna Poppendieck - 11/16/22

    Ken Perone was very knowledgeable and kept me informed about my car while being serviced.

    —Donna Poppendieck

    Ramamurti Shankar - 11/18/22

    mark was very good.

    —Ramamurti Shankar

    Bruce Smith - 11/16/22

    My service advisor understands that we live on a fixed income and keeps us informed of upcoming promotions.

    —Bruce Smith

    Karen Vaslow - 11/12/22

    Mike Fournier has been terrific whether I call w/ a question or come in w/ a problem or for routine maintenance. and my Highlander, are the reason I’ve stuck w/ A1 Toyota—and recommend A1 to my friends. Mike and “Dado,” the salesman I’ve had for my Avalon.

    —Karen Vaslow

    Daniel Ardito - 11/08/22

    My salesman went above and beyond by coming to pick me up at my home. Ken was extremely accommodating and helpful.

    —Daniel Ardito

    Martha Bruce - 11/07/22

    Quincy is the best! Even though we have relocated from New Haven, trustworthy, and personable. we return to A1 Toyota to work with Quincy. He is knowledgeable, thoughtful, helpful,

    —Martha Bruce

    Gene Kirsten - 11/10/22

    Kenney as usual kept me apprised as to what was happening with my car!

    —Gene Kirsten

    Cindy Miranda - 11/07/22

    Quincy is my go to guy!! 2nd go around, leasing my 2nd Toyota C-HR from A1 and he made it easy-peasy! Thank You!

    —Cindy Miranda

    Gokhan Mursaloglu - 11/10/22

    Thank you Stanley and A1 Toyota. Great service as always.

    —Gokhan Mursaloglu

    Jeremy Rogers - 11/10/22

    Leena was wonderful.

    —Jeremy Rogers

    Beena Thomas - 11/07/22

    Kelvin and sunny were both very helpful in helping us pick out a car and provided guidance throughout the whole purchase.

    —Beena Thomas

    Christine Chen - 10/16/22

    Ken Perrone has been my service advisor for 20+ years. He is honest, professional, and knowledgeable. He doesn't upsell me for short-term gain. He takes the. long view to develop the relationship for the long term. He is why A-1 has had a lock on my (and my extended family's) business for two decades. As long as Ken. Perrone is there, I will be servicing our Toyotas and buying future Toyotas from A-1.

    —Christine Chen

    Teresa Guidone - 10/18/22

    Your sales (Dado) and service team are awesome.

    —Teresa Guidone

    Mary Lopresti - 10/18/22

    Very pleased with Toyota's service. Keeps me coming back.

    —Mary Lopresti

    Bernard Madden - 10/18/22

    Very professional.

    —Bernard Madden

  • Reviews 5

    Patricia Nielsen - 10/17/22

    They were excellent and they listened.

    —Patricia Nielsen

    Maria Podsklanova - 10/18/22

    Very happy with service.

    —Maria Podsklanova

    Rima Sayegh - 10/17/22


    —Rima Sayegh

    Brian Stoerzinger - 10/17/22

    Great communication. ?.

    —Brian Stoerzinger

    Sheila Wartel - 10/16/22

    The Service Department was very responsive and answered all my concerns.

    —Sheila Wartel

    Akiva Bronstein - 10/13/22

    My salesman Dadic was great.

    —Akiva Bronstein

    Eric Chester - 10/10/22

    Great service, great communication with service advisor.

    —Eric Chester

    Neal Correia - 10/12/22

    The team at A-1 Toyota has been A1! Keenan and Tony have been great.

    —Neal Correia

    David Jennette - 10/13/22

    Best experience purchasing anything ever.

    —David Jennette

    William Laflamme - 10/13/22

    Juan my Service Advisor was very polite and accommodating. Explained all the inspection points that were checked and set up my next appointment for service, Excellent. service!!!

    —William Laflamme

    Joseph Marino - 10/12/22

    Ken in service is the best.

    —Joseph Marino

    Adam Mayerson - 10/10/22

    Amanda is always awesome! She’s friendly, knowledgeable, thorough and she’s always willing to take the time to explain all aspects of each service visit!

    —Adam Mayerson

    Mario Parrelli - 10/13/22

    Best experience so far and Amanda was the best.

    —Mario Parrelli

    Helen Chen - 10/05/22

    It is my first time going to A1 Toyota dealership to service my 2022 Venza 10K oil change and general inspection. department because I didn't find the staff that worked there were attentive and professional. Amanda Patrick, my service adviser, was extremely helpful and professional. I didn't want to go to my previous dealership/service. Going to A1 Toyota was the right choice. The scheduling was super easy, and. She displayed enthusiasm, honesty, and knowledge in her line of work. I didn't have to wait too. long before Amanda came to inform me that the car is ready to drive back home and went through in detail what was performed and when to return for the next appointment. I hope A1 Toyota continues its reputation of high standards in customer satisfaction. Amanda definitely showed this trait!

    —Helen Chen

    Octavio Sotelo-De La Torre - 10/06/22

    Excellent experience with Quincy.

    —Octavio Sotelo-De La Torre

    Sharran Dematteo - 10/06/22

    My service advisor is Mark and he is so informative, pleasant and understanding.

    —Sharran Dematteo

    David Gallucci - 10/07/22

    Was in and out very quickly which was appreciated since I had to go to work!

    —David Gallucci

    Eileen Horbury - 10/07/22

    Excellent service at A-1!

    —Eileen Horbury

    Avinash Kashetty - 10/05/22

    Yousif Balu is Awesome.

    —Avinash Kashetty

    Carissa Laudano - 10/07/22

    Kenny is amazing and always takes care of me when servicing my car! I feel very welcomed at A1 Toyota.

    —Carissa Laudano

    Lawrence Schaefer - 10/05/22

    Both Eddie and Quincy were fantastic, both were very knowledgeable and helpful.

    —Lawrence Schaefer

    Robert Skolnik - 10/04/22

    Mike Fornier is great;. always a great experience!

    —Robert Skolnik

    Frank Crisafi - 09/27/22

    Frank Crisafi was the best to deal with.

    —Frank Crisafi

    Gabriel Geist - 09/29/22

    Juan was very professional and my first service was completed quickly. The truck seems to be running even better than the day I bought it!

    —Gabriel Geist

    Brian Hornby - 09/27/22

    Great experience, would definitely buy another vehicle from A1.

    —Brian Hornby

    Larhonda Martin - 09/27/22

    As I was leaving the dealership, my car was making a lot of noise. me waiting and offered to help me. my car. I was concerned because I did not have time to wait long to have the noise addressed. I am very grateful for his concern, patience, and kindness. A manager saw. He paged the service advisor and drove my car back to the technician to fix. Very happy with the service from the manager!

    —Larhonda Martin

    James Rascati - 09/27/22

    This is now the third Prius I bought from Quincy. He is the best!

    —James Rascati

    Gina Sack - 09/29/22

    Happy with A1 Toyota.

    —Gina Sack

  • Reviews 6

    Jinal Shah - 09/28/22

    Kenny is always great. Toni scheduled my appointment and gave me a very competitive pricing for my repairs. Overall very timely, friendly, and efficient service.

    —Jinal Shah

    Robert Vanegghen - 09/27/22

    Kenny Perrone is an excellent service representative.

    —Robert Vanegghen

    Lynda Wellman - 09/27/22

    I was at the dealership because the "low air in tire" light popped on. and having no appointment. was wrong. The tire had a screw in it. I discovered while waiting one of my hearing aids was missing. The tire was plugged and I was out within an hour. despite driving in. My service agent Juan saw me checking where I had walked, and asked what. He offered to go out to check my car & found the hearing aid in my car beside the driver's seat. I was so very relieved and appreciate his kind and thoughtful. offer of help.

    —Lynda Wellman

    Karen Dangelo - 09/23/22

    A-1 Toyota stood out among other Toyota dealers in CT during this market. expeditiously met my needs. I did not pay over MSRP. They were courteous and transparent and promptly moved inventory in a way that. I very much appreciated the team- based sales service at A-1 Toyota.

    —Karen Dangelo

    Annmarie Healy - 09/20/22

    I always ask for Kenny when my car needs service. He’s the best.

    —Annmarie Healy

    Rudolph High - 09/23/22

    Everything was great.

    —Rudolph High

    Roel Legaspi - 09/19/22

    We love Kenny and the Toyota service we have to expect.

    —Roel Legaspi

    Douglas Maclehose - 09/23/22

    Outstanding as always. Love A1!

    —Douglas Maclehose

    Samanta Music - 09/19/22

    Great experience with Ken and Eddie! Very happy with my new car!

    —Samanta Music

    Jeanne Scarfo - 09/21/22

    Great salesman who helped alot.

    —Jeanne Scarfo

    Ruth Simeone - 09/23/22

    Service Advisor (Kenny) is always top-notch.

    —Ruth Simeone

    John Torello - 09/20/22

    The Service Dept has always been up front with me and always advises me on what the auto needs if anything major is a problem. what is needed. The have the best service department of all the other dealerships in the area and all the work they do is top notch. They advise. but never pressure about. That’s why I drive a Toyota from A-1. Toyota.

    —John Torello

    Peggie Caldwell - 09/06/22

    The best service I have received with the understanding of what needed to be done explaining it very well Thank you.

    —Peggie Caldwell

    Keith Gailliard - 09/07/22

    I purchased my vehicle from A1 in 2012. A 2012 Venza. Every since I purchased my car A1 has been the only service place I go to. service people and for the last few years I've been dealing with A1 Toyota's Mark Mastracchio, confidant and comfortable. Asst Svc Mgr. If any issues or concerns he explains them and makes me feel okay. Friendly technicians, customer. Mark keeps me abreast of issues, works with me, makes me feel. I will continue to bug Mark and use A1 Toyota. Thank you for being. honest, reliable and courteous. Keith Gailliard.

    —Keith Gailliard

    Fidel Ostorba Gil - 09/06/22

    Very professional.

    —Fidel Ostorba Gil

    Dashawn Hudson - 09/06/22

    Great prompt service!

    —Dashawn Hudson

    Lamine Nabe - 09/08/22

    Excellent service.

    —Lamine Nabe

    Jonathan Silbert - 09/08/22

    Very good. Thank you.

    —Jonathan Silbert

    Keri Thomas - 09/05/22

    My experience with the dealership was great. I bought a Corolla for my daughter & our sales person Lina Alers was great with us as well & her manager Sunny as well. This is my 3rd Toyota from A1 Toyota, 2 Highlanders that my wife Amanda Vitola had bought. new Blueprint Corolla LE she is very happy!! Lina & Sunny were a pleasure to work with!! My daughter Makenzie loves her. Thank you!!

    —Keri Thomas

    Maxine Albert-Wallace - 09/06/22

    Mark Mastracchio in New haven is great. He always helps me out when necessary.

    —Maxine Albert-Wallace

    Scott Yudkin - 09/08/22

    Kenny is excellent, I am glad he is my service writer.

    —Scott Yudkin

    Laurie Bankowski - 08/24/22

    It was was a wonderful experience overall. They always treat you like family.

    —Laurie Bankowski

    Patrick Comstock - 08/25/22

    This is the ninth vehicle that we have either leased or purchased from A-1 Toyota. For six of these vehicles we have worked with Kevin Wright as our salesperson. has listened to our needs and have been instrumental in the vehicles that we have selected. Also, I have nothing. Even during this time of limited vehicle availability, but positive things to say about the Finance and Service Departments.

    —Patrick Comstock

    Maureen Jacobo - 08/23/22

    Quincy and Gary were great to work with and very helpful with my experience buying from them as an out of state customer. service. Highly recommend! I would buy from Quincy and A-1 again in the future even if the vehicle I wanted was available here in Texas.

    —Maureen Jacobo

    Adam Joseph - 08/23/22

    Kenny is just an excellent service advisor (he is not allowed to retire - ever). He’s friendly, knowledgeable and because of the service he provides, will be the reason my wife. will purchase a car from A-1 when her lease is up with another manufacturer.

    —Adam Joseph

    Dagmara Kaczmarczyk - 08/26/22

    Kenon was great in explaining what needed to be done and the time it will be ready in plus prevention of future problems. Would definitely recommend Kenon as a service. advisor.

    —Dagmara Kaczmarczyk

    Charles Kamano - 08/22/22

    I appreciate Ken for his knowledge and advice. He was able to answer my questions concerning my car, with regard to operation and care. Thanks.

    —Charles Kamano

    George Mugo - 08/23/22

    Keep doing what you are doing.

    —George Mugo

    Jeannette Redensek - 08/26/22

    As always, it was a pleasure to visit A-1 Toyota for servicing. Ken Perrone was great. He is polite, professional, and knowledgeable. He was kind and straight-forward. about what my car needed and why.

    —Jeannette Redensek

    Natalie Vetro - 08/23/22

    Always a great experience with A-1 Toyota.

    —Natalie Vetro

    Feras Asad - 08/16/22

    Mark doing great & is the best.

    —Feras Asad

    Michael Degrand - 08/17/22

    great service advisor and experience, everybody there was very helpful, thank you.

    —Michael Degrand

    Angelo Garcia - 08/18/22

    Excellent Salesperson ‘Kevin Wright absolutely amazing.

    —Angelo Garcia

    Arthur Gumbus - 08/17/22

    Great service thanks.

    —Arthur Gumbus

    Deane Hetric - 08/15/22

    Everything was great. Ken Perrone is a wonderful service advisor. was replaced for free under the "Road Hazard Warranty. He took good care of us. " Apparently we had run over a huge nail. make sure that we understand what's being done to our car. We had a flat tire. (Our tires are less than one year old. Thank you!

    —Deane Hetric

    Shari Mayerson - 08/16/22

    Amanda was excellent! She was very knowledgeable and accommodating!

    —Shari Mayerson

    Laura Nasser - 08/17/22

    Gary has Always been my agent and wouldn’t go without him, Kyle was great.

    —Laura Nasser

    Mary Ntiri - 08/18/22

    Mark in service’s customer service is bar none!

    —Mary Ntiri

    Noormarjan Omerkhel - 08/16/22

    The customer service lady was very nice and she is so helpful with customer. Thank you Ms. Amanda!

    —Noormarjan Omerkhel

    Paul Pinchuk - 08/15/22

    people at A1 toyota are great. you dont need to keep sending a survey every time I go. they are always great!

    —Paul Pinchuk

    Paul Carlson - 08/10/22

    The vehicle was ready sooner than I thought..

    —Paul Carlson

    Craig Fishbein - 08/09/22

    You folks are AWESOME! Thank you for what you do, and HOW you do it!

    —Craig Fishbein

    Debra Garstka - 08/08/22

    Great service as always!

    —Debra Garstka

    Patricia Keegan - 08/08/22

    kenny has been my liason for most of the 21 yrs at a-1.. hes conscientious , keeps me updated and finds the best way forward for whatever i need for my car. wait for the service since the traffic is always heavy and you cant ask for a more comfortable waiting area. happy to see carol at the desk. at A-1 - cant say the same about other dealerships [ - which shall remain nameless].

    —Patricia Keegan

    Lauren Kempton - 08/09/22

    Good service as always.

    —Lauren Kempton

    Michael Matarazzo - 08/12/22

    Was in for 15000 mile check up. I waited for vehicle and it was the quickest turn around I ever experienced. Thank you.

    —Michael Matarazzo

    Joseph Moss - 08/11/22

    Tony and Amanda were so great to me.

    —Joseph Moss

    Daniel Pata - 08/12/22

    Mark M is always a pleasure to deal with. He is knowledgeable about my RAV4 and Camry and explains everything I have questions on. He kept me informed on when my. vehicle would be ready and always service with a smile.

    —Daniel Pata

    Charles Pillsbury - 08/10/22

    Amanda is great.

    —Charles Pillsbury

    John Scalessa - 08/10/22

    My experience is always 100% satisfaction thank you.

    —John Scalessa

    Sheetal Dhawan - 08/05/22

    Dealership A1Toyota always delivers courteous service!!! And Toyota is the best brand with best cars!!

    —Sheetal Dhawan

    Michael Gray - 08/04/22

    Kevin Wright the salesman was very knowledgeable and very and informative about the vehicle I purchased.

    —Michael Gray

    Yiqi Huang - 08/01/22

    Very good experience, my service person very nice, patient and very knowledgeable.

    —Yiqi Huang

    Robert Janik - 08/02/22


    —Robert Janik

    Janice Labas-Lucht - 08/01/22

    I make the trip back to New Haven to A-1 because of the professionalism and courtesy of the staff and the completeness of the service due.

    —Janice Labas-Lucht

    Marybeth Marx - 08/04/22

    Amanda was great. Thank you!!

    —Marybeth Marx

    Elizabeth Matuskiewicz - 08/01/22

    Mark Mastrachio is always extremely considerate and seeks to keep me safe with my vehicle.

    —Elizabeth Matuskiewicz

    Thomas Papsin - 08/01/22

    I was glad I could stay instead of making another trip since there were two issues that I hadn’t expected. Everything was taken care of and I feel better that my car is all set. for a while.

    —Thomas Papsin

    Stuart Pattison - 08/01/22

    Excellent service and customer service.

    —Stuart Pattison

    Linda Wechter - 08/02/22

    Love love love my service tech, Mark! He is the greatest. Always looks out for us and always gets back to us to answer any questions we may have.

    —Linda Wechter

    Adel Allouche - 07/21/22

    Ken Perone was excellent!

    —Adel Allouche

    Claudia Bechet - 07/18/22

    Thank you for taking us on very short notice!

    —Claudia Bechet

    Phillipa Blake - 07/20/22

    My car was ready before the estimated time given and that was good. It allowed me more time to do other things. Ken was informative about the services I received.

    —Phillipa Blake

    Judith Bratt - 07/19/22

    Routine service: quick and easy/on time.

    —Judith Bratt

    Maryellen Brindel - 07/19/22

    I really like the WIFI room as can get work done there or just enjoy the quiet or enjoy good conversation with another Toyota customer.

    —Maryellen Brindel

    Jennifer Fournier - 07/20/22

    Mike Fournier and the service crew at A-1 did it again! So grateful for the hard work and dedication to safety I have found over the years with A-1. The team is awesome!

    —Jennifer Fournier

    Mary Hunter - 07/20/22

    Kenny is always courteous and keeps you informed on the progress of the of the services being performed and what needs to be done and the estimated costs. best!

    —Mary Hunter

    Elizabeth Krauchick - 07/21/22

    Mark is awesome to deal with, very courteous and professional. A real asset to A1.

    —Elizabeth Krauchick

    Amanda Persinger - 07/18/22

    —Amanda Persinger

    Rebecca Siddall - 07/20/22

    Always the best experience. Will never go anywhere else.

    —Rebecca Siddall

    Rosebine Boiteux - 07/04/22

    Yusef assisted me and my husband from the start when we walked in. The process was fast and simple. He was very nice and professional.

    —Rosebine Boiteux

    Mary Dapkins - 07/04/22

    Ken Perrone the Service Manager was EXCELLENT in every way possible as he always has been... thank you Ken!!

    —Mary Dapkins

    Robert Harrington - 07/09/22

    Mark in Service is excellent. A great person to deal with. I trust him completely. Give him a promotion and a raise.

    —Robert Harrington

    Shoshana Lash - 07/09/22

    Always a pleasant experience. Kenny is very knowledgeable and always courteous. I spent my time in the computer room and got a lot of work done.

    —Shoshana Lash

    Elizabeth Matuskiewicz - 07/07/22

    Mark, your wonderful service associate always takes fantastic and professional care of me.

    —Elizabeth Matuskiewicz

    Maria Podsklanova - 07/07/22

    Very good service.

    —Maria Podsklanova

    Richard “RQ” Queen - 07/05/22

    —Richard “RQ” Queen

    Vielka Delos Santos - 07/07/22


    —Vielka Delos Santos

    William Bouteiller - 06/25/22

    Mark did an outstanding job and made for a great experience.

    —William Bouteiller

    Robert Collazo - 07/01/22

    When I was looking for a car ? I had my fiancé took me to Colonial Toyota, When I booked an appointment with A-1 it was game charger for me. I was not impressed with the results. So I held off from buying a new car. The employees are polite, Juan the service advisor is great ? really nice guy and super help helpful. and knowledgeable. The service department is great and the parts department they’re very accommodating. home ? and I deal with people from all over the USA , I’m so happy that I chose A-1. I know how difficult it can be to deal with customers. I’m 71 and I work for a finance company, from. but A-1 makes it seem easy Great Place to buy a car ?. Thanks guys!

    —Robert Collazo

    Holly Darico - 06/28/22

    Stan Wheeler has always been professional in responding and delivering my queries to the Service Dept. Excellent service from A-1 Toyota.

    —Holly Darico

    James Fulton - 06/30/22

    Amanda was great and I was able to see what the technician discovered about a timing cover oil leak.

    —James Fulton

    Donna Presnell - 06/25/22

    Ken Perrone is the service advisor I go to because he is wonderful. Explains, suggests, is friendly and patient. Another excellent visit.

    —Donna Presnell

    John Scalzo - 06/25/22

    I really appreciated Juan the service rep who handled my concerns.

    —John Scalzo

    Filipe Soares - 06/29/22

    Jose was great.

    —Filipe Soares

    Paul Tipton - 06/27/22

    I love my new prius prime!

    —Paul Tipton

    Susan Yolen - 06/27/22

    Great reliable service thanks to Ken Perrone and the Prius guy, Matt.

    —Susan Yolen

    Walter Estrada — 6/23/22

    Good attention. Thank you

    —Walter Estrada

    Claudia Cuchara — 6/23/22

    Kenny P. is the service rep I deal with …. And have so since 2007 has been excellent. Always calls back when I leave a message … no question goes unanswered. Very knowledgeable .

    —Claudia Cuchara

    Kenneth Rodriguez Gonzalez — 6/21/22

    The experience was great! Everyone was super helpful! Love the car!

    —Kenneth Rodriguez Gonzalez

    Theresa Mclean — 6/14/22

    A1 Toyota is a great dealership When I bought my car back in 2002 Mr Galardi was celebrating his birthday and asked us to have a piece of his cake. He was a wonderful man and always made you feel welcomed. I have been coming to this location ever since. My car is 20 years old. I still love it.

    —Theresa Mclean

    Patricia Sansone — 6/22/22

    Excellent service

    —Patricia Sansone

    Paul Saubestre — 6/23/22

    Since my Prius arrived sooner than expected, I did not yet have the cash together to pay for it as planned. The finance person was able to arrange financing quickly despite my somewhat unusual circumstances.

    —Paul Saubestre

    Susan Walsh — 6/24/22

    Very speedy service. I appreciate that

    —Susan Walsh

    Turan Yildiz — 6/21/22

    Very knowledgeable and experienced sales person very courteous and I’m very happy overall great experience thank you

    —Turan Yildiz

    Laurie Bankowski — 6/24/22

    A1 Toyota always provides the best care for my car. They ensure I know the best way to keep my family safe on the road.

    —Laurie Bankowski

    Pero Baljevic — 6/23/22

    Always a good experience. Thank you.

    —Pero Baljevic

    Henry Cabin — 6/11/22

    Amanda and the service tech were great

    —Henry Cabin

    O Bardissy — 6/15/22

    JOSE , was amazing , transparent, reliable , informative and personable. He recommended a certain package for Toyota RAV4 XLE HYBRID, few dollars more , but was worth it . Followed up on the delivery of the car and to the last moment he was with us when we left the dealership. Paul on finances, was clear and explained every section and every dollar we are paying . Thanks for making that process easy . Hatem, came on and chatted to make sure all the process is going smooth and if we liked the car . Over all , they are not greedy , they didn’t charge us any over the sticker price . Which they can easily, but they chose not . Great car , we love it and enjoying it . Thank you Jose , Paul and Hatem .

    —O Bardissy

    Alaa Chalghin — 6/13/22

    Excellent service excellent service advisor Mark always goes above and beyond great guy

    —Alaa Chalghin

    Bryan Baker — 6/13/22

    Yousif was a great salesman, very helpful and honest throughout the entire process, quick to return phone calls and texts with any questions that I had. Frank in the finance office made the purchase process very quick and was a pleasure to talk to. I would definitely recommend A1 Toyota to anyone that's looking for a new car.

    —Bryan Baker

    Lorna Edwards — 6/16/22

    Very friendly, yet professional staff. Excellent customer service.

    —Lorna Edwards

    Alice Emery — 6/13/22

    The sales rep was very clear in his explanations, very helpful answering our questions, and overall thoughtful and professional.

    —Alice Emery

    Kayla Geraci — 6/16/22

    Juan is AMAZING ! He deserves a raise ! Incredible customer service. Kind, respectful and efficient. I’ll be back because of him

    —Kayla Geraci

    Carissa Laudano — 6/15/22

    Quincy and Eddie both cared about my experience and made sure I was 100% comfortable before leaving! I felt extremely welcomed and taken care of!

    —Carissa Laudano

    Theresa Mclean — 6/14/22

    A1 Toyota is a great dealership When I bought my car back in 2002 Mr Galardi was celebrating his birthday and asked us to have a piece of his cake. He was a wonderful man and always made you feel welcomed. I have been coming to this location ever since. My car is 20 years old. I still love it.

    —Theresa Mclean

    Milahdibenedetto16 — 6/16/22

    I hadn’t had a Toyota in years. I had switched over to Honda vehicles but wanted my Toyota Rav-4 back. I recently purchased a 2022 Rav-4 from this dealer. Our sales person Quincy Smith was the best. No haggling and had the best rapport. Overall he was a great person who was patient and kind during the whole process. Basically everyone I dealt with was nice. I would recommend A-1 Toyota to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. The experience is above and beyond what I expected. My husband and I were pleased that we made the right decision to switch. ?


    Alaa Chalghin — 6/9/22

    Amjad went above and beyond to make it smooth and easy transaction he is a true asset to A1 Toyota Keep up the great work thank you so much for all your help

    —Alaa Chalghin

    Carlos Casul — 6/8/22

    Jose Guerrero is a great salesperson he helped me in Spanish, fantástico!

    —Carlos Casul

    Miriam Putterman — 6/11/22

    A very good experience. Everyone was very courteous, answered my questions and helped with anything I didn't understand.

    —Miriam Putterman

    Martha Mejia — 6/10/22

    Can’t complain always treat me like family

    —Martha Mejia

    James Jacobs — 6/8/22

    Always a great experience when I go to A1. Mark is a pleasure to work with when having to get service.

    —James Jacobs

    Matthew Kurtz — 6/10/22

    Service advisor was outstanding. Clear, good ongoing communication during the process.

    —Matthew Kurtz

    Grace Law — 6/11/22

    The car was in for a recall - very good personnel, very happy with the dealer even though we liver 45 minutes away.

    —Grace Law

    GM — 6/11/22

    very professional, courteous, good listening, helpful. A wonderful dealership with very nice people, pleasure to interact with them


    Christine Chen — 6/11/22

    My service advisor, Ken Perrone, is the best and the reason I keep coming back to A-1. He is professional and honest, and never tries to upsell me. As long as he is there, A-1 will be my choice for service and purchasing vehicles.

    —Christine Chen

    Margherita Coletta — 6/3/22

    It was great very helpful!

    —Margherita Coletta

    Stephen Holt — 6/2/22

    Kenny is a gem. Perhaps the most genuine, honest, capable, knowledgeable, customer-centered individual I have had the pleasure of knowing in the entire automotive service industry. He gives A1 Toyota a good name.

    —Stephen Holt

    Mario St Michel — 6/3/22

    Mark always is responsive and does a great job making the service experience as smooth as possible.

    —Mario St Michel

    Amy Krebs — 6/1/22

    A-1 is part of our family!! Everyone has been amazing over the years. We have bought 6 cars from them and will continue to go back!!!!

    —Amy Krebs

    Alice Steinhardt — 6/1/22

    We are so glad you asked us to give feedback because this gives us the opportunity to let you know about the exceptional advice and service we received from Mark (Service Department). Also, Kevin (Parts Department) is equally awesome. Both of these men have our trust. Their service is was keeps us coming back to A-1 for service.Mark and the entire crew were excellent

    —Alice Steinhardt

    Bruce Altman — 6/3/22

    Mark and the entire crew were excellent

    —Bruce Altman

    Fernando Angulo — 05/24/22

    Good job, even the bill came lower than expected!

    —Fernando Angulo

    Ann Baker — 05/23/22

    Kevin was a great sales person. He contacted me with every update. Gary was awesome, I didn’t meet him but he was instrumental on letting me know when he had the vin number for the car. Paul was very easy to meet with to do my financing.

    —Ann Baker

    John Doyle — 05/21/22

    Our service advisor is top notch!!

    —John Doyle

    Carlos Garcia — 05/24/22

    Quincey is the best! Everything you would want in a professional: knowledgeable, friendly, great communication skills.

    —Carlos Garcia

    Mary Levy — 05/21/22

    I'm really happy with the service. Everyone is really nice. I purchased my Corolla at Wallingford Toyota, but I wish it was from A1 Toyota. Wallingford Toyota has been fine too, but it's quite a way to travel. Thanks again!

    —Mary Levy

    Judith Madeux — 05/21/22

    Service Representative, Ken Perrone, is an excellent communicator, very knowledgeable and professional. He consistently serves both the customer and the dealership with the highest quality of customer service.

    —Judith Madeux

    Adebayo Owoeye — 05/25/22

    Thanks for taking care of my Toyota with a touch of excellence!

    —Adebayo Owoeye

    Jeryl Ross — 05/21/22

    “Mark & Tony, thank you so much for ensuring that the 90k maintenance service done on my car was not only expedited as promised, but it was completed even sooner than I thought it would be! ? Wow, very impressive guys! I left A1 Toyota a very happy customer! ? Thanks again!

    —Jeryl Ross

    Joyce Yaroshevich — 05/19/22

    Ken Perrone is my Service Advisor. As in the past, as well as now, his service is exemplary. He pays attention to detail, keeps me posted on any issue, advises me if something needs to be done to my car, as well as if something doesn’t need to be done. He goes above and beyond. A-1 Toyota is lucky to have such a great employee!

    —Joyce Yaroshevich

    Catherine Wassell — 02/12/2022

    Was very happy with Juan Gil. Need to bring back my car for a 120K tune up. Will do in a few weeks.

    —Catherine Wassell

    Dolores Shoop — 02/12/2022

    Always the best service and repair. Highly recommend Kenny. Excellent service and advice. Never disappoints.

    —Dolores Shoop

    Margery Mitchell — 02/12/2022

    They also gave me a ride home and picked me up when they were done

    —Margery Mitchell

    Elisabeth Millspaugh — 02/12/2022

    Nothing but praise?!! Thank you very much!! Elisabeth

    —Elisabeth Millspaugh

    Walter Mabe — 02/07/2022

    Very clean facility and very polite staff. Having the older gentleman to get the car for me was an awesome touch. Never got that anywhere before. Most times they give you the keys and say your vehicle is through that door. Not knowing where it is. Great job!!

    —Walter Mabe

    Shoshana Lash — 02/07/2022

    Kenny always keeps me updated. He showed me the inspection results, including the suggestions about what work should probably be done now and what could wait. Before I knew it, everything was done - and my car was washed, too!

    —Shoshana Lash

    John Hwa — 02/07/2022

    Chris Skaarva was terrific..... one of the best service experiences I've had with Toyota.

    —John Hwa

    Waynette Gunn — 02/07/2022

    I had My vehicle tow to a1 Toyota the guy was so nice & told me need a battery and will let me know when it’s all set . Customer service is always great there thanks so much

    —Waynette Gunn

    Carol Bunk — 02/07/2022

    Very flexible in making sure my service was expedited so I could make an appointment.

    —Carol Bunk

    Jaime Allesandrine — 01/28/2022

    Mark M. is excellent. I appreciated his help.

    —Jaime Allesandrine

    David Arezzini — 01/28/2022

    Great service department. Thank you very much.

    —David Arezzini

    Michael Bruni — 01/28/2022

    Love you guys I’m in A1 Toyota girl for life

    —Michael Bruni

    Christina Cannistraci — 01/28/2022

    Love you guys I’m in A1 Toyota girl for life

    —Christina Cannistraci

    Michael Dulac — 01/28/2022

    Stan was very attentive as usual! He always makes sure everything with my car is all set before I leave the dealership

    —Michael Dulac

    Stephanie Leary — 01/28/2022

    Everyone was extremely courteous and professional. Had a great experience working with Kevin and looking forward to being a Toyota customer!

    —Stephanie Leary

    Chris Nelson — 01/28/2022

    The people at A-1 are amazing. I would never take my car anywhere else!

    —Chris Nelson

    Lisa Puglia — 01/28/2022

    Always have a pleasant experience when bringing car in for service. Mark M. is always pleasant, friendly and explains everything that is going to be done to the car. Wait time is what I am told and if need be it's easy to rent a car. Everyone one I deal with from making the appointment, to techs taking my car to Mark to cashing out are always friendly and professional. Waiting area is always clean and comfortable. Finally convinced my sister to bring her cars to A1 and she was very impressed with her overall experience as well.

    —Lisa Puglia

    Susan Rosenberg — 01/28/2022

    Ken Perrone has been providing excellent service for us for many years.

    —Susan Rosenberg

    Milca Tavarez-Valentin — 01/28/2022

    Excellent customer service! Thank you!

    —Milca Tavarez-Valentin

    Kenneth Vozzo — 01/28/2022

    Quincy is an excellent representative for your company

    —Kenneth Vozzo

    James Andrew — 01/10/2022

    Chris was so cordial and everything was smooth

    —James Andrew

    Patrick Comstock — 01/10/2022

    We are always pleased with the service that Kenny provides us. I think we have leased seven Toyotas with A-1 and Kenny has always been there to provide us exceptional service. He has shown a genuine interest in our needs and has made the effort to get to know us.

    —Patrick Comstock

    Danka Dadic — 01/10/2022

    Best dealership,honestly,friendly people work with

    —Danka Dadic

    Marybeth Dillon — 01/10/2022

    I was very happy with my service earlier this week. After a stressful start to the morning skidding on black ice, and having to take the day off from work to get the tire repaired, I was extremely thankful that not only was the tire in stock but that you were also able to squeeze me in to get my car repaired the same day. And then to find that the tire replacement was covered under the tire's warranty was an even better surprise. I was also overdue on an oil change, and fully expecting to need to come back another time for that, but your staff was able to do that as well and save me another trip back. I have always been very happy with the customer service at your dealership and yesterday's service was a great reminder why I have continued to bring my car to you rather than the much closer Toyota dealership in my town.

    —Marybeth Dillon

    Nasib Hadi — 01/10/2022

    Excellent service and respectful employees! Thank you very much!.

    —Nasib Hadi

    Suzanne Leary — 01/10/2022

    John Leary is answering this survey. Suzanne owns the 2015 Avalon but I am the driver. As usual, Mark handled the service appointment well and kept me informed along the way. Peace...

    —Suzanne Leary

    Denise Melsenti — 01/10/2022

    Very pleasant experience. Everything was upfront and handled professionally.

    —Denise Melsenti

    George Sanders — 01/10/2022

    My fiance and I purchased a 2022 Sienna from A1 Toyota. Our salesperson, Amjad, was personable, knowledgeable, and very polite! He went over the entire vehicle, teaching us about all of the technology and safety features. Paul, in the business office, handled our paperwork. He was very laid back, yet professional, and made the signing process fun and painless! I also spoke with the sales manager, Gary, several times before the purchase and met him the day we went to pick our new Sienna. Everyone was patient and fantastic to work with!! I also work at a dealership and, besides my own, I have never been at a dealership that made you feel so relaxed and comfortable! Definitely give them a call or stop in if you are in the market!!! Thanks for everything!!

    —George Sanders

    Amy Smith — 01/10/2022

    My fiance and I purchased a 2022 Sienna from A1 Toyota. Our salesperson, Amjad, was personable, knowledgeable, and very polite! He went over the entire vehicle, teaching us about all of the technology and safety features. Paul, in the business office, handled our paperwork. He was very laid back, yet professional, and made the signing process fun and painless! I also spoke with the sales manager, Gary, several times before the purchase and met him the day we went to pick our new Sienna. Everyone was patient and fantastic to work with!! I also work at a dealership and, besides my own, I have never been at a dealership that made you feel so relaxed and comfortable! Definitely give them a call or stop in if you are in the market!!! Thanks for everything!!

    —Amy Smith

    Laurie Bankowski — 12/30/2021

    A wonderful experience. Service staff shared all necessary information and work was completed quickly and accurately.

    —Laurie Bankowski

    Virlinda Billups — 12/30/2021

    Mike Fournier is a pleasant service representative to work with. He has always made me aware of any problems with my vehicle.

    —Virlinda Billups

    Christopher Casillo — 12/30/2021

    We love working with Mark, he is knowledgeable and works with our hectic schedules!

    —Christopher Casillo

    Michael Castellano — 12/30/2021

    We have purchased several cars from A1 and would pd so again. The service department is a big reason. Wished all dealers were so transparent. Oh and we love our service advisor Ken Perrone.

    —Michael Castellano

    Tammy Esposito — 12/30/2021

    A-1 Toyota sales and service is top of the line. Been going there for over 10 years now. Wouldn't think of buying or servicing my Toyota anywhere else.

    —Tammy Esposito

    John Grim — 12/28/2021

    Mark saw me through the visit with expertise and efficiency

    —John Grim

    Domenic Grignano — 12/28/2021

    Mike Querfeld is the best service manager I ever encountered at a dealership ever since I purchased a car. He went over and beyond to resolve the problem by doing innumerable tests and even contacting Toyota directly to resolve the problem. At this point and time, Toyota is now putting the resolution as part of their diagnostic software program. Mike mentioned, "I never had a car that I could not fix the problem. " He is 100% correct! I wish more people like Mike cared for customers; his is beyond exceptional!!! Plus, he gave me a loaner car the entire time! He should be given a special recognition award for patience, caring, and dedication to customers.

    —Domenic Grignano

    Virlinda Billups — 12/22/2021

    Mike Fournier is a pleasant service representative to work with. He has always made me aware of any problems with my vehicle.

    —Virlinda Billups

    Tammy Esposito — 12/22/2021

    A-1 Toyota sales and service is top of the line. Been going there for over 10 years now. Wouldn't think of buying or servicing my Toyota anywhere else.

    —Tammy Esposito

    Domenic Grignano — 12/22/2021

    Mike Querfeld is the best service manager I ever encountered at a dealership ever since I purchased a car. He went over and beyond to resolve the problem by doing innumerable tests and even contacting Toyota directly to resolve the problem. At this point and time, Toyota is now putting the resolution as part of their diagnostic software program. Mike mentioned, "I never had a car that I could not fix the problem. " He is 100% correct! I wish more people like Mike cared for customers; his is beyond exceptional!!! Plus, he gave me a loaner car the entire time! He should be given a special recognition award for patience, caring, and dedication to customers.

    —Domenic Grignano

    Natalie Kikkenborg — 12/22/2021

    This is my fifth vehicle from this dealership and every time I am extremely pleased with the service I receive. This time in particular was incredibly fast and efficient. My payment went down, I went into a nicer vehicle and on the day of signing I was in and out within an hour. A1 is an A+

    —Natalie Kikkenborg

    Patricia Lees — 12/22/2021

    This is my third lease with A1 Toyota and they always find a way to give me my "must have's" for a good price. I Also love my Rav4, especially in the snow as I live on top of a mountain!

    —Patricia Lees

    Paula Pini — 12/22/2021

    Thank you to Mark Mastracchio for excellent customer service. I also appreciated a shuttle ride home. Thank you again and happy holidays!

    —Paula Pini

    Catherine Wheeler — 12/22/2021

    Gary, Jose, and Eddie were a pleasure to work with again. They made sure I felt comfortable and answered any question I had for them from start to finish. They made the transition to a bigger vehicle fun, smooth, and painless. Thank you for another wonderful experience at A1 Toyota.

    —Catherine Wheeler

    Mario Ciccarini — 11/27/2021

    The dealership did an excellent job keeping me updated.

    —Mario Ciccarini

    Patricia Copley — 11/27/2021

    We always have excellent service at A-1. The staff keeps you informed about what is happening with your vehicle. The atmosphere is always welcoming.

    —Patricia Copley

    Meagen Doherty — 11/27/2021

    Jose was very helpful and walked me through all the options that come with my vehicle. I'm very glad I purchased my vehicle with this dealership.

    —Meagen Doherty

    Robert Dubiel — 11/27/2021

    Our car was in the body shop for repair from a collision and while there they performed the 30000 mile service so that when we picked our car everything was done and ready for us. We really appreciate the service we get from everyone at the dealership.

    —Robert Dubiel

    Melissa Jenkins — 11/27/2021

    I appreciate the feedback via text. Terrific addition to the service experience.

    —Melissa Jenkins

    Dean Mccuen — 11/27/2021

    We are very happy with the purchase of our new Sienna. The people at A-1 did an excellent job in spite of the pandemic problems of lack of vehicles. We did our homework with articles and of course YouTube so we knew exactly what we wanted for our new vehicle and it took some time but we got just what we wanted and for the price that was quoted to us. Everything went well. We are very happy with our deal and absolutely love our pearl red 2022 Toyota Sienna. We are so happy about getting a hybrid.

    —Dean Mccuen

    Peggy O Connor — 11/27/2021

    We love working with Quincy! He’s so helpful, anticipates our needs, works with us, our schedules and is just the best! I truly feel he has our best interest at heart. We’ve been working with him for over 10 years now. Thank you

    —Peggy O Connor

    Luis Rivera — 11/27/2021

    Thank you so much I recommend this dealership I am very satisfied excellent teamwork great job and I will like to say happy thanks giving, marry christmas and Happy New Year for all the team thanks so much

    —Luis Rivera

    Patrick Comstock — 11/12/2021

    We always have the best experience with Kenny. He is knowledgeable and we can depend on him for an honest assessment of what we need for our RAV4.

    —Patrick Comstock

    Victor Altshul — 11/12/2021

    Great people, terrific service, reasonable price. Good flow of information. Always a pleasure to do business with A-1 Toyota.

    —Victor Altshul

    Ahmad Alkhaldi — 11/11/2021

    Amjad is the best sales person I ever met i was looking at cars it wasn’t my plan to buy car at that day, I never bought Toyota before, the way he explained Toyota to my made me fall in love with the brand I purchased the first Toyota 4ruuner and I’m waiting for the new generation also the manager Hatim very helpful he gives me the best deals thank you for choosing the best people

    —Ahmad Alkhaldi

    David Fiellin — 11/11/2021

    Mark M was fabulous—responsive, respectful, and incredibly helpful.

    —David Fiellin

    Reinaldo Fernandez — 11/10/2021

    They treated me with respect, we’re very thorough, and very polite I have no issues with dealing with anybody at Toyota thank you

    —Reinaldo Fernandez

    Janet Hayes — 11/09/2021

    This purchase was my 5th at A1 Toyota - I have always liked the service department at A1.

    —Janet Hayes

    Waltina Cohen — 11/08/2021

    Mark M is the best. When he gives an estimate of the wait time it’s usually correct and if it’s longer he’ll send a text or do it in person.

    —Waltina Cohen

    Carl Sherter — 10/21/2021

    Kenny is excellent. He makes everything smooth and understood.

    —Carl Sherter

    Ryan Bensley Scholz — 10/21/2021

    I would recommend Kyle Deming to anyone. He was very helpful through the entire process and went above and beyond. I have bought many cars in my day but Kyle was the best I've ever dealt with. Thanks!

    —Ryan Bensley Scholz

    Edwin Rojas — 10/21/2021

    Mike Fournier is awesome to deal with. Glad he was my customer service rep. He was transparent and honest with the job my car required and have me multiple options with regards to cost. Because of his honesty I chose to use OEM parts and spent more on repair for my peace of mind.

    —Edwin Rojas

    Shoshana Lash — 10/21/2021

    You guys always take care of me. And Kenny is great! He always lets me know how my car is doing, and he alerts me if some particular issue is likely to come up on my next visit, for example, if the tires are showing wear and might need to be replaced next time

    — Shoshana Lash

    Peter Krol — 10/21/2021

    fast transaction. everyone was great. looking forward to future dealings

    — Peter Krol

    Andrea Fleischman — 10/21/2021

    The sale went well. It was our fifth Prius we have purchased from this dealership. They contacted me when they got one in and we were able to buy it. We had a trade in that they took. It was east because everyone knew what they were doing.

    — Andrea Fleischman

    Patricia Copley — 10/21/2021

    We have always had excellent service and information on the condition of our vehicles.

    — Patricia Copley

    Crystal Brooks — 10/21/2021

    Thank you to Mark and the technicians who worked on fixing the wheel bearing. My Highlander is actually feels like it's back to being brand new!!

    — Crystal Brooks

    Joseph Blumberg — 10/21/2021

    Mark has always been an outstanding representative of your company!

    — Joseph Blumberg

    Bruce Thompson — 10/21/2021

    It was a pleasant experience. Really appreciate the fact that the tech, forget his name but he might go by A17, took me into the service area to go over his plans for part of the repair. It was a nice touch.

    — Bruce Thompson

    Francesa Martinez — 09/16/2021

    it was my first time having to Juan Pablo as an advisor, he was very professional!

    — Francesa Martinez

    Muhannad Khattab — 09/16/2021

    Everything was top notch. From welcoming me into the Dealer into an accurate waiting time not to mention walking me through all the car’s features. Made the day special and memorable! Thank you for everyone!

    — Muhannad Khattab

    Todd Brazeau — 10/05/2021

    Very Professional Team!

    — Todd Brazeau

    Howard Berger — 10/05/2021

    They did a fine job and provided a place to wait that was separated from others. Overall a very positive experience.

    — Howard Berger

    Simone Wallace — 10/05/2021

    Juan was excellent! Courteous and helpful.

    — Simone Wallace

    Arthur Bellucci — 10/04/2021

    Love A-1 … professional, knowledgeable, and welcoming.

    — Arthur Bellucci

    Kevin John — 09/16/2021

    Above and beyond excellent ,went out of there way to accommodate my needs ,Would recommend everyone in the market look for vehicle

    — Kevin John

    Timothy Hiscock — 09/16/2021

    Service was done in a timely manner

    Service associate was very Helpful

    Good experience will return there for further service

    — Timothy Hiscock

    David Gallucci — 09/16/2021

    I’ve purchased (or leased) around 12 (maybe more) Toyota’s, which speaks about Toyota quality. I purchased them all from A1 Toyota which has a real family feel and trustworthy vibe.

    — David Gallucci

    Sheetal Dhawan — 09/16/2021

    A1 Toyota always provides great service and professional staff!!! ??

    — Sheetal Dhawan

    Mark Chevrette — 09/16/2021

    Awesome pleasure as always to go to knowledgeable people that are very help-full

    — Mark Chevrette

    Matthew Spencer — 09/07/2021

    Good. Even better, as I got in the car, a technician walking by took the time to talk a bit about what he had seen while checking the car. Much appreciated!

    — Matthew Spencer

    Michael Sciascia — 09/07/2021

    Emerson was excellent! Knowledgeable, polite and respectful. Frank in finance was also very good. Great experience.

    — Michael Sciascia

    diazc895 — 09/07/2021

    Best dealership I've encountered. good customer service, and they will work with you. I've been with them for over 5 yrs and never had a problem.

    — diazc895

    Ellen Carter — 09/07/2021

    I love A1. I have gotten many cars and SUV’s from this location.

    — Ellen Carter

    John Scalzo — 08/26/2021

    Juan handled himself very professionally. What he didn’t know he found out for me.

    — John Scalzo

    Vincent Martello — 08/26/2021

    Best experience purchasing a new car!! I have been going to A1 Toyota for service for a while now, but this was my first new auto purchase here. I would not go anywhere else!! Everyone was extremely helpful in every way!!

    — Vincent Martello

    Jane Kluspes — 08/26/2021

    Best experience purchasing a new car!! I have been going to A1 Toyota for service for a while now, but this was my first new auto purchase here. I would not go anywhere else!! Everyone was extremely helpful in every way!!

    — Joel Jacobson

    Joel Jacobson — 08/26/2021

    Always good service taken care of by Kenny Perone.

    — Joel Jacobson

    Kathryn Izzo — 08/26/2021

    This is the fourth car I’ve purchased from this dealership and I keep going back there because of the salesman Quincy Smith.

    — Kathryn Izzo

    Gerald Fischbach — 08/26/2021

    Everybody was super friendly. Very nice professional dealership.

    — Gerald Fischbach

    Mj Feirick — 08/26/2021

    From the first call to schedule an appointment, to the call from Mike discussing estimate of costs, to the final pickup of my keys after hours from Joy, everyone is pleasant, courteous, and helpful.

    — Mj Feirick

    Lou Bruni — 08/26/2021

    Car ready when promised Very good experience as Usual

    — Lou Bruni

    Brian Bodt — 08/26/2021

    Mark, Assistant Service Manager, is always great!

    — Brian Bodt

    Wilfredo Andujar — 08/26/2021

    I highly recommend A1 Toyota for futures car buyers excellent service.

    — Wilfredo Andujar

    David Cofrancesco — 08/19/2021

    Sarah and each of the other service members I interacted with were friendly and helpful. I was so happy my vehicle was ready within an hour. Great experience, thanks!

    — David Cofrancesco

    Dolores Colon — 08/19/2021

    Hello, Mark Mastracchio, your intake staff was personable, courteous, and knowledgeable. An equally nice man, Juan ? took my credit car and showed me to my car. In addition, he showed me how to adjust my lumbar support. I was having trouble with it. He's an Angel. You have good people working in your Service Department.

    — Dolores Colon

    William Cushing — 08/19/2021

    Kyle was great to work with and helped us get the exact Toyota Sienna Van we were looking for despite all the extenuating circumstances of the pandemic. This is our third experience purchasing a new vehicle with A1 Toyota and we have been very satisfied with our experience!

    — William Cushing

    Jose Lopez — 08/19/2021

    I love everyone at A1 Toyota, they went over and beyond to get me into the car I'm in, I am so happy with my veichle I dnt know what other dealership would have helped me like A1, if I could give 10 stars I would. Thank you A1, Ps. Brenton, Paul, and Suny you guys are the bomb man... Thank you.

    — Jose Lopez

    Joseph Moss — 08/19/2021

    i really love going to best dealer i ever been

    — Joseph Moss

    John Pollman — 08/19/2021

    I have been going to A1 for service for almost 20 yrs and mainly because of Ken Perrone who gives excellent service, is thorough, friendly, personable but does not push items I don't need. He is also very personable and goes the extra mile for me. He is an ideal person to interface with customers. The service performed has always been top notch and Mike Querfeld as the manager has always been very supportative in complex situations (due to vehicle issues and not people). FYI this has brought us over to commitment to sales at A1 as well

    — John Pollman

    Deta Reid — 08/19/2021

    Sarah in service dept is a keeper ! Kind and knowledgeable … fabulous social skills

    — Deta Reid

    Jean Tencza — 08/19/2021

    Ken Perrone is an excellent advisor. He always does right by both the customer and the dealership. I trust him.....

    — Jean Tencza

    Alexis Wilcox — 08/19/2021

    Sarah was great! She reached out via text shortly after I dropped my Tacoma off. It was great to establish texting as an avenue of communication. I didn’t know that was an option!

    — Alexis Wilcox

    Barbara Bureau — 08/19/2021

    My last two Toyota’s were purchased from A-1 Toyota. I loved them and the service I received from the dealership. Buying my next car from A-1 was a no brained.

    — Barbara Bureau

    Vincent Martello — 07/26/2021

    I feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful experience with such knowledgeable and helpful people. Can’t wait to come back and pick up my next car!

    — Vincent Martello

    Vincent Martello — 07/26/2021

    I feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful experience with such knowledgeable and helpful people. Can’t wait to come back and pick up my next car!

    — Vincent Martello

    Michael Dulac — 07/26/2021

    Stan was very attentive and let me know as soon as my car was ready. Everyone is always so friendly

    — Michael Dulac

    Aide Lorduy — 07/25/2021

    Amjad was knowledgeable, courteous and informative. His patience got the sale. His transparency got a customer. He should be duly rewarded for his efforts.

    — Aide Lorduy

    Steve Henshaw — 07/24/2021

    Excellent service price exactly as quoted! Mike was wonderful!

    — Steve Henshaw

    Jennifer Fournier — 07/24/2021

    In order to keep the new, absolutely amazing, Venza in tip-top shape the first 5,000 mile service was not going to be missed. As usual, the A-1 team did a fantastic job! Thank you for the awesome care you give to the Fournier Family Toyota Fleet! Extra appreciation goes out to Mike Fournier- the best guy on the team! ?

    — Jennifer Fournier

    Amy Scatenato — 07/24/2021

    Excellent service! I am very happy that I have my car serviced by A1.

    — Amy Scatenato

    Peter Mikulak — 07/22/2021

    The advisor explained everything that was going on and gave me updates. She was very helpful

    — Peter Mikulak

    Carly Boladz — 07/21/2021

    This is my 6th Toyota that I have leased and Dado goes above and beyond everytime to make sure that I have the best experience!

    — Carly Boladz

    Dewey Forbes — 07/19/2021

    Kevin and Paul were outstanding to work with and truly made my experience exceptional.

    — Dewey Forbes

    John Edelglass — 07/18/2021

    Mike Querfeld, the service manager, is fantastic. The sign of a good service department is when they take care of difficult or out of the ordinary problems. Anyone can do an oil change but I continue to get all service at A1 because I know Mike will be there for me when there is a problem. Thanks

    — John Edelglass

    John Valencia — 07/18/2021

    A1 toyota is by far the best toyota dealer in Connecticut, seriously, only in this place you feel right at home.... this is my second time buying a truck I waited years to give this review, but it literally takes longer to buy a phone then to buy a car at A1 toyota, their staff is extremely knowledgeable, they are not pushy, they are kind and understand that life can get in the way of things. They work around your schedule, Brenton is an awesome sales person. Funny and always gets to the point... also Frankie from the finance department makes things smooth. Always to the point and has the patience to explain every little thing. I can seriously recommend A1 toyota, I will never go anywhere else... once you buy a A1 you will understand what it feels like to be treated like family by a dealership... right!!! You heard that right.. FAMILY ... Thank you A1 toyota, you guys are amazing.

    — John Valencia

    Carol Nardini — 07/02/2021

    I had a good experience with A1 personnel, per usual.

    — Carol Nardini

    EE Leon — 07/02/2021

    BEST DEALERSHIP EXPERIENCE BY FAR!!! Quincy was so detailed and helpful and literally broke everything down step by step through the entire process! Frank - finance guy was great to work with. He made the process painless and quick!

    — EE Leon

    Tara Houston — 07/02/2021

    I was in New Haven visiting my fianc e from out of state when my previous car developed major mechanical problems. In such a stressful situation, I was treated so well by everyone at A-1 Toyota. I didn’t feel pressured to make a decision too quickly and felt like the salesperson, Bob-b Ledesma, and finance manager, Paul Wright, really listened to what I wanted and needed and helped my fianc e and I get the right car for us at the price we needed. Car buying is so stressful, and even more so when there’s a time pressure to get back home, so I appreciate that everyone I worked with at the dealership communicated clearly and took time to answer our questions and let us discuss our options. There’s never a good time to learn a car you loved is going to cost a fortune to repair, so I feel grateful that I was working with the A-1 team when my Prius V needed to be replaced. I love my new Rav 4 hybrid and the payment fits in my budget. Thanks to everyone who helped me get back home safely.

    — Tara Houston

    Lisa Gregory — 07/02/2021

    Great waiting area and experience

    — Lisa Gregory

    Donna Dupnik — 07/02/2021

    Had an issue with the compressor, Mike, the service manager followed up and we came to a mutual agreement. He was able to offer the compressor at cost, and saved me several hundred dollars. Efficient and in a timely manner.

    — Donna Dupnik

    Michael Castellano — 07/02/2021

    Always happy with the service at A1

    — Michael Castellano

    Mahadevan Shetty — 07/02/2021

    Thank you Mark, for getting me in on such short notice and doing an excellent job.

    — Mahadevan Shetty

    Laurie Bankowski — 06/28/2021

    Wonderful service as always. Staff is trustworthy and takes care of you like family

    — Laurie Bankowski

    Jeanette Bernardo — 06/28/2021

    Happy with the purchase I bought all my cars in here, highly recommended A1 your the best. Thank you

    — Jeanette Bernardo

    Nancy Bohan — 06/28/2021

    Always a pleasant experience. I trust them.

    — Nancy Bohan

    Keith Bullock — 06/28/2021

    Mark was great!!! Very personable and he did give me an estimate of how long it would take. I've been helped by him on other occasions and he's always kind and helpful

    — Keith Bullock

    Christopher Casillo — 06/28/2021

    My car died and I called mark, he was able to get me right in and have the issue fixed quickly.

    — Christopher Casillo

    cmdegennaro — 06/28/2021

    I recently purchased a used Toyota Rav 4 from A-1 Toyota. This is my second purchase from this dealership. Kevin Wright was the Sales Associate that helped me through this process. I would high recommend him! I felt comfortable that Kevin had my best interests in mind!

    — cmdegennaro

    Patrick Comstock — 06/28/2021

    Kenny is someone that I trust and he always makes me and my wife Shawn feel welcomed. He is the reason that I return to A1 Toyota to have both of my RAV4s serviced. I would highly recommend A1 Toyota, their service department, and Kenny.

    — Patrick Comstock

    Michael Dove — 06/28/2021

    Sarah, my rep, is taking great care of me and my truck -- outstanding!

    — Michael Dove

    Donna Dupnik — 06/28/2021

    Had an issue with the compressor, Mike, the service manager followed up and we came to a mutual agreement. He was able to offer the compressor at cost, and saved me several hundred dollars. Efficient and in a timely manner.

    — Donna Dupnik

    Diane Engelhard — 06/28/2021

    As usual, great customer service and everyone did their job well. Very nice people.

    — Diane Engelhard

    John Faugno — 06/28/2021

    Best and friendliest service experience I've ever had since buying my first car 30 years ago

    — John Faugno

    Maresa Latorraca — 06/28/2021

    Mike Fournier is wonderful. He is courteous, professional, and took the time to explain the specifics of my service..

    — Maresa Latorraca

    Maresa Latorraca — 06/28/2021

    Mike Fournier is wonderful. He is courteous, professional, and took the time to explain the specifics of my service..

    — Maresa Latorraca

    Alexis Pabon-Oliveras — 06/28/2021

    Jose G. Is very pleasant and explained everything about my Vehicle. Will Recommend all my friends and family to him. Thank you for making my experience very easy and helpful.

    — Alexis Pabon-Oliveras

    Rahsaan Akbar — 06/28/2021

    My service advisor was boss. He made all the difference and the Service specialist Ahmed is the best!!

    — Rahsaan Akbar

    Evan Stark — 06/09/2021

    great always impressed by your records of prior service and anticipated needs. Wish my doctor's records were as good!

    — Evan Stark

    Maria Paladino — 06/09/2021

    Always love coming here. Everyone is very helpful and accomplished especially when I don’t have an appointment.

    — Maria Paladino

    Pamela McCuen — 06/09/2021

    I have bought new vehicles several times in my life. The experience of post- immunization Covid new car buying has been very different from all my other experiences. There aren't any cars in the lot or showrooms anywhere. Some dealers are offering MSRP only. I have heard of some asking above MSRP. At A-1 I appreciated the truth in their prices. There is no haggling, just the price. The salespeople do not work on commission so there wasn't the game of " let's see what my manager can do...." there weren't any games at all. I feel that the price we were given was fair and a good deal. We put a deposit on a Sienna with the understanding that it would be at least 6 weeks but more likely 8 weeks or more before we could have the vehicle with the color and options we want. I am pleased that our sales guy (Kabir Rafshan) called this morning and told us that a vehicle that was ordered for another customer had been delivered this morning and that it is exactly the same as the one we ordered. He invited us to come and look at it (not test drive) to make sure it is what we want. I am impressed that he arranged to do this for us. In this time of high demand, low inventory it shows us that customer service is important to A-1 Toyota. I will update my experience with A-1 at the time of my car delivery. Happy Summer!

    — Pamela McCuen

    Kathleen Mattox — 06/09/2021

    Mike, your service manager is by far the best, so kind, professional, patient, & informative! My experience was Outstanding! I have owned other cars - BMW and Lexus and your service department was the Best of the Best! I loved the new Highlander loaner I had and I will be back to get one

    — Kathleen Mattox

    Katherine Heimann — 06/09/2021

    I appreciate the great service and the shuttle! Everyone was kind, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you!

    — Katherine Heimann

    Barbara Hawes — 06/09/2021

    Courteous, friendly, professional service, thank you!

    — Barbara Hawes

    Debra Garstka — 06/09/2021

    Very pleased with my appointment. The fees and appointment length were both as expected. The waiting area was also very comfortable.

    — Debra Garstka

    Acacio Alves — 06/09/2021

    Good all around, Service experience with dealerships service department., and willing to accommodate work schedules. Drop off and pickup.

    — Acacio Alves

    Bryan Brown — 06/01/2021

    Mike was a really good customer service / communicator. Rare these days!!

    — Bryan Brown

    Patrick Comstock — 06/01/2021

    Kenny was helpful as usual. My RAV4 was in for a recall and Kenny went out of his way to let me know what the progress was and when it was ready.

    — Patrick Comstock

    Carol Donofrio — 06/01/2021

    Ken was very thorough and kept me posted, the staff are very professional and courtesy.

    — Carol Donofrio

    Eileen Gencarelli — 06/01/2021

    Easy experience. Super nice sales/finance people. Would recommend to friends

    — Eileen Gencarelli

    Jane Kluspes — 06/01/2021

    Always a pleasure to have my car serviced at A-1!!

    I am always treated well!! Would recommend your dealership to anyone!

    — Jane Kluspes

    Minori Korn — 06/01/2021

    The staff was very professional and attentive as usual.

    — Minori Korn

    Jonmichael Mroz — 06/01/2021

    The dealership is always clean and staff are professional.

    — Jonmichael Mroz

    Chris Nelson — 06/01/2021

    The people at A-1 are wonderful and I would never go anywhere else!

    — Chris Nelson

    Thomas Romatzick — 06/01/2021

    Rep let me know the time frame and it was accurate I also asked for quotes on next service she was able to provide and was excellent

    — Thomas Romatzick

    Joseph Shandra — 06/01/2021

    Ken is fantastic. He lets you know what is going on and if anything needs to be replaced or watched.

    — Joseph Shandra

    Scott Yudkin — 06/01/2021

    Ken is fantastic. He lets you know what is going on and if anything needs to be replaced or watched.

    — Scott Yudkin

    Lorraine Spina — 05/20/2021

    It was an awesome experience

    — Lorraine Spina

    Armando Urriola-Cordova — 05/20/2021

    Mr. Emerson's attention is of an extreme quality of services and for this reason I would negotiate with him again for a Toyota, it is very difficult to find such a friendly and helpful person, from my side I have absolutely no complaints about his treatment.

    — Armando Urriola-Cordova

    Caris Brown-Davis — 05/20/2021

    This was my first time having my car service and my experience was GREAT. Thanks Caris Brown-Davis

    — Caris Brown-Davis

    Sidney Dawkins — 05/20/2021

    Top of the line quality service!

    — Sidney Dawkins

    Lindy Gold — 05/20/2021

    The service department is what has made me a long term and multi car customer of A1 Toyota. Mark, my relatively new service provider, is excellent

    — Lindy Gold

    Annmarie Healy — 05/20/2021

    Ken is knowledgeable and always pleasant and helpful.

    — Annmarie Healy

    Patricia Keegan — 05/20/2021

    this is my 20th year with A-1 and i have never had a bad experience ..95% of the time my service person has been kenny and i couldnt ask for a better person to deal with..every person at A-1 is so easy to deal with..bought both our toyotas thru Dado - most pleasant buying experience keep up the good work..thanks!! i recommend A-1 to anyone searching for a dealership....

    — Patricia Keegan

    Marie Merigliano — 05/20/2021

    Wonderful customer service!

    — Marie Merigliano

    Kristy Novitski — 05/20/2021

    This was my first service and the Mike was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable!

    — Kristy Novitski

    Harvey Schlossman — 05/20/2021

    Everyone at the dealership was very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. The salesperson, Brenton, took the time to go over all of the many features of the vehicle, and the finance manager, Paul, reviewed all of my many options, and carefully explained all costs.

    — Harvey Schlossman

    Ahmedakram Shaikh — 05/20/2021

    Recommend dealer to friends and family

    — Ahmedakram Shaikh

    Brad French — 05/13/2021

    This dealership consistently provides good service. I never had a problem with a1 toyota.

    — Brad French

    Edward Gemmell — 05/13/2021

    As always,a very convenient atmosphere from start to finish. Easy to set up the appointment all the way through to checking out.

    — Edward Gemmell

    Walter Jofre — 05/13/2021

    This was my second visit for service with A1-Toyota and I must say they exceeded my expectations. Communication with me was flawless.

    —Walter Jofre

    Robert Juliano — 05/13/2021

    Your team is excellent, and should be considered the standard for other forms of service. I've recommended A-1 Toyota to other people.

    —Robert Juliano

    Madelinefabozzi — 05/13/2021

    My salesman Kevin Wright was very friendly, very knowledgeable, and very accommodating. Best salesman I have ever dealt with. I Would highly recommend him for a salesman


    Andrew Millar — 05/13/2021

    We are always very dependent on Kenny and Mike and have been loyal customers for over 25 years because we have confidence in them

    —Andrew Millar

    Stephanie Oconnor — 05/13/2021

    This is my second time leasing with A-1 Toyota. I have had nothing but an excellent experience both times, and I really enjoy working with this dealership. They are a wellrun operation with knowledgeable, experienced employees. Everyone is professional and straightforward. It is a pleasure to work with them.

    —Stephanie Oconnor

    Daniel Pata — 05/13/2021

    Mark Mastracchio was awesome as always. He explained everything that needed to be done. I needed a rental car for the day and I was on my way in less than 10 min. Mark kept me posted on my vehicle and had it ready when promised. The service team did a fantastic job and my car is running like new! Carol at the desk was super friendly and was well organized when I arrived. I even think she remembered me from coming in for all my previous services. I've been doing business with A1 Toyota for almost 15 years and I buy all my cars from you. (I only deal with Quincy, he's the best!) I couldn't be any happier and I am always more than satisfied. I feel like I am part of the A1 Family.

    —Daniel Pata

    Lisa Puglia — 05/13/2021

    I always have a good experience when service is being done. My service rep, Mark Mastracchio is very personable, professional and knowledgeable. He listens to my concerns and addresses the issue thoroughly and in a timely manner.

    Mike had my rental all ready to go and the guys did a fantastic job detailing the car. I felt as if I drove a new car off the lot

    —Lisa Puglia

    John Scalessa — 05/13/2021

    I really like working with Ken he is extremely knowledgeable and cares about customer service

    —John Scalessa

    Bohdan Sowa — 05/13/2021

    Always enjoy the waiting room and the honesty of the dealership.

    —Bohdan Sowa

    Lisa Caivano — 05/13/2021

    Every time I take my car there I am confident that I will receive excellent service.

    —Lisa Caivano

    Keith Abbati — 05/06/2021

    A-1 Toyota has been giving me great advice and service since I bought my car there last year. I will always use them if something happens to fixed on my car.

    —Keith Abbati

    Diane Auriemma — 05/06/2021

    Quincy Smith the sales consultant was absolutely great to work with. He quickly responded when I called and had a question and made buying a new car (our forth Toyota and third Highlander!) a pleasure.

    —Diane Auriemma

    John Beetham — 05/06/2021

    We have been Toyota customer's for about 20 yrs and have had the pleasure of working with Eddie Oliveras for the majority of that time. He is personable, respectful, professional, highly experienced and knows just what we like and don't like. Though he works in the finance division we still ask to work with him. A-1 Toyota should be proud of this exceptional employee and his dedication. We will continue to use Eddie for our car purchases and continue to recommend not only him but A-1 to our family and friends.

    —John Beetham

    David Capilos — 05/06/2021

    Great experience.service advisor Sara Celone kept me informed throughout process very professional

    —David Capilos

    David Capilos — 05/06/2021

    Great experience.service advisor Sara Celone kept me informed throughout process very professional

    —David Capilos

    Anthony Dytko — 05/06/2021

    Service took less time than originally quoted. Happy with A-1 Toyota.

    —Anthony Dytko

    Raquel Feduzi — 05/06/2021

    The entire staff was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We could not have asked for a better experience.

    —Raquel Feduzi

    Donna Fermo — 05/06/2021

    Second purchase with Amjad at A-1 Toyota the experience was a 10 from start to finish! Top Notch!

    —Donna Fermo

    Rashel Hussen — 05/06/2021

    Best experience so far. Excellent hospitality.

    —Rashel Hussen

    Jane Marron — 05/06/2021

    Sal was excellent finding a loaner car while my car would be in service. I was uncomfortable driving anything larger than the Prius C which I own. He found a Yaris which worked out great for me. Thank you

    —Jane Marron

    Catherine Suttle — 05/01/2021

    Stopped in for tire pressure check as indicator light was on. They were happy to take car in without appointment and check it out on lift. Nail hole was filled and air valve fixed. Very helpful and not a very long wait.

    —Catherine Suttle

    John Scalzo — 05/01/2021

    Just thought everything was so easy and it was a fair deal and I received a decent value for my trade in. Thank you

    —John Scalzo

    Patrick Macgregor — 05/01/2021

    Everything about this dealership is satisfying. I love working with A-1 Toyota!

    —Patrick Macgregor

    Andrea Howell — 05/01/2021

    I usually have my car serviced in MA where I live but was visiting New Haven for a few days. I was overdue for an oil change and was pleasantly surprised that the service department could get me right in for an appointment that same day, actually immediately. Thank you!

    —Andrea Howell

    Anne Dileone — 05/01/2021

    The sales person Kabir was awesome. My only complaint was with financial. They did not provide details about documents I would need the day of the purchase. I had to ask and then had to scramble to find things and things were still missing that day they hadn’t mentioned

    —Anne Dileone

    Todd Dandelske — 05/01/2021

    This is the 3rd Toyota we have specifically requested to work with Dado Fariz because he is exceptional. He always goes above & beyond to make the experience very easy & effortless for us. It is rare to find someone in his occupation so genuine & sincere. My wife also referred one of her friends to Dado & she purchased a vehicle from him.

    —Todd Dandelske

    adriennesko — 05/01/2021

    I spoke to Frank Crisafi on the phone before I came down and he was friendly and helpful. Quincy was wonderful to work with. He made the whole process relaxing and stress free.


    John Shanley — 04/20/2021

    Everything was great.

    —John Shanley

    Jeannette Redensek — 04/20/2021

    It is always a pleasure to have my car serviced at A-1. Ken Perrone's knowledge & professionalism inspire much confidence

    — Jeannette Redensek

    Igdalia Olivera — 04/20/2021

    Felt welcomed and respected. Thank you

    — Igdalia Olivera

    Ralph Nicholas — 04/20/2021

    Very pleased with Ken Perrone Service Manager who took care of my service. Explained In detail what had to be done. Friendly and a pleasure to have him handle my service problems Ralph Nicholas

    — Ralph Nicholas

    Michael Matarazzo — 04/20/2021

    Dado and Sonny made (as always) my new vehicle purchase quick , easy and to my expectations.

    — Michael Matarazzo

    Susan Luchini — 04/20/2021

    As good or better than any dealership service that I have experienced (30 yrs +) Mercedes/ Subaru/ Chevrolet Lincoln

    — Susan Luchini

    Philip Kramer — 04/20/2021

    Was a pleasant experience all around, from booking to waiting there at the dealer. The service was quick and professional

    — Philip Kramer

    Deborah Keith — 04/20/2021

    Love coming here! Everyone so helpful and nice. Felt like everyone knew their job and was working hard to satisfy you.

    — Deborah Keith

    Mary Hill — 04/20/2021

    As always Kenny and your staff were on top of the services provided. The cubicle room, cafe and TV area all provide comfortable areas to wait and catch up on some work or just relax.

    — Mary Hill

    Alfonzo Edwards — 04/20/2021

    The dealer was very helpful in every way The was wonderful he is the best in the business That why we keep coming back

    — Alfonzo Edwards

    Timothy Cronin — 04/20/2021

    I love A-1, bought the or leased my last 5 cars. The only thing that is frustrating me is that even though I have been very loyal, I still got charged a dealer conveyance fee of 499.00 I realized it was negotiable after going home and pouring over the paper work. I know that you know my car purchase history. Giving me a break or informing me that I could negotiate it would have gone a long way in making me feel valued, but instead I feel like I was slightly ripped off. I'm not saying you deserve nothing, but we could have met in the middle.

    — Timothy Cronin

    Kim Cosar — 04/20/2021

    I love A-1, bought the or leased my last 5 cars. The only thing that is frustrating me is that even though I have been very loyal, I still got charged a dealer conveyance fee of 499.00 I realized it was negotiable after going home and pouring over the paper work. I know that you know my car purchase history. Giving me a break or informing me that I could negotiate it would have gone a long way in making me feel valued, but instead I feel like I was slightly ripped off. I'm not saying you deserve nothing, but we could have met in the middle.

    — Kim Cosar

    Norman Brody — 04/20/2021

    A1 has a very comfortable environment

    — Norman Brody

    Adeline Bass — 04/20/2021

    The staff at A1 toyota were great! Very thorough with explaining the options available to me. i'm very happy with my decision.

    — Adeline Bass

    Theodore Baltes — 04/20/2021

    Purchased my Tacoma at another dealership. Did not like the service. Purchased several vehicles at A-1. Now my Tacoma will stay at A-1.

    — Theodore Baltes

    Bruce Altman — 04/14/2021

    Great, great team of lovely super-competent people

    —Bruce Altman

    Paul Bauer — 04/14/2021

    Service advisor Ken Perrone is both knowledgeable and very helpful. I always try and deal with him, tho I have not had any bad experiences with the other advisors.

    —Paul Bauer

    Debbie Carmon — 04/14/2021

    I always have a good experience. Everyone was kind courteous

    —Debbie Carmon

    Leontia Carrano — 04/14/2021

    Always excellent service. Mark M. greeted me at entrance. Discussed purpose of visit. Estimated time was spot on. Social distancing and masks were evident during visit. Car was washed when it was returned to me. Great job.

    —Leontia Carrano

    Delsa Garay — 04/14/2021

    Ralph was great, knows his job well, Bryan over and above his job. I received my GPS, It was screwed up, just was not functioning right, Bryan got it working right, I am a complete happy camper. Now, that is what I call "A 1 service!"

    —Delsa Garay

    Philip Melaugh — 04/14/2021

    A+++ service department!

    —Philip Melaugh

    Gail Raucher — 04/14/2021

    Excellent service, excellent service advisor. Planned also for needed service. Will keep coming!

    — Gail Raucher

    Ronald Rosenberg — 04/14/2021

    Ken Perrone has been an outstanding service advisor for us for years

    — Ronald Rosenberg

    Sp00nfedem1 — 04/08/2021

    Professional, Polite and Prompt. Look forward to working with him again. He was attentive and addressed each and every one of my concerns. I can’t imagine myself servicing at any other dealer in CT!

    — Sp00nfedem1

    Carl Sherter — 04/08/2021

    Kenny was great. He always is. All others I interacted with excellent staff

    — Carl Sherter

    Susan Parnoff — 04/08/2021

    I had to return a leased car due to a death in the family and they were so compassionate and kind. They made the process so easy at a difficult time.

    — Susan Parnoff

    Leslie Newing — 04/08/2021

    Great dealership. Wonderful service

    — Leslie Newing

    Philip Melaugh — 04/08/2021

    A+++ service department!

    — Philip Melaugh

    Nina Marco — 04/08/2021

    All workers were professional and accommodating. Very happy car buying experience Overall

    — Nina Marco

    Larry — 04/08/2021

    Quincy was fantastic, wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable. He had the utmost patience and gave us all the help we needed to understand the technology. He was available and accommodating.. The process was pressure free.

    — Larry

    Andrew Garrity — 04/08/2021

    Service dept here has always been excellent and this visit was no exception. Was expecting to need to argue for additional toyotacare services but i was wrong and didnt need to say a word. Excellent service all around from arrival, to my service rep, to the work performed, timeliness, and finally the person who brought my vehicle right to me afterwards. Each individual was courteous, professional, efficient and all around makes A1 stand out from any other dealership I’ve known as the place to go for any of my cars needs.

    — Andrew Garrity

    Jennifer Fournier — 04/08/2021

    Keeping the family safe, one Toyota at a time! Thank you!

    — Jennifer Fournier

    Neysha Cruz — 04/08/2021

    Sarah is always exceptional, she’s so good to me and keeps me updated with everything. My overall experience with the dealership is always great.

    — Neysha Cruz

    Marcy Brownstein — 04/08/2021

    Have been buying cars at a1 for over 30 years,always have had the best of people helping and handling the deals,the service great also,mark mastracchio for service is the best,so overall it’s been a great 30 years

    — Marcy Brownstein

    Abby Blake — 04/08/2021

    Absolutely fabulous service - I was able to set up my purchase ahead of time as I am out of state and Amjad was so helpful in ensuring I had found exactly what I was looking for and was flexible and convenient to contact, as well as answered all of my questions thoroughly. I had no wait when it came to getting my car and signing the papers, and it is just as perfect as I’d expected.

    — Abby Blake

    Andrew Ball — 04/08/2021

    Bobby was most helpful and went out of his way to explain the car to us. He answered all our questions. (we had a lot) Bob took the time to go through step by step showing the cars features and getting us set up with syncing our phones to the car Very helpful

    — Andrew Ball

    Melissa Spinner — 03/31/2021

    The person in the service department was very good , polite and explained everything to me. Ken also answered my phone calls while my car was being serviced and showed me photos of the work being done when my car was being serviced and when I picked up my car.

    — Melissa Spinner

    Marianne Samokar — 03/31/2021

    The person in the service department was very good , polite and explained everything to me. Ken also answered my phone calls while my car was being serviced and showed me photos of the work being done when my car was being serviced and when I picked up my car.

    — Marianne Samokar

    portiadantonio — 03/31/2021

    Thank you so much for your kind words. We appreciate it and look forward to working with you again in the future

    — portiadantonio

    Tanieshia persaud — 03/31/2021

    Amjad is the most knowledgeable, professional and courteous sales consultant that I ever come across. Call to get some information over the phone on Thursday 3/25 the customer service he gave me over the phone was excellent, he got me approve the same day for a new truck. Went on Friday 3/26 to pick up my new truck everything went so smoothly. I would recommend Amjad to everyone trying to get in a new ride.

    — Tanieshia persaud

    Patricia Maddern — 03/31/2021

    Always a great experience at A-1 Toyota!!

    — Patricia Maddern

    Nyshi Jacob — 03/31/2021

    Great customer service. My service manager honored my healthcare worker status as a nurse and was very helpful in everything.

    — Nyshi Jacob

    Gail Harvey — 03/31/2021

    I love this dealership. They are courteous, knowledgeable, interested in finding the right fit for you based on your needs/wishes. I have one more year on my lease and I can't wait to pick out my next Toyota.

    — Gail Harvey

    Arthur Gumbus — 03/31/2021

    A1 Toyota is our go to dealer.... this is our 5th purchase from them.. Great service and they always go the extra mile for us to obtain the car, color and configuration we wanted! A1 is A1+

    — Arthur Gumbus

    Andrew Garrity — 03/31/2021

    Service dept here has always been excellent and this visit was no exception. Was expecting to need to argue for additional toyotacare services but i was wrong and didnt need to say a word. Excellent service all around from arrival, to my service rep, to the work performed, timeliness, and finally the person who brought my vehicle right to me afterwards. Each individual was courteous, professional, efficient and all around makes A1 stand out from any other dealership I’ve known as the place to go for any ofmy cars needs

    — Andrew Garrity

    tigg189074 — 03/25/2021

    Thank you so much for the kind words! We appreciate it and hope you enjoy your Toyota!

    — tigg189074

    Chris Tessier — 03/25/2021

    Always a good experience. Having the work center, WiFi waiting area is critical. Also, I’d like to get a highlander next year. Is there anyway to rent one for a weekend.

    — Chris Tessier

    Patrick Skehan — 03/25/2021

    Always polite staff and a job well done. Car is always returned clean and in proper condition.

    — Patrick Skehan

    Paula Rutkowski — 03/25/2021

    I purchased my car at A1 and have been bringing it in for service ever since. The staff is always friendly.

    — Paula Rutkowski

    Bart Piccirillo — 03/25/2021

    great experience as usual , the service rep we have is really nice and professional

    — Bart Piccirillo

    Martha Mejia — 03/25/2021

    I been here before same excellency of customer service is incredibly helpful i thank I came back and will come back again when my lease is up

    — Martha Mejia

    Arthur Gumbus — 03/25/2021

    A1 Toyota is our go to dealer.... this is our 5th purchase from them.. Great service and they always go the extra mile for us to obtain the car, color and configuration we wanted! A1 is A1+

    — Arthur Gumbus

    Diane Dumigan — 03/25/2021

    "Thanks. Mgr explained tire pressure gage to me. Greatly appreciated!"

    — Diane Dumigan

    David Capilos — 03/25/2021

    Service advisor Sara Celone was truly remarkable kept me informed throughout my waiting period in service waiting lounge.She even made sure service workers vacuumed my car a true professional

    — David Capilos

    xxxxOffx3 — 03/17/2021

    love buying cars here! I always but brand new with A1! Never disappoints ! I only buy with Dado. Best salesman I know. Thank you so much!

    — xxxxOffx3

    Thomas Turner — 03/17/2021

    I have purchased many vehicles from your dealership and I always want Quincy to assist me in the purchase. Best salesman ever!

    — Thomas Turner

    Martha Russell — 03/17/2021

    I always have great service at A1 . Ken P. Is very helpful; he explains well and clearly whatever needs to be done . I completely trust Ken and the whole A1 experience. Thank you!

    — Martha Russell

    Melissa Ridgway — 03/17/2021

    Jose Guerra the salesperson was awesome! Extremely knowledgeable and helpful during the whole purchasing process. Would highly recommend him and A1 Toyota in general.

    — Melissa Ridgway

    John Pollman — 03/17/2021

    Kenny is an excellent advisor and the reason I stick with A1. He is professional, detailed, helpful, explains everything and guides me on what is necessary. He is also friendly, has a good sense of humor and wonderful to work with.

    — John Pollman

    Suzanne Nero — 03/17/2021

    The waiting area was very comfortable. Time went quickly while I was waiting. The staff was amazing in keeping me posted on the when my vehicle would be ready. Would not use any other dealership for my maintenance needs!

    — Suzanne Nero

    Shoshana Lash — 03/17/2021

    This is the easiest car purchase I ever made. Quincy asked me what I was looking for in a car, and the cars he showed me fit my answers. He didn't try to persuade me to buy a bigger or more expensive vehicle, and he gave me all the time I needed to make my decision. I couldn't be happier with my new car.

    — Shoshana Lash

    Kathleen246— 03/16/2021

    Your work will bring a lot of insights into solving our next problem. ???? Your level of quality work remains unprecedented.You always do a good job ?

    — Kathleen246

    Durva Joshi — 03/16/2021

    Sunny and Jose are amazing!!

    — Durva Joshi

    Carolyn Jackson — 03/16/2021

    A1 Toyota is always on top of everything

    — Carolyn Jackson

    Margaret Corbett — 03/16/2021

    The young man who met me in the garage and to whom I spoke regarding my reason for bringing in the car was exceedingly polite and pleasant. He directed me toward customer care section where people were equally as pleasant and business like. So my overall experience at A1 Toyota as usual was outstanding. When I returned to pick up the car the same young man who originally greeted me brought my car to me all warmed up and ready to go. He has a lovely personality and i told him he was a fine representative of your company.

    — Margaret Corbett

    David Carlson — 03/16/2021

    Very impressed! Professional salesperson Kevin Wright and his brother finance associate Paul Wright were very helpful and courteous! Dealer has a great name because they really are A1!

    — David Carlson

    Harriet Barba — 03/16/2021

    Mark is very knowledgeable and informative when having my vehicles serviced. He has great communication and his great service keeps me coming back to A1 toyota.

    — Harriet Barba

    Damilo Arcanjo — 03/16/2021

    Very good experience very good employees they even lend me a car so I was able to go back home and wait until my vehicle is ready awesome experience

    — Damilo Arcanjo

    Donna Tallent — 03/10/2021

    Sonny was once again an excellent salesman. Going through a difficult time with both parents in the hospital and having little time, Sonny made the process stress free. He was knowledgeable, considerate and genuinely cared. He handled everything in a timely and efficient manner and made me feel valued. I have and will continue to recommend A1 because of Sonny

    — Donna Tallent

    Paula Pini — 03/10/2021

    Thank you to Mark Mastracchio for scheduling my service and taking care of my car. I appreciate and am grateful for his help. People at A-1 are very customer service oriented. It's a nice experience going there.

    — Paula Pini

    Anna Oyola — 03/10/2021

    This was the fastest maintenance appointment. i use to experience long waiting times, 4-6 hours for my car in NY. So happy that A-I Toyota made this process so much more easier.

    — Anna Oyola

    Denise Hames — 03/10/2021

    A1 TOYOTA is a professional and courteous dealership with great customer service!

    — Denise Hames

    Leah Bolduc — 03/10/2021

    Always a wonderful experience at A1 Toyota in Amity CT.

    — Leah Bolduc

    Abdul Achour — 03/10/2021

    The agent that helped me, amjad was very help full and I recommend him for anyone who is interested in purchasing a vehicle from toyota

    — Abdul Achour

    Raymond Varney — 02/25/2021

    I was very pleased with the dealership they took me right in right away My service advisor took good care of me

    — Raymond Varney

    Jorgieliz Casanova — 02/25/2021

    I wish I came here to purchase my car. Every time I visit for servicing, I regret not coming here to buy a car.

    — Jorgieliz Casanova

    James Campbell — 02/23/2021

    Your fine service department was an encouragement to purchase another vehicle at a-1 toyota.

    — James Campbell

    Barbara Ashline — 02/23/2021

    Mark is always wonderful to deal with!! He always keep me informed of what my vehicle needs and goes over the costs with me!

    — Barbara Ashline

    William Kosko — 02/20/2021

    A1 Toyota is extremely fortunate to have Mark as a service advisor. While seated in the waiting area, overheard some of Mark's conversations and was quite impressed with his knowledge of Toyota products and other general car information. He has always been there for me, enough so I consider him my personal contact at A1.

    — William Kosko

    Johanna Piper — 02/20/2021

    I couldn’t make my original appointment because my car wouldn’t start so they were able to reschedule me to another one soon after even though they were pretty booked. Also helpfully suggested I call my insurance for roadside assistance rather than pay AAA, which I had forgotten all about my insurance offering roadside assistance since I was a little frazzled. Very helpful and accommodating!

    — Johanna Piper

    Ricky Morris — 02/20/2021

    Great service, friendly and professional team! I would also like to entend my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Adam, Brenton and the rest of the sales team at A1. Also Paul and his finance team as well as Sarah from service for her assistance on Tuesday. God bless you all and keep safe!

    — Ricky Morris

    Sheetal Dhawan — 02/11/2021

    Always a good experience with A1 Toyota Dealership!!!??

    — Sheetal Dhawan

    Robert Monck — 02/11/2021

    I was very impressed with Quincy Smith the salesman. He was very thorough when I picked up going over everything in the vehicle. I also thought that it was a great idea that he gave me a tour of the facility to show me where everything was when i bring my vehicle in for service. I was not to impressed when I was dealing with the financial manager Paul Wright. While Paul was doing my financial paperwork he was constantly being interrupted by another employee. Several times he had to stop what he was doing and leave the office. Paul did a thorough job on handling my financial part of the sale but the interuptions were annoying.

    — Robert Monck

    Ashlee Comstock — 02/11/2021

    Ashlee - thank you for your kind words and 5-star rating! We appreciate it and look forward to working with you again!

    — Ashlee Comstock

    Gene Kirsten — 02/11/2021

    I have always received top service at A- 1 Toyota!

    — Gene Kirsten

    Marie Kashuba — 02/11/2021

    Can not say enough good things about Mark and his patience in always explaining issues to me regarding this car. Wouldn’t go to anyone different. Love him!!!!

    — Marie Kashuba

    Jean Tencza — 02/04/2021

    We have been using A1 Toyota for years. We have purchased our last 5 vehicles with them. Ken Perrone (Assistant Service Manager) and Quincy Smith (Sales) are the reasons that we keep coming back.

    — Jean Tencza

    Maureen Rogalis — 02/04/2021

    Was always treated well. Explained everything about the car and help with audio

    — Maureen Rogali

    Theodore Nicolakis — 02/04/2021

    Max was an amazing salesman. He was patient and not pushy which is what we needed because it took us multiple visits to make a decision. He always gave us full attention and when he didn’t know the answer to something, he always found the answer quickly! He was very personable and made our overall experience pleasurable. Even when we had a small misunderstanding with the finance associate, Max stepped in and made sure we were 100% satisfied. I found their COVID precautions excellent -all the staff consistently wore their masks so it put us at ease. Sunny the sales manager (?) was also so pleasant and personable and super helpful when Max was busy. We always felt welcome when we walked in the door at A1. We bought our previous Toyota at another dealer but found this experience so much better at A1!

    — Theodore Nicolakis

    mkeeney1 — 02/04/2021

    Salesman is Quincy Smith. ' Very good knowledge of the vehicle and easy to work with. Definitely would recommend Quincy. Worked with Eddie Oliveras in the finance area. Also very good to work with.

    — mkeeney1

    Kathy Dunigan-Mendez — 02/04/2021

    I have been a customer of A1 Toyota for about (15) plus years and I will be very candid with you: it's because you folks are fantastic! I have to speak particularly to the excellent service and care from Mr. Mike Querfeld and staff. I know if I have any concerns with the car Mike, Dan, Kenneth (Perrone - not sure of spelling) and Aunt Carol will take care of me and my car. Thank you.

    — Kathy Dunigan-Mendez

    Charles Esposito — 02/04/2021

    I've leased or purchased at least 7 cars over the past 20 years from A-1 Toyota. I will continue to do so. They treat you like you're part of their family.

    — Charles Esposito

    Carol Donofrio — 02/04/2021

    Manager helped follow through on the on-going problem and made several suggestions to make sure the problem would or can be solved.

    — Carol Donofrio

    Timothy Cronin — 02/04/2021

    Your service team I always find outstanding. Sarah is wonderful and informative, makes my visit easy. It’s an outstanding customer experience.

    — Timothy Cronin

    Marion Clare — 02/04/2021

    It’s always a pleasure to deal with the employees at A1. Ken Perrone is always patient and takes the time to help me understand whatever problem I am experiencing. Everyone is always very helpful.

    — Marion Clare

    Abdul Aremu — 02/04/2021

    Mark Mastracchio was excellent told me everything I needed to know and was truthful and advised on what I needed to do.

    — Abdul Aremu

    Elana Ponet — 12/06/2020

    Mike and Mark are particularly caring and responsive. Mark was thorough in letting us know our options and estimates.

    — Elana Ponet

    Edward Lynn — 12/06/2020

    Dealership and sales staff top notch very well run dealership and I am 100 miles away.

    — Edward Lynn

    Emma Lewis — 12/06/2020

    Mark Mastracchio was amazingly fast at getting me in and out of the dealership! I just had a couple of issues but it was remarkable how quick the service was. Thanks Mark!

    — Emma Lewis

    Eric Kershnar — 12/06/2020

    Your shuttle service is excellent. Tony is professional, courteous, and interesting. It is the main reason I have enjoyed purchasing a car and servicing it with A1 Toyota.

    — Eric Kershnar

    Hon — 12/06/2020

    They were great. Got me the exact car that I wanted with minimal hassle. Even in the middle of a pandemic, they were incredibly helpful and customer oriented.

    — Hon

    Tina Flegler — 12/04/2020

    The service provider (Mark Mastracchio) was very attentive to my need, and it was very much appreciated. Happy Holidays to everyone.

    — Tina Flegler

    Bruce Dapkins — 12/04/2020

    Ken Perrone the Asst. Service Mgr. was patient, thorough, kind, very knowledgeable, and kept me informed as to what needed to be done or replaced. I told him I needed a thorough refresher course on how to silence the panic alarm when it goes off, and Ken made sure at the end of my service visit that an alarm specialist (this time Juan) would take all the time needed to thoroughly assist me. A while ago I had Zee instruct me, but this time it was Juan who was also great...I don't worry anymore. Thanks Ken and Juan!!

    — Bruce Dapkins

    Michael Cronin — 12/04/2020

    Always excellent serve from the people at A1

    — Michael Cronin

    Liam Taylor — 11/24/2020

    Mark is the best! Go Mark! Always open, honest, clear, and fair!

    — Liam Taylor

    Amy Swift — 11/24/2020

    I am quite pleased with the dealership due to them always keeping me abreast of costs and if additional work needs to be done to my vehicle. They treat me with kindness and respect

    — Amy Swift

    Lisa Puglia — 11/24/2020

    Am always very pleased with service at A1 Toyota from making a service appointment, talking with my service rep, work done on the car and payment. Everyone is very professional, accommodating, friendly and takes the time to listen to concerns I have and address them in a timely manner.

    — Lisa Puglia

    Sarah Peirce — 11/24/2020

    Service was excellent. It took several hours but they were doing a lot to the car and the wait was reasonable. Sarah Celone kept me updated continuously on progress and was well-informed, warm and helpful. I had an optimal experience at A-1 Toyota..

    — Sarah Peirce

    Lakarla Moore — 11/24/2020

    Toyota took my car in promptly & reassured me that if any challenges came about that I would be informed. The service depart e t was friendly and helpful. I was happy with the outcome.

    — Lakarla Moore

    Leena Hadid — 11/24/2020

    Service was amazing and everyone was very helpful. Amjad took the time to explain all the features and benefits of my new car.

    — Leena Hadid

    Bruce Dapkins — 11/24/2020

    Ken Perrone, Asst. Service Manager, was excellent and compassionate and speedy having my Highlander's broken water pump repaired while my husband was hospitalized. He sent a courtesy car to get me back to A-1 Toyota to get my car back and he made a very difficult time more bearable for me. Thank you so much, Ken!

    — Bruce Dapkins

    Patrick Comstock — 11/24/2020

    As always I appreciate my Service Advisor, Kenny. When I come in for servicing, it is like seeing an old friend.

    — Patrick Comstock

    Doneisha Coleman — 11/24/2020

    Paul Wright gave me great customer service. Looking forward To working with him again in the future !

    — Doneisha Coleman

    Patrick Comstock — 11/24/2020

    As always I appreciate my Service Advisor, Kenny. When I come in for servicing, it is like seeing an old friend.

    — Patrick Comstock

    Judith Clark — 11/24/2020

    It is a great relief to have A1 take care of our three cars. Folks at A1 are knowledgeable, nice, efficient, and so trust worthy. Thank you A1!

    — Judith Clark

    Vanessa Marques — 11/06/2020

    I visited multiple dealerships this year as I was looking for a new car and EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING! I had a poor experience at Alfa Romeo, BMW, the list goes on. The customer service that I received the second I stepped foot into A1 Toyota is the reason I decided to buy a Toyota. They were on top of things, never rushed me (even when they were closing soon), worked with me to figure out what I needed and what I wanted, etc. They were truly phenomenal. I’m so happy I decided to buy a Toyota from this dealership.

    — Vanessa Marques

    Maryann Madera — 11/06/2020

    I always find the service at A1 Toyota amazing! Not only do I love my car but I also love dealing with the dealership. The customer service is always amazing! I couldn’t be happier having bought my car at this dealership.

    — Maryann Madera

    Dmz — 11/06/2020

    Thank you so much for your wonderful review. We appreciate it and look forward to working with you again in the future.

    — Dmz

    Sheetal Dhawan — 11/06/2020

    A1 Toyota is excellent at customer service and professionalism all the staff is very friendly and helpful ??

    — Sheetal Dhawan

    Mazdul Choudhury— 11/06/2020

    Andy has been exceptionally well. He went out of his way to make my car buying experience smooth. Thank you Andy!!!!

    — Mazdul Choudhury

    Christina Caputo — 11/04/2020

    All of the staff was wonderful and helpful which is why I keep leasing cars from you all. The experience is so easy

    — Christina Caputo

    Dale Betts — 10/30/20

    Great Service, Great Dealership, I am glad I bought my Rav4 and My sons Highlander at A1 Toyota

    — Dale Betts

    Gerard Gagliardi — 10/30/20

    I am giving Excellent ratings, because I don't wish to reflect poorly on Quincy (who goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are satisfied.) And this particular dealership (A1) is a great dealership, overall. Where I have an issue is with the Best Price Guarantee in conjunction with my loyalty of over 30 years to this dealership (this was my eighth purchase/lease transaction.) And 30 years of just about every service for every one of those vehicles done at this location. And what kind of deal do I get when I purchase this vehicle - absolutely NOTHING! Someone who has never stepped foot in A1 before gets the same price I do. To be honest, after this, I will no longer automatically go to A1 first for my new car needs. I not only will shop other Toyota dealers, but manufacturers other than Toyota. If I get nothing for 30 years of loyalty to Toyota and to A1 Toyota, then neither deserves said loyalty. Just business, and smart shopping. I may end up back at A1 for a Toyota. Maybe not/p>

    — Gerard Gagliardi

    Sheetal Dhawan — 10/29/20

    I always have a great experience at A1 Toyota!!! Everyone is warm and welcoming ??

    — Sheetal Dhawan

    Julia Fisher — 10/29/20

    I have been buying from A1 Toyota since 2016 and I will always use this dealership. Everyone there is extremely professional and on top of things, I will never go anywhere else.

    — Julia Fisher

    Robert Janik — 10/29/20


    — Robert Janik

    Dave Nucera — 10/27/20

    I can't say enough good things A1 Toyota. Mike Q (Service and Parts Director) is a top notch knowledgeable pro who cares about the customer. Great techs and Service advisor helped me too ! Very happy with A1!

    — Dave Nucera

    Amy Rodrigues — 10/26/20

    Thank you to Mike & the service team. Level of customer service exceed expectations in rectifying an interior detail service issue. All the effort was very much appreciated.

    — Amy Rodrigues

    Marion Clare — 10/19/20

    Love A1 Toyota. Everyone is helpful, willing to explain anything I am unfamiliar with, and treats me with such courtesy.

    —Marion Clare

    Joe Depalma — 10/19/20

    Been going there for years with all my toyotas

    —Joe Depalma

    Kiah Francil — 10/18/20

    A1 Toyota continues to impress me. When my catalytic converter was stolen Mike was very helpful! I appreciated his guidance and support in a difficult situation. Glad to back in my car!

    —Kiah Francil

    Inge Osborne — 10/17/20

    I have been getting a leaking tire filled at several different places (whenever light went on=not Toyota) and no one could find the leak. I was near the dealership and went in and they did 15000 check up (“might as well since you are here”) and found the leak. They are excellent and honest.

    —Inge Osborne

    Linnea Schmidt — 10/16/20

    We love it at A 1. IT'S like family!!

    —Linnea Schmidt

    Margarette Couture — 10/16/20

    I trust the service department at A-1 which is why I came to them even though I didn't buy it there(for financial reasons). I purchased my last two Carollas from A-1 and will continue to have this car serviced there.

    —Margarette Couture

    Dorothy Galant — 10/16/20

    Hi Ken!

    I just want to thank you and your guys for being so helpful to Michael and Alex when Alexis car was towed into the other week. We all had complete confidence that her car was getting a thorough exam. Luckily, no big problems! It's great knowing you're there for us.

    P.S.—They got engaged last weekend!

    —Dorothy Galant

    Gerald Salvo — 10/14/20

    Best Toyota dealership in the New Haven area. I drive 25 miles to have my cars serviced by A1 Toyota even though there is a Toyota dealership much closer, 15 miles, to my house. The dealership is very customer friendly and trusting. Would never go any other place to have service performed on my cars.

    —Gerald Salvo

    Phillip Goldblatt — 10/13/20

    I bought my Corolla in 2015 and it now has 20,000 miles and have had it serviced regularly. It was now time for an oil change. Today my lead mechanical assistant was Mark M. who was knowledgeable, respectful and explained why I should get my 30,000 inspection now. I did and there were no major issues. I waited for 3 hours with my mask for Covid. Other customers maintained appropriate distance. I have been very pleased with A1 Toyota.

    —Phillip Goldblatt

    Kathleen Romania — 10/06/20

    Andy was super helpful, informative and readily avaliable for me during my decision to lease a Toyota. The rest of the team was also very helpful!

    —Kathleen Romania

    Daniel Pata — 10/06/20

    This is the third Toyota I purchased from A-1 Toyota and I feel like the process gets easier and easier. My salesman, Quincy Smith, has sold me my last 3 Toyotas and I will continue with working with him. Quincy was able to get me the exact car i was looking for and I could not believe how fast he was able to get me in my new RAVA4. Frank Nieves in finance was also great to work with. He was able to get all the paperwork done fast enough to get me in my car. I tell all my friends and family about A-1 Toyota and how professional and friendly they are.

    —Daniel Pata

    Crystal Ouellette — 10/06/20

    My salesman Andy Constantinou was knowledgeable, helpful, and made me feel at ease. We had visited other dealerships that were pushy and didn't answer our questions and we left. A1 Toyota and Andy specifically really turned that experience around and made car buying fun and relaxed.

    —Crystal Ouellette

    John Neville — 10/06/20

    I have been buying my pick-ups and cars from A - 1 for 24 years. Enough said. Thank You!!

    —John Neville

    Carole Martin — 10/06/20

    Kenny has been my service manager for 18 years. I trust him to give me the info I need to make the right decisions. He is one if the primary reasons I have remained a customer all these years.

    —Carole Martin

    Gene Kirsten — 10/02/20

    I have been going to A1 Toyota for years. I have been completely satisfied with the service and professional and friendly manner that I have been treated. I would highly recommend anyone who needs to have their car serice to use A1 Toyota !

    —Gene Kirsten

    Juanpa — 10/06/20

    Gary, Eddie, Steve Jr. and Dado provided me with an exceptional customer serice from start to the end of my car purchase. Thank you for all your help.


    Harold Hutchinson — 10/05/20

    Mike Fournier has been my service advisor for over five years. I have confidence in his knowledge of my vehicles, and trust that he will treat me honestly when I come to dealership. He is the reason I take my three vehicles to A1 Toyota.

    —Harold Hutchinson

    Steven Hernandez — 10/05/20

    Our salesperson was Amjhad and he did a great job, he found the truck we wanted with exactly what we needed installed. He also found a lower rate for financing and made the process very simple to understand.

    —Steven Hernandez

    Marcy Brownstein — 10/02/20

    Mark Mastracchio was excellent as always, he always very helpful and informative, thanks Mark

    —Marcy Brownstein

    Jim Brennan — 10/01/20

    Mark continues to be a skilled individual who keeps his customers informed. Kudos!

    —Jim Brennan

    Patrick Clapp — 9/21/20

    Andy and Frank were a tremendous help. Thanks again!!

    —Patrick Clapp

    Casey Grenier — 9/21/20

    Andy was down to earth and made the entire car buying process so painless!! Thank you Andy.

    —Casey Grenier

    Peter Hall — 9/21/20

    I was in for my automatic start to be looked at and the technician took the time to explain and fix the problem, he also made sure problems will not occur in the future. Carol was also very polite and informative.

    —Peter Hall

    Ricky Morris — 9/21/20

    Bretan was very knowledgeable and patient with us and our overall experience was great.

    —Ricky Morris

    Bibek Koirala — 9/12/20

    Excellent service. Keep it up!

    —Bibek Koirala

    Shamar Freckleton — 9/11/20

    I want to give thanks to Andy and Eddy from A-1 Toyota for great customer service.

    —Shamar Freckleton

    Bart Piccirillo — 9/11/20

    Sarah was particularly helpful as usual. Very good service experience. I will continue to use A-1 Toyota.

    —Bart Piccirillo

    Catrina Lanouette — 9/10/20

    I will never go anywhere else for a vehicle! Steve Alvatar was great! Amazing experience. Thank you so much.

    —Catrina Lanouette

    Gail Raucher — 9/10/20

    Everyone, truly everyone there makes A-1 feel like family. They are considerate, caring, compassionate. Keep it up; I will keep coming back!

    —Gail Raucher

    Snownancy — 9/10/20

    I had a wonderful experience with A1 Toyota. I was buying my first new car and it was a Rav4 Hybrid. My customer service representative, Kevin W was patient, attentive and hard working. He spent so much time getting the computer connections ready for me and explaining all of the details about the car. I can't say enough about how good my time was at A1 Toyota

    — Snownancy

    Mary Draper — 08/27/2020

    Sarah is a pleasure to work with. It is rare to trust people in your business. I trust Sarah

    —Mary Draper

    Michael Moraveck — 8/25/20

    Ken is great to deal with hes on the ball the whole time my truck is there.

    — Michael Moraveck

    Gary Schmidlin — 8/25/20

    Mark is excellent!!!

    — Gary Schmidlin

    Tanaz Mistry — 8/19/20

    Kenny, has always been professional. Great team member to work with.

    — Tanaz Mistry

    Marc Triffin — 8/19/20

    100 % across the board

    — Marc Triffin

    Steven Baksa — 8/04/20

    "As soon as I walked in the door, Andrew Constantinou was attentive, friendly, and helpful. He made buying my first car easy and stress free"

    — Steven Baksa

    Lenore Hammers — 8/04/20

    "Tom the shuttle driver was very nice and got me to and from work. Mike, my service representative, went above an beyond. I tried to get emissions testing at another center and was told there was a problem with my connection. He helped reassure me it was fine-- and that wasn't even part of the Toyota service. Everyone was very patient and helpful. I really appreciate it. Service was done correctly and on time."

    — Lenore Hammers

    Halima Adam-Dabre — 8/03/20

    "I like how they covered the steering wheel with plastic before returning the car to me. Made me feel safe to take my car there again."

    — Halima Adam-Dabre

    Hillel Auerbach — 8/03/20

    "Vehicle serviced and ready in advance of time promised."

    — Hillel Auerbach

    Casey Grenier — 8/01/20

    "The tech that worked on my car was great -treated me like a person."

    — Casey Grenier

    Jinal Shah — 8/01/20

    "Ken my advisor was the best advisor i have had so far. Explained everything well and was not pushy."

    — Jinal Shah

    Joann Apuzzo — 8/01/20

    "Love love Love A1 Toyota the staff is awesome I have been going there for over 25 years. Highly recommended them"

    — Joann Apuzzo

    Millie-Os — 7/25/20

    "Actually listened to what I wanted. Found a car that fit perfectly. Good communication, good service, smooth transaction. I drove away with a beautiful car."

    — Millie-Os

    Craig — 7/25/20

    "Andy was great to work with - he was able to source the exact vehicle that I wanted and when we realized it was arriving at the dealership a few days later than expected, he made sure that there was a loaner available for me, for a couple days, which was a real lifesaver. Good product knowledge, efficient pick up, car was ready and waiting when I arrived. My lease and finance side of the transaction with Frank was seamless and super efficient."

    — Craig

    Karen St Clair — 7/24/20

    "Love A1 Toyota"

    — Karen St Clair

    Jen Fournier — 7/22/20

    "Always a wonderful experience at A-1! Thanks for doing such a great job!"

    — Jen Fournier

    Dawn Dellarocco — 7/21/20

    "Kenny is always courteous and explained what had to be done and he knows the car."

    — Dawn Dellarocco

    Elena Pothanszky — 7/20/20

    "Andy was the best! Very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of making the purchase of a great vehicle. Thanks!"

    — Elena Pothanszky

    Elisa Basini — 7/20/20

    "Very knowledgeable and thorough."

    — Elisa Basini

    Timothy Cronin — 7/16/20

    "Service is always outstanding and efficient, best around."

    — Timothy Cronin

    Lisa Young-Woodson — 7/15/20

    "All of the employees are always courteous and professional. Nice to see everyone practicing social distancing including customers."

    — Lisa Young-Woodson

    Chris Nelson — 7/15/20

    "The staff at A-1 is wonderful! There were very attentive and I was also impressed with their commitment to maintaining health/safety procedures during my visit."

    — Chris Nelson

    Samaher Hanania — 7/14/20

    "Great service great people thank you"

    — Samaher Hanania

    David Mcmonigle — 7/16/20

    "I love A-1 Toyota. I'm very pleased I went with that dealership. Very good experience."

    — David Mcmonigle

    Kenny A. — 7/16/20

    "Thank you so much for the kind words. We appreciate it and look forward to working with you again in the future."

    — Kenny A.

    Janis Esposito — 7/15/20

    "Service Manager Mike Querfeld helped us through a very difficult situation when a different retailer caused massive & very expensive computer & mechanical damage to our Corolla. Mike's empathetic counsel and personal attention made us feel like we were in great hands the whole time (almost 6 nerve racking weeks.) Our 2011 Corolla only had 34,600 miles on it and was always maintained by A-1 Toyota. It was in perfect running condition but still had to be towed to A-1 Toyota after the experience at the retailer, who was refusing to pay for the damage they caused. Mike convinced them to pay the entire bill, over $3,600! Mike and A-1 Toyota is our hero!! Thank you Mike!"

    — Janis Esposito

    Rabin Coleman — 7/15/20

    "Great experience as usual thanks!"

    — Rabin Coleman

    Dorea Rolle — 7/15/20

    "Excellent service and good communication."

    — Dorea Rolle

    Andrea Rascati — 7/14/20

    "The salesman was phenomenal. Sold me into getting the car!"

    — Andrea Rascati

    Lawrence Lingane — 7/14/20

    "Always satisfied with my service here."

    — Lawrence Lingane

    Rakeesha Jones — 7/13/20

    "Due to covid concerns, everything ran like a well oiled machine. As small of a detail it was, I appreciated the steering wheel cover. Safety first...for all."

    — Rakeesha Jones

    Anthony Masi — 7/13/20

    "Both Steve Atwater & the finance staff member (whose name escapes me now... Hernandez maybe?) were super helpful, transparent in their explanations, and took plenty of time and effort to walk us through all the important points and steps of our purchase, including taking all questions on the warranty. Thanks to both of them for a great experience."

    — Anthony Masi

    Ross Cotjanle — 7/06/20

    "Mark Mastracchio is fantastic. I enjoy working with him whenever I bring my car in for service. He always Is friendly and has time for me and my vehicle. He is the consummate professional!"

    — Ross Cotjanle

    James Rascati — 7/2/20

    "I called the day before to schedule and dropped it off. In last than two hours they called to say it was done. I have been a loyal customer of A1Toyota, between my wife and I have bought four cars over the past twenty plus years. Precisely because of the outstanding customer service. Thank you!."

    — James Rascati

    Bruce Hirsch — 7/2/20

    "I have bought/leased numerous vehicles over the years and keep going back because of service, dependability, and transparency."

    — Bruce Hirsch

    Paula Hart — 7/2/20

    "It was an easy and convenient service appointment."

    — Paula Hart

    Rema Halabi — 7/2/20

    "Ahmad went above and beyond for me and took care of getting the car ready for me before I picked it up."

    — Rema Halabi

    Leng-Chye Fiore — 7/2/20

    "I said on Facebook: We are here for service. Since Kenny is off we made our appointment with Sarah. She is a GREAT person to work with. We highly recommend her or Kenny when he is here. Then when I left I said: Our work is done. We received GREAT service. Please always remember, if Kenny is off make your appointment with Sarah. She is a GREAT person to work with. We highly recommend her or Kenny when he is here."

    — Leng-Chye Fiore

    Christina Emanuele — 7/2/20

    "Used to work with another dealership and I will say, A1 has been a totally different experience! Kyle was amazing. I cannot thank him enough for his patience with my 100 questions and texts, even after hours. He knew what I wanted and what I wanted to pay and presented me with different, affordable, options. Frank made the paperwork/ financing a breeze and even worked with my credit score and other loan lenders to find me the best rate! I CANNOT thank these guys enough. Looking forward to my service visit to have my accessories installed."

    — Christina Emanuele

    Ichiro Ikuta, MD, MMsc — 6/30/20

    "Toyota dealer, nicer & friendlier than Milford Toyota."

    — Ichiro Ikuta, MD, MMsc

    Dave Wonder — 6/29/20

    "This dealership stands to its name. Excellent customer service and a warm approach. Vehicle is A1 and I left completely satisfied and would recommend this company."

    — Dave Wonder

    Mmmongillo63 — 6/29/20

    "Comment I love this dealership I have bought three cars here, great experience every time. my salesman Andrew Constantiou was so great he was very knowledgeable and reassuring, a pleasure to deal with."

    — Mmmongillo63

    Yesenia Valle — 6/27/20

    "The whole service was super nice. Thank you."

    — Yesenia Valle

    Sonia Hangyongco Paulino — 6/27/20

    "Continue your outstanding performance and customer service."

    — Sonia Hangyongco Paulino

    Barbara Misencik — 6/27/20

    "Overall Rating Comment Tire pressure light on, called, and spoke with Mark, and told I could come right over. Tire under warranty, had bought 4 tires at A1 Toyota in December, when car in fo service. I was very grateful to be attended to, so quickly. Always a pleasure to deal with Mark at A1."

    — Barbara Misencik

    Gina Marino — 6/27/20

    "I was very lucky to have had Quincy help me with this purchase. I can’t say enough good things about him, he was such a big help, super friendly and overall so amazing to work with. Thank you!"

    — Gina Marino

    Richard Boutillier — 6/27/20

    "Service advisor was great and helpful. Quick and timely service. Out in less than 40 minutes."

    — Richard Boutillier

    Maria Alves — 6/26/20

    "Mark is one of the best persons working for Toyota. He makes me feel comfortable and good plus he treats me with so much respect because of him and the manager in sales Frank I always want to make a deal in cars when it’s my time to get another vehicle. I always look forward in taking the car I am driving for service. Toyota is excellent."

    — Maria Alves

    Jill Burton — 6/25/20

    "Mark F is always great to deal with."

    — Jill Burton

    Sean Reilly — 6/23/20

    "Fantastic service! Paul and Andy were great and very professional. Not only but they lead me to the exact product I desired and worked with me very amicably."

    — Sean Reilly

    Kimberly Keniry — 6/22/20

    "Brian was fantastic. We was extremely knowledgeable and patient with us as we test drove many cars. He helped us make the right decision for our family and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him again on our next purchase."

    — Kimberly Keniry

    Osman Altun — 6/20/20

    "Excellent service given by polite and professional staff with knowledge and expertise. In summary, that's how service should be provided. Thank you!"

    — Osman Altun

    Mohamed Ali — 6/20/20

    "Absolutely the best service!!"

    — Mohamed Ali

    John Faugno — 6/20/20

    "I felt they were willing to go the extra mile to accommodate my needs as a customer. Excellent service."

    — John Faugno

    Leslie Bergner — 6/19/20

    "My car was recalled, plus it needed service. I was delighted that it was picked up and I didn't have to go to the dealership."

    — Leslie Bergner

    Larisa Chavenello — 6/19/20

    "Repeatedly outstanding and consistent service. Very friendly and professional. I don't trust my vehicle with anyone else. Thank you A1 Toyota!"

    — Larisa Chavenello

    Michael Franczak — 6/19/20

    "Mark Mastracchio is an excellent service advisor. I've worked in a few different sercvice departments, and know that it can be difficult on both sides. For two years now Mark has been great. He is definitely as asset to A-1 Toyota!"

    — Michael Franczak

    Roberta Hill — 6/19/20

    "Great service. Was greeted promptly."

    — Roberta Hill

    Elisabeth Peck — 6/14/20

    "Great customer service. Clean and sanitized areas, considerations taken in vehicle. Thank you."

    — Elisabeth Peck

    Gerri Ginsberg — 6/13/20

    "Felt comfortable dealing with Mark M. who knows my vehicle and whom I see each time I get service and trust his advice. Happy with the way my vehicle performs thus far. Thank you."

    — Gerri Ginsberg

    Shirley Holloway — 6/12/20

    "Mike was the representative and he showed patience and understanding even if I had to wait 2 days because of a part and he also made sure that I had transportation. So I really appreciated the way he handled the situation. THANK YOU."

    — Shirley Holloway

    John Raposa — 6/12/20

    "Mike Q from service was very helpful, informative, and up front. They even brought the car back home for me. It was the extra mile, and much appreciated."

    — John Raposa

    Miguel Juarez — 6/11/20

    "Very efficient and good quality, comfortable waiting place."

    — Miguel Juarez

    Kathi Reid — 6/10/20

    "Mark is excellent... polite, knowledgeable, and never rushes us if we have further questions!."

    — Kathi Reid

    Kaylee Morales — 6/10/20

    "I loved being taken care of by Eddie, Kyrstie and Kyle, they made the process much smoother and got me into the best car ever! Thanks a ton guys."

    — Kaylee Morales

    Christina Cannistraci — 6/10/20

    "Sunny, Mustafa, and Frank were awesome."

    — Christina Cannistraci

    Vincent Rawlinson — 6/10/20

    "A-1 Toyota is honestly one of the best dealerships I have ever dealt with, in all my years of owning vehicles. They are honest, upfront but more importantly, they never pressure you to have service if you can't afford it, if it's something that can wait. They are the industry standard for Toyota in my humble opinion. It's comforting to know that they truly want what is best for you as a customer in taking care of your vehicle, but they understand life is not easy and they are willing to work with its customer base."

    — Vincent Rawlinson

    Vincent Palumbo — 6/9/20

    "Love this family owned dealership. Service, care for my concerns are always put first."

    — Vincent Palumbo

    Farzad Khozen — 6/9/20

    "Good job Mark."

    — Farzad Khozen

    Cheryl Harewood — 6/9/20

    "Excellent service as usual."

    — Cheryl Harewood

    Philip Niedzwiecki — 6/8/20

    "Once again great service."

    — Philip Niedzwiecki

    Christopher Dubuque — 6/5/20

    "Quincy was amazing. Helpful and responsive. He came and picked me up so I could come receive the Tacoma and helped me sort out an issue with the Remote Start. I highly recommend."

    — Christopher Dubuque

    Pamela Colesworthy — 6/5/20

    "The pick up and drop off service is wonderful -- Thank you!"

    — Pamela Colesworthy

    Enier Soto — 6/4/20

    "Excellent service, happy with vehicle maintenance. Thanks A-1 Toyota."

    — Enier Soto

    Lisa Puglia — 6/4/20

    "Have been using this dealership for many years for purchases and serving of my cars. Very happy with everyone for they are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and very easy to interact with."

    — Lisa Puglia

    Lou Bruni — 6/4/20

    "Good experience. Never a problem or a Concern at dealership."

    — Lou Bruni

    Maurice Dalrymple — 6/1/20

    "The staff and entire environment was very pleasant, polite and informative, I love coming because of the effiency and hospitality, thanks for excellent service."

    — Maurice Dalrymple

    Omar Alsamraie — 6/1/20

    "Great service manager and manager assistant. Thanks Mike and Danny."

    — Omar Alsamraie

    Gary Waters — 5/31/20

    "Very responsive. We switched to these folks from another dealership because they weren't. These guys are outstanding."

    — Gary Waters

    Linda Sullivan — 5/31/20

    "Everything went very well. My car was picked up at my office and brought back in the time frame I had requested."

    — Linda Sullivan

    Lisa Puglia — 5/31/20

    "Always have a pleasant experience, service rep always keeps me informed of what's being done to car, how much of a wait time and goes over what was done. Waiting room is very comfortable and being able to connect to internet or grab a cup of coffee is an added plus."

    — Lisa Puglia

    Maxine Albert-Wallace — 5/30/20

    "Great dealership."

    — Maxine Albert-Wallace

    Paige Reinwald — 5/30/20

    "I was so relieved when my car was completed in almost half the expected time - prevented me of having to cancel an important MD appt or reschedule service. You definitely went above and beyond!"

    — Paige Reinwald

    Gary Cohen — 5/31/20

    "As always, service was excellent. Mark was really good and professional."

    — Gary Cohen

    Gene Kirsten — 5/29/20

    "I was impressed with Sarah's professionalism. Despite the demand from many customers she kept her cool and kept me apprised of what was needed to repair the car."

    — Gene Kirsten

    Christopher Sullivan — 5/27/20

    "This was a 15K mile check up, light work and not much to be communicated. Overall I am happy with the service team and the folks at the dealership. You all do a nice job and have a great facility."

    — Christopher Sullivan

    Hiawatha Reid — 5/27/20

    "I have been with this dealership for more than 10 years and as long as I live in Connecticut I will stay with this dealership."

    — Hiawatha Reid

    Andrew Perazella — 5/27/20

    "Always happy with A1's sercvice. Everyone does a great job."

    — Andrew Perazella

    Lashawn Gaines — 5/27/20

    "Love bringing my vehicle to this dealership for my service needs. Tariq M is my usual service rep and he makes sure all my needs and concerns are met. A1 Toyota should be very grateful to have him."

    — Lashawn Gaines

    Norman Feitelson — 5/25/20


    — Norman Feitelson

    Carolyn Southard — 5/24/20

    "Arranged to have car picked up at my home and delivered back. All went well and the car was back earlier than I expected."

    — Carolyn Southard

    Gino Sorcinelli — 5/23/20

    "Excellent service. I was notified when service was completed. It was a good experience."

    — Gino Sorcinelli

    Miguel Guevara — 5/23/20

    "My gratitude to A1 Toyota."

    — Miguel Guevara

    Raymond Varney — 5/20/20

    "I was very pleased with the sales advisor from what she told me she was going to do to my vehicle."

    — Raymond Varney

    Angela Kang — 5/20/20

    "Sarah is professional and efficient and does a great job of making her clients feel welcome and taken care of."

    — Angela Kang

    Melissa Spinner — 5/20/20

    "You guys are great!"

    — Melissa Spinner

    Paul Vanghel — 5/18/20

    "Great service as usual. Amid the virus piut our minds at ease. Thank you!"

    — Paul Vanghel

    Carla Farrell — 5/18/20

    "As always the sercvice department was top notch. The brakes needed to be replaced along with the 45,000 mileage service and I was given a choice of a loaner so I wouldn't have to wait for my vehicle.. I accepted the loaner and picked up my vehicle the following day. There is no better service department than A-1 Toyota. Thank you always taking great care of this customer!"

    — Carla Farrell

    Leaford Clarke — 5/17/20

    "All went well. The work was explained by the service advisor."

    — Leaford Clarke

    Lindy Gold — 5/16/20

    "Mark was terrific. The servcice at A1 is what seperates them from others. I am a loyal customer due to that department."

    — Lindy Gold

    Regina Gardner — 5/14/20

    "Great experience as always"

    — Regina Gardner

    Patricia Corey — 5/14/20

    "Mark M. is my #1 choice."

    — Patricia Corey

    James Bruni — 5/14/20

    "A1 is simply the best!"

    — James Bruni

    Supr4 — 5/14/20

    "Probably the best dealership I've ever been to. Andy is very responsive and Gary and Paul are both very helpful. Amazing customer service as well as amazing deals. Andy gave me an amazing deal on the car and Paul helped me get an amazing low interest rate and was very transparent about everything going on. Would definitely recommend and will definitely buy another car from A-1 Toyota!!! Ps. I love my GR Supra!"

    — Supr4

    Ruben Tenaglia — 5/13/20

    "Professional stuff, and very carefu due to the pendemic time. Thank you all for your hard work."

    — Ruben Tenaglia

    Carlotta Garabedian — 5/13/20

    "Mark Mastracchio always very courteous and professional. An asset to A-1."

    — Carlotta Garabedian

    Edward Gemmell — 5/10/20

    "I recevied the appointment very quickly over the phone, approximately 2.5 hours go that specific afternoon. I was very thankful for that, given how the pandemic is affecting businesses. Very satisfied with the customer care."

    — Edward Gemmell

    Erica Mestuzzi — 5/9/20

    "Mark M is the best! He consistently goes out of his way to make sure I am updated and aware of the status of my vehicle. He has preemptively help me prep for any large jobs coming up in the future, giving me price estimates and time frames. He's always a lot of fun to chat with and I appreciate his professionalism as well as his humor and personal interactions."

    — Erica Mestuzzi

    Andrea Fleischmann — 5/8/20

    "The dealership is amazing. They are all so nice. They took my car in, performed the service and called me when it was finished. It couldn't have been easier."

    — Andrea Fleischmann

    John Elliff — 5/7/20

    "Mark was very professionaland dealt with a small glitch perfectly."

    — John Elliff

    Bibek Koirala — 5/6/20

    "Thank you for your help. Keep up the good work!"

    — Bibek Koirala

    Patrice Lee — 5/5/20

    "Always good, friendly service. Thank you!"

    — Patrice Lee

    Marcela Palta — 5/5/20

    "Good service."

    — Marcela Palta

    Marcy Brownstein — 5/3/20

    "Mark Mastracchio is wonderful, helpful, and very knowledgeable, thanks Mark."

    — Marcy Brownstein

    Lawrence Lingane — 5/3/20

    "Very happy, As usual!"

    — Lawrence Lingane

    Naby Cisse — 5/2/20

    "Excellent know-how and lovely customer service."

    — Naby Cisse

    Zafar Farooqui — 5/1/20

    "Associate was given bare minimum to maintain my vehicle and not pushy."

    — Zafar Farooqui

    Dennis Gaetano — 4/30/20

    "I have bought cars from from A1 Toyota since they were in East Haven CT They are a good dealership."

    — Dennis Gaetano

    Brian Kelly — 4/30/20

    "Great experience. Clean updated dealership. Quick and easy."

    — Brian Kelly

    Anissa Forford — 4/30/20

    "Awesome service and very professional."

    — Anissa Forford

    Sylvia Sobocinski — 4/29/20

    "Happy to have pick up and drop off service."

    — Sylvia Sobocinski

    Sami Yousef — 4/29/20

    "All dealerships should follow the model that A1 Toyota follows. They are precise with their work and always put the customer first."

    — Sami Yousef

    Jeryl Ross — 4/29/20

    "Stan, thank you for keeping me updated of the service of my car while I waited for the work to be completed!"

    — Jeryl Ross

    Selene Murriel — 4/29/20

    "Very good services!! AAA"

    — Selene Murriel

    Sheryl Horowitz — 4/29/20

    "Mike was responsive to my questions."

    — Sheryl Horowitz

    Robert Aviz — 4/29/20

    "Great service, amd knowledge. All problems were diagnosed and priced."

    — Robert Aviz

    Beverly Savastano — 4/27/20

    "My car was picked up from my home and returned. This was outstanding plus to Toyota during this crisis."

    — Beverly Savastano

    Kamiski Iris — 4/27/20

    "The service was great. In respect of Covid 19, they brought me back my car, I did not need to be near anyone."

    — Kamiski Iris

    Mira Binford — 4/27/20

    "The guys who delivered my vehicle were very nice and helpful.THANK YOU!"

    — Mira Binford

    Jacqueline Mendes — 4/25/20

    "I was very comfortable and relaxed during my time of waiting your service to me was excellent and thank you very much"

    — Jacqueline Mendes

    Margery Mitchell — 4/25/20

    "Thanks so much. Everyone I spoke to there said they would help me in the middle of a pandemic and they fulfilled the promise . They fixed the car, vacuumed it and brought it back to me. Wow."

    — Margery Mitchell

    Patrick Comstock — 4/25/20

    "Always a pleasant experience. Service staff is professional and courteous."

    — Patrick Comstock

    Scott Delise — 4/21/20

    "Perfect timely service. No issues even with Covid."

    — Scott Delise

    Harvey Schlossman — 4/20/20

    "The repairs were done in a timely manner. I was informed at all times the status of my repairs, and when they were done my vehicle was delivered to my home. Overall I was completely satisfied."

    — Harvey Schlossman

    Simon Kortleven — 4/20/20

    "I am very satisfied with the pick-up and return service, under the extreme conditions of the pendemic. No complaints."

    — Simon Kortleven

    Mary Hunter — 4/20/20

    "Always good experience."

    — Mary Hunter

    Robert Fiore — 4/20/20

    "Mike the service manager, Ken the service rep are excellent. When it comes a time from them to retire it will be extremely difficult to find people like them. It will be very tough to fill their shoes, so please be extremely proud of the work they do and return customers they keep."

    — Robert Fiore

    Tariq Mtume — 4/19/20

    "I dealt with mark, he was great, advised me of a few things and worked out the best results for my vehicle."

    — Tariq Mtume

    Maria Stevens — 4/18/20

    "It was always a pleasure - professionalism, courtesy, thoroughness, and comfort."

    — Maria Stevens

    Jonmichael Mroz — 4/18/20

    "The staff at A-1 Toyota - Amity/Woodbridge CT are always professional and listen to my concerns."

    — Jonmichael Mroz

    Bronislaw Generwicz — 4/16/20

    "Excellent service, good job A1."

    — Bronislaw Generwicz

    Eunice Marrero — 4/16/20

    "Keep the great job frank crisafi. Frank was listening what I want. Frank treated me as a person. He understood my needs."

    — Eunice Marrero

    Jeff Ostergren — 4/15/20

    "Great service and appreciated extra efforts for covid safety."

    — Jeff Ostergren

    Anthony Schell — 4/13/20

    "Mike the service manager is such a integral part of A-1 Toyota. It's like having a brother in the business. He really knows how to help you and make you feel like you are not getting ripped off. Thank you Mike for your service! Thank you A1 Toyota for your crew."

    — Anthony Schell

    Abdul Karim — 4/13/20

    "A1 Toyota is best customer service people's are very nice respect really appreciate everything is perfect service I love my whole family is Toyota customers last 20 years."

    — Abdul Karim

    Richard Ferrucci — 4/12/20

    "I did not lease my Toyota from A1 but I will from now on use your dealership for rentals and service because I was so impressed with your service and your rep. named Joe S. and the pick-up at home service-thank you."

    — Richard Ferrucci

    Olga Czeladka — 4/11/20

    "Mark Mastracchio was really helpful with me and managed to have 2 technicians fix my front brakes before closing time. I am grateful with everyone in the dealership who took care of my car."

    — Olga Czeladka

    Robert Caroti — 4/11/20

    "Nope, considering the carona craziness he got me in and out perfectly and addressed my issues."

    — Robert Caroti

    Brandon Butler — 4/10/20

    "Great service team, adapted well to the unfortunate circumstances we're going through these days."

    — Brandon Butler

    Thomas Romatzick — 4/10/20

    "Great communication throughout the process and adding additional work along with prices so I wasn't overly surprised at pick up."

    — Thomas Romatzick

    Jeano Bayhon — 4/9/20

    "Service was very satisfactory during this visit. No issues with tire mounting and balancing and pricing was reasonable. Airbag recall was also performed as the part needed was available in stock. Wait time was not too bad since there are not many customers coming in for service. Great experience during service today. Thank you!!"

    — Jeano Bayhon

    Keith Goodson — 4/9/20

    "Experience at A1-Toyota was excellent. Staff was very mindful of the current crisis and made every effort to make sure I was taken care of. Service and diagnosis of problem were done quickly and efficiently."

    — Keith Goodson

    Lydia Velez — 4/8/20

    "Excellent service."

    — Lydia Velez

    Yolanda Dematteo — 4/8/20

    "Found everyone very friendly and helpful."

    — Yolanda Dematteo

    Kevin Bryce — 4/8/20

    "Staff very pleasant and easy to deal with."

    — Kevin Bryce

    Kenneth Ziman — 4/6/20

    "Before returning to Toyota we had Volvos for many years. We became used to the best dealer service that we had ever experienced. Consequently, when we started w/Toyota (Prius and a Camry) we naturally expected that the service we would now be receiving was going to be commensurate with the difference in the price of the vehicles. Turns out we were wrong and the service then and now is as good as we have ever experienced."

    — Kenneth Ziman

    Maria Panero — 4/6/20

    "I never had a positive experience with car dealerships until I started going to A-1 Toyota. They are very kind, patient, and professional. Will only ever go to them from now on."

    — Maria Panero

    Anna Dolan — 4/3/20

    "Advisor was professional, courteous, informative, asked if I had any questions or concerns. Overall a pleasure to work with."

    — Anna Dolan

    Bruce Altman — 4/3/20

    "Because of Coronavirus concerns, they picked my vehicle up at my home and returned it — above and beyond — great service."

    — Bruce Altman

    Nicole Hammill — 4/2/20

    "The part was unavailable that day, and the dealership provided me with a rental free of charge. This is why I bring my vehicle to this dealership. They are top notch!"

    — Barbara Misencik

    Barbara Misencik — 4/2/20

    "Called and spoke to Mark in Service who handles my service needs, and he was able to take my car the same day for the 90,000 mile service. He is always very professional."

    — Barbara Misencik

    Mariam Mohamed — 4/1/20

    "I loved my experience at the dealership, it was such a pleasure being there. Amjad my sales person was very very helpful. All my family just recently bought new cars from there and he's always been a pleasure to work with. He makes it very simple and easy and he takes time to show me cars and the difference between them and which one will fit my needs."

    — Mariam Mohamed

    Leontia Carrano — 3/31/20

    "Mark M. was very thorough. Service dept was open during Covid-19. Needed 70K service. He recommended deodorizing the interior of car. I hadn't even thought about doing that but was so grateful he did. Just going above and beyond. Have always been pleased with A-1's service."

    — Leontia Carrano

    Sheetal Ghawan — 3/27/20

    "A1 Toyota has very professional and warm service always."

    — Sheetal Ghawan

    Paul Defonzo — 3/27/20

    "Excellent dealership with a customer friendly service department that fixes your car right the first time."

    — Paul Defonzo

    William Schempp — 3/26/20

    "My service advisor was very courteous and arranged for my next service appointment. I was very satisfied."

    — William Schempp

    Amjad Alhajjali — 3/25/20

    "Great dealership and great customer service."

    — Amjad Alhajjali

    Susan Monarca — 3/25/20

    "A-1 Toyota is the best dealership I have ever dealt with. I am 100% loyal to them because of that."

    — Susan Monarca

    Meredith Bertsch — 3/24/20

    "I can say hands down that Dado is the greatest salesman we have ever dealt with. I was so impressed with him remembering me when I returned to the dealership a second time and really taking the time to listen to my needs and recommend the best options. I went back and forth with a number of dealerships but it was my experience with Dado that made our dsecision. The communication with dado throughout the process was constant and he answered all of my questions and concerns with ease. My family and I will continue to buy cars from A-1 Toyota because of the service Dado gave us. We hope he never retires!"

    — Meredith Bertsch

    Norman Eagle — 3/23/20

    "Great service and people wanted to help and get you in and out as fast as possible."

    — Norman Eagle

    Clarie Mason — 3/23/20

    "My car was picked up by A-1 staff, and returned to my house within 2 hours. The gentlemen were excellent, wore gloves and were pleasant to me. Thank you all."

    — Clarie Mason

    Susan Monarca — 3/23/20

    "The best Toyota dealership I've used. I've stayed with them for over 20 years because the quality of service never waiver."

    — Susan Monarca

    Michael Ross — 3/23/20

    "Thank you for being open during the Covid-19 crisis. If you remain open, add some signage to assure you are doing your utmost to protect all staff and customers. It can only help the cause."

    — Michael Ross

    Harvey Remer — 3/23/20

    "Ken Perone did his usual excellent job explaining what needed to be done to my car and how much it cost. He explained what the technician would be doing and based on that whether certain work should be done at this time to save money on labor in the future."

    — Harvey Remer

    Thomas Lally — 3/20/20

    "Everyone was pleasant."

    — Thomas Lally

    Jaime Allesandrine — 3/20/20

    "Always a good experience. Thank you."

    — Jaime Allesandrine

    Walter Sweat — 3/20/20

    "Everything was extremely good."

    — Walter Sweat

    Aaron Stuvland — 3/19/20

    "Easy and professional. Good experience."

    — Aaron Stuvland

    Ann Kulman — 3/19/20

    "Kwen Perone is the best!"

    — Ann Kulman

    Patrick Comstock — 3/19/20

    "We enjoy working with Kenny and his professionalism. Also, we like that he takes a personal interest in making sure that we have the best service."

    — Patrick Comstock

    Kenneth Cahill — 3/19/20

    "A-1 Toyota has always provided outstanding service."

    — Kenneth Cahill

    Sharon Couturier — 3/19/20

    "A-1 and advisor Ken always do a great job. Thank you."

    — Sharon Couturier

    Norma Arellamno — 3/19/20

    "Happy to be with A-1 Toyota for 10+ years. Have always received great service!"

    — Norma Arellamno

    Therese Sheehan — 3/19/20

    "From my entrance to the dealership to picking up the car and return to have the remote access installed it was an absolute pleasure purchasing my new Toyota from A-1. Every employee I encountered were helpful, attentive and respectful. I came to A-1 at the recommendation of a co-worker and I am very happy I did. Byran Velez was totally professional and knowledgeable and was a no pressure, honest and informative sales person. I came to A-1 after a terrible experience at a Subaru dealership where I was treated with such disrespect! It was nice to be able to sit in a dealership where everyone I encountered treated me so well. I love the car and plan to use A-1 for all my service needs and future purchases. I will recommend this dealership to everyone I know, Thank you!"

    — Therese Sheehan

    Halima Adam-Dabre — 3/19/20

    "I was debating between the Pilot, Palisade and Highlander. Let me just say I wouldn'y have bought the Highlander if it wasn't for Dado's exceptional customer service and attention to detail. People like Dado make car buying not only hassle free but also a memorable experience."

    — Halima Adam-Dabre

    Salvatore Demartino — 3/18/20

    "The person I dealt with was friendly and knowledgeable."

    — Salvatore Demartino

    Paul Pantera — 3/18/20

    "Everything went well. Would be nice to fofer decafe tea at the deli."

    — Paul Pantera

    Tyrone Little — 3/18/20

    "Always time sensitive to the customer...A1 Service!"

    — Tyrone Little

    Kathleen Harrison — 3/17/20

    "The staff are fantastic! From the first person who greeted me as I drove my car in, to Tariq Muhammad keeping me informed and updated throughout the service, to checking out with Carol, to the last person who delivered my Rav4 after the service, all were excellent. I always feel welcomed at A1-Toyota. The waiting area is very comfortable. The fireplace is great! I have used the Wi-Fi room to get work done and the availability of food and drink is appreciated. Restrooms are always very clean. I love my Rav4 and I think I will be a customer for along time!

    — Kathleen Harrison

    Maozhong Lin — 3/17/20

    "Everything is good. You guys doing a good job."

    — Maozhong Lin

    Donna Jarlenski — 3/16/20

    "At this visit I met for the first time with service advisor Mike Fournier. We was very pleasant, to the point, answered my questions, and engaged in intelligent conversation."

    — Donna Jarlenski

    Kevin Denton — 3/16/20

    "Mike Fournier was knowledgeable on what was required for the 60,000 mi. service on my Toyota."

    — Kevin Denton

    Xin Zhou — 3/16/20

    "Mark Mastracchio is an amazing guy, I am always satisfied with her help on my car service and issues."

    — Xin Zhou

    George Grande — 3/16/20

    "Service writer Ken exceptional cashier Carol and service manager Mike Querfeld outstanding."

    — George Grande

    Stanley Saska — 3/16/20

    "Overall a good experience. The general feel was low key, no pressure. They did thjeir best to answer all of our questions. They were a pleasure to work with."

    — Stanley Saska

    Jose Montenegro-Rodriguez — 3/12/20

    "What can I say... Except that I loved the help and guidance, loving my car, so thankful for the experience, once again thanks to Brenton and the other people, they were great."

    — Jose Montenegro-Rodriguez

    Michael Myers — 3/11/20

    "Marc is great!"

    — Michael Myers

    Babarar Zar — 3/9/20

    "Mike was amazing and went above and beyond customer service."

    — Ernesto Paranal

    Ernesto Paranal — 3/9/20

    "Ken knows my car atA1, he does not surprise you with expenses but rather suggest future and critical services. They provided me with a service vehicle that's clean and new."

    — Ernesto Paranal

    Susan Yolen — 3/9/20

    "Always happy with your service."

    — Susan Yolen

    Christian Cabrera — 3/9/20

    "No complaints you Guys rock!!"

    — Christian Cabrera

    Steven Lawrence — 3/9/20

    "The staff at A-1 Toyota are always extremely knowledgeable and professional."

    — Steven Lawrence

    Helen Daniels — 3/9/20

    "Very accommodating when you come in. I like to check in w/Mark M. because he knows what I want them to check and he takes time to explain what I need done to my vehcile."

    — Helen Daniels

    Candace Henderson — 3/9/20

    "Thank you for your kindness and understanding."

    — Candace Henderson

    Carolyn Nelson — 3/7/20

    "As a women I was treated with respect and not taking advantage of as a woman. I was treated with kindness. I enjoyed my experience at A-1 Toyota. Thank you"

    — Carolyn Nelson

    Angela Gambardella — 3/6/20

    "Great service excellent customer service."

    — Angela Gambardella

    Jacqueline Mendes — 3/6/20

    "As a women I was treated with respect and not taking advantage of as a woman. I was treated with kindness. I enjoyed my experience at A-1 Toyota. Thank you"

    — Jacqueline Mendes

    Gary Schmidlin — 3/6/20

    "Service is alwats excellent @ A1 great group of people to work with especially Mark."

    — Gary Schmidlin

    Cynthia Gonzalez — 3/6/20

    "Andrew was a great salesman! I would recommend him and Eddie!"

    — Cynthia Gonzalez

    Myra Nuton — 3/5/20

    "It was a great experience and I will purchase my next vehicle from A1 Toyota."

    — Myra Nuton

    Ruth Miller — 3/5/20

    "I have been satisfied with the dealership for the past ten years, and I and expecting that I will be satisfied for the next ten years!"

    — Ruth Miller

    Krystal Zamore — 3/5/20

    "Customer service from Frank and Amjad was experience!"

    — Krystal Zamore

    Robin Willoughby — 2/26/20

    "I received top notch courtesy and professional service on the purchase of my vehicle. In courtesy of A-1 Toyota to Dado and Paul Wright."

    — Robin Willoughby

    Johanna Wilson — 2/26/20

    "I have been buying and leasing from Quincy Smith since he began working at A-1 for 15 years. He is the BEST!"

    — Johanna Wilson

    Elizabeth Krauchick — 2/25/20

    "While my car was being serviced my husband and I were looking at new vehicles as my vehicle is coming off lease but by the time we were finished in sales my car was ready for me. Mark is a fantastic employee and a great asset to Toyota!"

    — Elizabeth Krauchick

    Elizabeth Krauchick — 2/25/20

    "While my car was being serviced my husband and I were looking at new vehicles as my vehicle is coming off lease but by the time we were finished in sales my car was ready for me. Mark is a fantastic employee and a great asset to Toyota!"

    — Elizabeth Krauchick

    Eugene Luzietti — 2/25/20

    "Brenton was very helpful and enjoyable to talk with. Eddie in the accounting office was very very helpful in assisting me getting me thru the process. This experience was far more outstanding. I have been getting Toyota's for a long while and is enjoying riding these cars. Thanks for the experience with these two fellows."

    — Eugene Luzietti

    Carmine Busillo — 2/24/20

    "We want to thank you, your team and especially Quincy Smith for the exceptional service we received at A-1 when we recently purchased our 2018 Lexus. It really is the vehicle of our dreams! You went above and beyond to make the deal happen — now that's a great salesman! Everyone made us feel welcome, comfortable and like family. We are so thankful that we chose A-1 for our purchase and now can say from personal experience that A-1 is the best dealership around! We will highly recommend you and A-1 to anyone looking for a new or used vehcile."

    — Carmine Busillo

    Krystal Zamore — 2/24/20

    "Mike was great in discussing everything! In and out in an excellent time frame."

    — Krystal Zamore

    Scott Vallie — 2/24/20

    "Great customer service. They worked with me to find the issue I was having and quickly resolved it."

    — Scott Vallie

    Hillel Auerbach — 2/24/20

    "Great service – as usual."

    — Hillel Auerbach

    Vincent Bevilacqua — 2/24/20

    "Quincy and Gary are two excellent representatives for your company. Plus doing business with Toyota Woodbridge Conn. A-1 is excellent, besides having excellent people in service like Kenny Perone an Mike the manager in service. Unbelievable people and caring for there customers. A-1 in Woodbridge Connecticut."

    — Vincent Bevilacqua

    Cynthia Williams — 2/24/20

    "Paul and Dato were great."

    — Cynthia Williams

    Gary Wininger — 2/23/20

    "They took very good care of my car and were very professional."

    — Gary Wininger

    Debra Bushman — 2/22/20

    "Kenny, my service advisor, is wonderful!"

    — Debra Bushman

    Stanley Kohrn — 2/22/20

    "My service advisor, Mark and the other personnel at this dealership are consistently courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable."

    — Stanley Kohrn

    Maria Stevens — 2/21/20

    "It is always the BEST!"

    — Maria Stevens

    Hannah Brueckner — 2/20/20

    "I love the work, thank you to Terriq for being so awesome and caring."

    — Hannah Brueckner

    Vincent Palumbo — 2/20/20

    "The family atmosphere of this dealership and my service advisor Mark."

    — Vincent Palumbo

    Andrea Fleischmann — 1/29/20

    "I called for maintenance and they asked if I could bring the car in that day. I was able to bring it in. They serviced the car in a timely fashion and I had it back quickly. Everyone was so nice. They told me the maintenance they did and sent me on my way. There was no charge because it was covered by my service contract."

    — Andrea Fleischmann

    Craig Huydic — 1/28/20

    "Always curtious and kind and pretty quick for a Saturday morning."

    — Craig Huydic

    Paul Heon — 1/28/20

    "Service advisor Ken P. extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Great attitude and friendly."

    — Paul Heon

    Margaret Vetro — 1/28/20

    "Have been going there since 2006, always great service. My service writer was very friendly and explained everything so you would understand. I would recommend him anytime."

    — Margaret Vetro

    Roselyn Hope — 1/27/20

    "No additional comment evrything was just right, I even refer customers to A-1 Toyota, the best"

    — Roselyn Hope

    David Mccord — 1/27/20

    "Quincy was great; responsive, not pushy, and very helpful. I am a long time A-1 customer and am inclined to stay that way."

    — David Mccord

    Sarah Lewis — 1/27/20

    "I had a great experience. Felt well taken care of by the salesman."

    — Sarah Lewis

    Kenneth Ziman — 1/27/20

    "Previously, we had driven Volvos for about 29 years. We were happy with the wonderful care as it had been superior to any service we had previously received. Consequently, we were apprehensive and didn't know what to expect when we bought our first (of 2) car from A-1 Toyota. Quite honestly, we have been pleasantly surprised to find that our service at A-1 has been at the very least as good as what we had come to expect from our Volvo dealer."

    — Kenneth Ziman

    Krystal Lynn Obrien — 1/27/20

    "Very accommodating when I said I needed to pick my car up on lunch; it was done within an hour of the appointment start-time! Staff is very friendly, too."

    — Krystal Lynn Obrien

    Daniel Cowan — 1/27/20

    "The service representative was very helpful. I felt like I was in very good hands and plan to return to A1 for future service."

    — Daniel Cowan

    Charles Goorhigian — 1/27/20

    "Great service as always."

    — Charles Goorhigian

    Maria Digennaro — 1/26/20

    "Personnel are always friendly and professional."

    — Maria Digennaro

    Michael Arnold — 1/25/20

    "Thank you A-1 Toyota. You're the best."

    — Michael Arnold

    Ahmad Saadan — 1/25/20

    "Sales person and the team was incredible. Very happy."

    — Ahmad Saadan

    Catherine Wheeler — 1/25/20

    "Friendly, timely service from a great dealership."

    — Catherine Wheeler

    Caitlin Nuggent — 1/24/20

    "Always a great experience buying a car with Amjad at A-1."

    — Caitlin Nuggent

    Linda Laurello — 1/24/20

    "Both the sales rep and my financing rep were wonderful. Everything went very well. Courteous and professional."

    — Linda Laurello

    Ruth Rodriguez — 1/24/20

    "My experience was exceptional, it was conducted in a timely manner and I told her that I had to be out by a certain time, my vehicle was ready before that time so I was greatful for that. Thanks."

    — Ruth Rodriguez

    Alaa Alkasas — 1/24/20

    "Everyone was a great help from the moment I walked in the door to the moment I walked out and had my car brought over to me fixed and ready to go at tremendous timing."

    — Alaa Alkasas

    Alaa Alkasas — 1/24/20

    "Everyone was a great help from the moment I walked in the door to the moment I walked out and had my car brought over to me fixed and ready to go at tremendous timing."

    — Alaa Alkasas

    Patricia Lees — 1/24/20

    "Staff always professional, polite. Service is done efficiently and quickly. Well done."

    — Patricia Lees

    Andrew Rigoli — 1/23/20

    "Amjad, was very helpful and knowledgeable about the vehicles he is selling. Had a wonderful experience."

    — Andrew Rigoli

    Manar Tomeh — 1/23/20

    "Everything was perfect. I can't ask for better."

    — Manar Tomeh

    Lynn Sette — 1/23/20

    "Tariq was a dream to deal with. He explained everything that had to be done for the servcice and delivered on time."

    — Lynn Sette

    Christopher Oleskey — 1/23/20

    "No complaints. Professional, courteous, high quality service."

    — Christopher Oleskey

    Roel Legaspi — 1/23/20

    "Been with Ken for the last 15 years...he's just the best! Our family loves him."

    — Roel Legaspi

    Wayne Zito — 1/22/20

    "Brad MacDowell and Eddie Oliveras were an absolute pleasure, as was the rest of the staff. I bought my first Rav in 2003 at A1 in Amity, and after putting 304,000 miles on it, returned to A1 because I had a great experience then. Similarly, great experience now."

    — Many thanks-WZ

    Kristy Schumann — 1/21/20

    "I would definitely recommend A-1 Toyota! My experience was enjoyable and hassle-free. All employees were helpful and knowledgeable."

    — Kristy Schumann

    Angela Asamoah — 1/20/20

    "I have been with A-1 Toyota for years. I have never had an issue with my buying or leasing. Minor issues are addressed right away. They're always so helpful with my questions. They deal with me with respect at all times. I appreciate this dealership."

    — Angela Asamoah

    Mahadevan Shetty — 1/20/20

    "Mark was prompt, courteous and professional."

    — Mahadevan Shetty

    Joann Ocampo — 1/20/20

    "Marc was very helpful! He didn't give up on resolving my issue until it was solved! He is truly amazing!"

    — Joann Ocampo

    Elizabeth Barden Matuskiewicz — 1/20/20

    "My Experience is always positive at A1. Mark Mastracchio continues to treat me with the best customer care. He is considerate and offers me all options available, as though I am part of the family."

    — Elizabeth Barden Matuskiewicz

    Clair Scully — 1/20/20

    "Mark was great! He kept me informed, and the estimated time was on the spot."

    — Clair Scully

    Lisa Puglia — 1/18/20

    "Mark is always very pleasant common knowledgeable and ready to answer my questions. I have complete faith in the service department when bringing my car in for any kind of service issue. The waiting room is very pleasant and conducive to getting worked on while waiting for the car servicing to be completed."

    — Lisa Puglia

    Lorraine Almeida — 1/16/20

    "Mark Marrachio was, as always, fast friendly, polite. 5,000 miles service on my new Corolla, so tire rotation and once over was no charge. Mark advised the importance of returning for the 10,000 mile oil change, and I was out the door."

    — Lorraine Almeida

    Jeff Marinstein — 1/16/20

    "My wife and I were just about to stop dealing with Toyota after horrible sales experiences in Southern CT. Someone told us about A-1. I purchased the car on Thursday by phone and picked it up on Friday. The sales experience was fantastic! Brad Macdowall restored our faith in the Toyota brand. After the paper work was done Brad spent all the time we needed to feel comfortable with our purchase and showed us every feature of the car. We love our new Rav4. Because of Brad we will highly recommend A1 Toyota to our friends. You guys got the sales experience right. Brad is a great ambassador for A1 and Toyota. You can quote me on that."

    — Jeff Marinstein

    James M. — 4/4/19

    "To the owners and upper management of A-1 Toyota,

    I would like to commend Mr. Frank Crisafi, your Business Development & Internet Manager, as perhaps the best kind of personal asset a company such as yours may hold and also as the finest exemplification of what corporate representative should be.

    Throughout the rather long time I have been A-1'’'s customer, I found that Mr. Crisafi is the kind of individual that performs his job in an absolutely serious and responsible manner, always displaying a level of professionalism that is unquestionably equal if not superior to the highest standards in the industry: this has not been my experience with many other representatives at A-1.

    My interactions with him have always been cordial, pleasant, effective and extremely constructive. In all my years of buying from A-1 I have found that Mr. Crisafi has truly given me the best experience & always answers me promptly no matter the day or time, even on Sunday's.

    Mr. Crisafi has also clearly demonstrated an unparalleled willingness to assist A-1s customers beyond what would be his current job description. It’s not easy to find employees like this, I own my own business, so I can speak from experience.

    Please know that I remain your customer, essentially and in a great measure, because of Mr. Crisafi."

    Sincerely, James M.

    Jim R. — 4/2/19

    "I picked up my 2018 Prius Prime on 2/9 with a full tank of gas. That full tank lasted until 2/23, the mileage was 710 and achieved 72MPG.

    The next fill up was on 2/23 which lasted until 3/6, the mileage was 674 and achieved 80 MPG.

    My third fill up was on 3/6 and lasted until 4/1, the mileage was 983 and achieved a 110 MPG!

    Before Quincy called me (honestly, prior to the call I had NO intention of buying another car), I only thought the Prius was either all electric or like my previous two, hybrid of gas and battery. I had no idea there was a Prius Prime, where it is a plug in plus gas. Honestly, I am not sure that Toyota is marketing this particular car effectively. Think about it. I am a die-hard fan of the Prius, two cars over the past 9 years and yet I was not aware of the Prime. This is the perfect car for me, as my office is only 18 miles away from where I leave. Those days I am not traveling for meetings I use no gas.

    Again, please feel free to use any of the above in any fashion in terms of marketing the Prius Prime."

    Sincerely yours, Jim

A-1 Toyota 41.3356578, -72.9788226.